>6'' cock

How do I cope with knowing no woman is ever going to desire me sexually? Sure I can still get a gf, but they will never truly get wet thinking about me.

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someone will and u will marry them

if you actually think either of those are much of a hindrance, they're not. 5'8" is average height and 6" is average cock size, stop worrying and go do shit that you enjoy jeez

Nobody gets hot for average and actually that height is 3 inches under average

I had a major crush for a guy who was 5'6", and absolutely mind blowing sex with a guy with a 4.5" dick.
Not saying that being good looking isn't important, but looks alone won't get me wet. If you're decent looking enough, it's more the way you carry yourself.

Its all in your head buddy, im 5'7 with a 6in dick and idgaf, i go on dates often and if they mention your height, just make a joke. Women are turned off by insecurity more than anything.

>5'8" is average height
5'9.5" is the average height for white men in the USA and it's undoubtedly higher for zoomers. I'd be willing to bet white male zoomers are 5'11 on average.

>go do shit that you enjoy jeez
Retarded farm animal mentality

>my current boyfriend is 6' and 7'' though but that doesn't have anything to do with it teehee

Love is not as simple as just be tall/fit/hot. It has more to do with how you make a girl feel. If you can make a girl laugh and feel good, she will forget that you are average height/dick and still lust after you.

Case in point: I (6'2", fit, good looking) just lost my crush to a 6'10" unfit lanklet nerd because he was able to connect with her better.

And this isn't an isolated case either. A friend of mine who is an absolute Chad (6'4", fit, good looking, dmart, big dick) got broken up by his gf of 5 years for incompatibility issues, and now she is together with an average guy like you.

As long as you are not a midget or micro dick, you should be fine, and can compensate in other fields.

>I'd be willing to bet white male zoomers are 5'11 on average.

Yeah, but they also have 3 inch dicks on average from all the endocrine blockers in the water supply nowadays.

have you seen your Chad friend’s dick?

Why do we have so many gay psyops now?

I have a very large penis and have never had a gf. Just fling after soul crushing fling.

At least you get flings. Plus it must be nice to get reactions to your dick.

Saying "at least you get flings" is like saying at least you get the bun when you order a burger.

Getting the bun is still better than starving.

Look into the benefits of fasting.

Look into the cons of starving when you want to eat

>6" penis
>average looks
sounds fine so far, right?
>physical disability heavily restricting physical activity, several large surgical scars hidden by clothes, 3 years of teenage life went almost entirely into rehab
whoops doesn't sound fine anymore guess i'm fucked haha

you're alright, user, really
you aren't a prime specimen, but you'll be able to get a gf for sure

Then if sex is all that matters, lower your standards or pay for it.

Don't think I'm banging Stacey after Stacey because my mum liked had a thing for melannin. I get average girls. Being 5'8 with a 6" isn't actually that bad. Just like being with a 5'10 girl at 6'0 isn't that bad either.

Sorry for preaching. You're just too negative.

Yeah, he's really hung. To be honest, he's got a short fuse for bullshit, and doesn't tolerate shitty behavior, on the other hand his gf was always shit-testing him which led to countless arguing between them, it was quite obvious that the relationship wasn't going to last much longer. It just shows that even if you are model-tier Chad with godly genetics, if you can't connect with the girl on a deeper level, the most you will get is a superficial relationship with a lot of arguing and not much love.

So? You get average girls, I don't get girls at all. That's still a better place to be in. And knowing you'll never be lusted after even by an average girl because you're small in everything doesn't feel that great.

6'3" here and 6" cock and still virgin so don't cry.

Just dress like Tom Holland and fuck asians, dude.

I know this will ultimately come down to the fact I try to get dates with women, irl and on tinder, multiple times a week. No women can see through my jeans and perfectly visualise what my junk becomes when I'm horny. Besides, as said, height isn't a guarantee either.

Just go talk to women lmao, sooner or later one will get wet about you just because you're 8 inches taller than her.

I just realized it doesn't matter since it's not like any woman is ever going to see it

I'd still like to have a decent one to post pics of it on the internet

Lmao even my height won't help me with my 4/10 face so sorry user but height isn't everything.

Lmao you're a total, porn abusing faggot dude. How can you even wonder why you get no pussy.

Mate my best friend is autistic as fuck, not that good looking, has a beer gut but he's 6'4 and I've literally seen girls come up to him at night to introduce themselves and the first thing they say is "wow do you play basketball haha"

You're the equivalent of a white girl with a hourglass figure and amazing tits complaining about she isn't as pretty as Audrey Hepburn

There are far fewer men with 6+ faces than there are women. Men have a smaller chromosome to source genetic info from and therefore often look for more similar to eachother than women do.

What? I just have an exhibitionism fetish, I like to show myself to other people on the internet. But I can't because my dick isn't remarkable at all.

>5.5" cock


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but would you go near a girl with an hourglass figure and amazing tits with an ugly as fuck face?

kindly stfu i had a long term relationship with a guy around those stats

like other user said you have to connect deeper with us women, that’s what really is the icing on what makes you attractive.

He hasn't got any pussy though, girls see him as a circus exhibit. Literally every man I know who attracts lots of girls is in the 5'8" to 5'10" range.

4/10 is not ugly as fuck retard
You're rest your chin on girls heads tall, just go for it

How is he gonna connect deeper with 6 pitiful inches though

i have a 5 inch dick you asshole

For a woman 5 and 6 inches are the same, they're both firmly in the "not enough" camp