My sister walked into the living room looked at me and said "So you're turning into one of those people huh" and walked...

My sister walked into the living room looked at me and said "So you're turning into one of those people huh" and walked away what the fuck is her problem? she needs to mind her goddamn business. more importantly what th hell did she mean by this?

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You didn't ask her what she meant?

no she literally said this shit to me and walked away. who the fuck does she think she is?

Do not care about what females say

This. The moment you spend more than 10 seconds seriously pondering the words and actions of a woman, you’re finished.

Half-unironically this but mostly who the fuck cares. Better dead by your beliefs than fit into a box you don't fit into.

Just fuckin ask her what she meant man.

it just pisses me the fuck off that she thinks she can come into the same room as me and get away with saying that level of fucking disrespect
how the fuck would I know. literally all I was doing wasmy daily ritual and its not even that fucking weird

>how the fuck would I know.
What? I told you to ask her what she meant. You don't even know if she meant anything bad by it so calm the fuck down. Just ask her what she meant. How the fuck are we supposed to know?

This is definitely one of those situations that can only be solved by masturbating openly in the living room. Don't delay.

WHY. THE FUCK. WOULD I WANT TO DO THAT? are you not reading what I'm fucking typing, she came into the same fucking room I was sitting and SAID that shit to me. and she fucking left. am I supposed to crawl to her like a beta bitch cuck on my hands and knees to intrepret what the hell she meant?
Serious answers only please. Thank you.

What the fuck is wrong with you man? The real beta thing to do would be to just sit there and be too afraid to go ask her what she meant. She's your sister and was probably joking with you.

She does that because she knows you'll react
That's what girls like her do; they get reactions because they're about as deep as a puddle in the first place

I knew you didn't have what it takes.

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Shut the fuck up there's nothing wrong with me you stupid fucking asshole FUCK you. Real men don't ask women what they mean. I'm GOING to sound like a fucking dumbass if it looks like I can't figure it out on my own. That's why I'm asking you guys she's a fucking bitch and I hate her so much fuck
Wtf do I do to stop embarrassing myself like this I'm so fuckin sick of her shit but there's literally nothing I can do or say about it because nobody fucking takes me seriously when I call her out on this kind of shit.

Im not going to masturbate in my living room it's not cuase my dick is small my dick's actually really big I just don't feel like it cause I'm tired

You have to be 18 to post here kiddo.

You're being a beta bitch, calm down. You're not being taken seriously because she didn't say anything mean to you. You clearly have anger problems, go get some help.

Have you tried defecating in her room yet?

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SHUT THE FUCK UP I WILL FUCKING RAPE YOU. It makes me seeth with uncontrollable anger when a WOMAN thinks she can disrespect me as a MAN, why the fuck was I born in this era when I'm literally being oppressed
NO. Why would I do that? I've never done it

It's always worked for me. If I find a play or movie distasteful, generally speaking I always defecate in the theater showing it.

Try telling her to stand out of your fucking sunlight the next time she bothers you.

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I absolutely fucking will. Thank you for giving me real advice unlike that poser.

>embarrassing myself
don't react, holy shit-- randos on Jow Forums are getting reactions out of you
just don't react
it doesn't matter, none of it does

She hates that you are turning into a loser.
People old enough to post here shouldn't still live with their parents.

Lol you don't have to make an excuse for not wanting to fap in front of your family. When you make excuses like that you're just making it sound like you have a micropenis.

well theyre being fucking assholes am I supposed to just sit here and take it?
im 33 whats wrong with living with your parents?

nice b8

is this really what you do in your free time? pretend to be a 33 year old? why 33? is that the age of your uncle whomst raped you? it's okay, talk about it

>she thinks she can come into the same room as me and get away with saying that level of fucking disrespect
But she can and did?

My guess is that whatever "those people" are, they aren't worthy of respect. Like vermin or Jow Forums posters.

I literally deal with this shit on a daily bais because no one fucking respects me and I dont fucking understand why.

You're not supposed to give them any reaction especially on the internet
In real life treat them with flat disinterest

In no event do whatever the fuck you call this. This is not the right answer to anything

I just don't fuckin understand why I can't have a drink in the middle of the day if I fucking want to. it's my money. I can do what I awnt with it. What the fuck is the right answer then

You answered your own question. She meant you're one of those people who drink in the middle of the day.

well. whats wrong with that ?? I just like to fucking drink it makes me feel good. is that why she fucking disrespects me over a fucking beer. you go to hte bar and drink with your friends so whats the big deal if I want a fucking beer at home instead? I'm literally saving money on fucking gas I'm being smart drinking at home instead. I dont get what the problem is

>im 33 whats wrong with living with your parents?
You need to get a job and support yourself. Living with your parents until you get married works when you get married in your early 20's, you don't sound like the kind of person who have this lined up.
You should be on your 2nd or 3rd bought property by now. Buying a tiny apartment is fine in your 20's, but you are making it harder and harder for yourself by not doing anything.
You even had the extra bonus of being gifted a market crash so you could make some money but you fucked that up too.

>am I supposed to just sit here and take it?
Yes. You have failed and people will tell you that you are a failure. It is not to be mean, it is so you reach the point where you don't want to be a failure and start doing something.

Wow people like you really exist...

Well I'm trying, but I don't really know how to get my foot in the door so to speak. its hard when you arent qualified or educated to get ahead, it makes me feel bad which is why I drink alot. its not that I dont want to change its just hard for me to figure out and I dont know why its so hard.

Here's the thing, people have given me shit about daydrinking before. But I have the self respect to just smile and go on with my day.
You choose to sperg and rage impotently about "disrespect".
You made the choice to drink.
It's either okay to do or it's not.
If it's not, then you chose to do something that is not okay. Own it.
If it is okay, then haters gonna hate. Ignore them.

Stewing in impotent rage over perceived disrespect is just pathetic.
Calm down you toddler.

that's what I'd say if I had a small cock

>get the foot in the door
Where? the job market?
Intern, work as an unskilled worker or something.
There is a lot of work right now, just find something you don't suck at.
If school isn't your strong side, go in a trade and just be an extra set of hands.
Practice to listen and remember what people say to you, this is the most important skill in any job.
>getting a home
Obviously buying a home is expensive and most people can't afford that. So figure out how other people do it.
Usually, they start by buying something small. After 5 years, they sell that place and most of the money they have put into it is coming back to them, meaning it is either very cheap rent or they have been getting paid to live somewhere for 5 years. This extra money means they can buy a bigger place than they could 5 years ago.
Then you do that a couple of times and you can get a medium sized house just outside the city too.
But you always plan on these things to cost whatever you are paying for the loan. This way, you can sell when it is advantageous to yourself.

Dude if this thread isn't just straight up trolling I feel kind of bad.
The responses are indicative of someone with a shit tier personality that's also dragging themselves down via stagnation and trying to defend it.
Also this. Just get on with your day. Any daydrunk I've ever really liked has been pretty happy go lucky. It's really only a big deal if you give people reason to make it one. Don't freak the fuck out.

If this thread is actually real, please get it together user.
It's not about daydrinking. It's about your shit tier attitude and sheer unwillingness to change.
I wouldn't be surprised if you're
>a. a wizard
>b. peaked in high school
>c. somehow both

Women talks shit to me.
This is what I say to myself. And this is how I feel one hour later.

I dunno OP sounds to me like you need to masturbate in your living room. It is the only way.

>Proliferating use of currency, thus violence and exploitation of the poor
>Claiming personal property in casual plagiarism of God's creation
I'm not calling you a failure, but it looks like success is a few hundred lives away.

Now, I'm not disputing your practicality nor advocating for martyrdom beyond one's nature. This is just to provide relief from your dogmatic normalization. You're surely developing the Self at a fine pace compared to most, despite raca convictions.

What does she mean by "those people", incel? And tell us what your ritual is how are you expecting any advice when your story is so vague.

Move the fuck out and stop being so angry and bitter you fucking loser. Also have sex

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You are tutning into a cuck beta male. I'm actually on her side on this one.

hit her in the fucking head u fucking cuck, holy shit ur replies are filled with seething virgin rage, get laid u fucking incel and be a man holy fuck

She's right.

How the fuck did you people survive school? Did you never encounter others who made fun of you?

Here's your advice and assignment: Go watch the Back to the Future trilogy over and over again until you can figure out why I told you to.

>she literally said this shit to me and walked away.
fucking kek is she autistic?