Manlet cope

How do I cope with being a 5'1" turbomanlet?
Here are the negatives
>No woman will want me
>Won't be taken seriously
>Less likely to be promoted
>Get paid less on average than taller people
So how do I cope with the fact that I'm disadvantaged because of something completely out of my control

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Leg lengthening surgery before you reach for the rope

Ah yes an expensive and risky surgery that is not guaranteed to work. Good idea user

Confidence is so underrated. Believe in yourself. Don't be cocky or arrogant. Just be a nice, fun, confident person, that people want to be around. Your height is only an impediment if you let it be. Don't be disappointed when a girl doesn't like you because of your height. There are many times a guy isn't attracted to me because my looks, and then other times there are many! Different strokes for different folks and it's not personal. Just be confident!!

well you made me laugh with "turbomanlet"
To be fair I'm 5'5'' and although in theory it's better than being 5'1'', it hasn't made a difference. I'm still single

Don't blame shit on your height. It'll make you unmotivated and it makes you sound whiny and beta. I used to do the same thing. Focus on the areas which are within your control. While short height does put you at a disadvantage that disadvantage could easily be minimized. Get yourself a short girl. Act respectably and you'll be respected. Do good work and you'll eventually be promoted. Blaming society gets you nowhere user

Then explain this:
A s many more studies that conclde that women want tall men and men shorter than the ideal range are hopeless
Good for you

I'm not reading this article at this time of night. I'm pretty girl giving you advice. You're your own worst enemy. Stop letting shitty articles bring you down and go be your confident bad ass self. Sheesssssh.

No the disadvantage is not surmountable. Please stop preaching to me when you are probably tall yourself and have a natural advantage. Short girls overcompensate at go for really tall guys. Face it user. No one wants me. I'm unwanted and unlovable and I before you to find evidence to the contrary

1. I won't believe you're a girl without evidence
2. Facts are facts. Sorry but just being confident doesn't work. It's not just a female thing though, everyone is shallow

bro I'm 10cm below the average male height here. Sure I don't have it as bad but I'm still noticeably shorter than the people around me.

Prove it

Well then wallow in your self pity instead of posting if you dont want advice

You didn't tell me how to cope with by ing a manlet, you tried to convince me of a lie

Why do you think you have 5'1 height? It's because genes of your family are inferior. Has any of your family members achieved anything regarding resources? Have you? Because if you have a lot of resources there is no problem to find a girl and spread your genes, it's sane normal natural selection.

>Why do you think you have 5'1 height?
It's because genes of your family are inferior.
Yes. Well it's just my expression of those genes. My brother looks fine and is tall

>Has any of your family members achieved anything regarding resources?
On my mom's side where I get my shortness from, no not really, my grandparents on my dad's side are well off
>Have you?
>Because if you have a lot of resources there is no problem to find a girl and spread your genes, it's sane normal natural selection.
Not true even when told there were rich women could not choose the short man in an experiment.
I'm doomed and I don't know how to handle that fact

I've just told you. Either obtain resources or live and work for sake of superior people. Look at Tesla and Newton. They died virgins, never had kids, yet everybody remembers them.

Those are some of the ugliest guys I have ever seen. If they can get girls then you have no excuse OP.

Abandon thread. This guy is literally mentally ill and a pathological liar. He has been on Jow Forums for says now only trying to fish for validation for his pity party. He will disregard all facts and reason.

2bh the most attractive thing in guys for me is a funny personality. if you can achieve that so many girls like me will like you.

why would I lie about being a midget

Almost correct
>non nonwhite women will want me

Didn't you make this thread yesterday?

people tell me I'm hilarious and shed tears on more than one occasion when I started cracking jokes at work.
Still single and still 5'8 and still haven't had sex since 2012 btw

If youre just an autist saying inappropriate things at the wrong time, that would be why.

ALL of your assumptions are based on averages, and every average is made up of a range of specifics. There are very short rich men, very short successful lovers, very short winners in every category.

Decide to be one of the winners at the top end of the scale who balances out the losers to create the averages

He has been whining nonstop about it for days now.

no, I get complimented on it a lot actually. I'm also facially handsome, but manletism is so detrimental I still barely edge out to just average.

You are either stupid or lying. You're literally the most attractive male height. Clearly you are doing something wrong.

Well sometimes you have to fake it till you make it. What do you want? Want me to make you taller?

My friend is 6'4 and he's a turbo-virgin, I'm 5'10 and I managed to score a few times, my point being, there are people who are tall , who are built like fucking tanks , and are in the same shoes as you

How do they kiss?

to be honest you are fucked unless you cope by upping your social status or being good at sports or just generally becoming popular, in a good way

just transition and be a girl

At 5’1” it’s pretty much over for you, unless you’re rich

confidence is all that matters teehee!
Yes my boyfriend is 6'5 but thats just a coincidence I love his personality teehee!