My girlfriend wants to be trans what do I do?

We’ve been dating for 2 years and I was about to propose to her but, she told me tonight that she didn’t feel right being a women and that she wanted to be trans. Idk what to do? Should I beat her ass to knock her out? Should I drop kick her in the back of the head?

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She realized you were about to propose and would rather destroy her genitals than accept.

leave her

see if it stays like this
if things don't get better, just leave

No that's bad advice
Even if OP is a retard

Why would you fight her? She made you feel like a bitch, then I guess you're perfect for each other. Well unless you cut your balls off, it's not a fair fight. You better just leave, before she fucks you up. I'd feel bad for you if your go to reaction wasn't, beat the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with together. Since it is you belong in a mental hospital. Imagine she just said that converted to a new religion, or she wanted a tattoo of the black eyed peas on her back. Maybe those are reasons for you to change your mind, but not to beat her. You disgust me.

was hoping you would say "THEN accept"

Wish her well in her journey and move on

just in the nick of time, i'd say. Ghost her while you still have a chance to get off the ghost train

Yeah tell her you didn't sign up for that and dip. You are not obligated to accept these 'changes' she wants to go through.

Yea, I'd leave mine if she came out as a non woman.

360 and walk away
Unless you're into trannies then you COULD try seeing things through with her

break up with him and let him find someone who isnt a retard

congrats on the husband

break up with her and find someone who isn't a retard

changing your body like that is a huge burden socially and emotionally and its costly. If my bitch started to go into being religious or wanted to get an ugly tat I would dump that hoe because that's not who I fell in love with

op don't let some sjw decide what to think for you, read stirner and then dump that hoe right after realizing marriage is a spook in the first place

>Should I drop kick her in the back of the head?
That seems like the best course of action.

As much as I hate to say it. I think you should leave her OP.

Wtf is the difference?

Tell her she is mentally ill, because she is.

Tell her that from now on she has to peg you at least twice a week. If she refuses tell her she is faking it.