How to recover from a fap?

I was nofap 3 weeks straight and horny asf, I fapped 3 times straight yesterday. Now all I want is to sleep all day and eat everything. Can barely walk. How to recover from this death?

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by obsessing over it you're only strengthening your addiction


did you cum your soul out?

pretty much yea


Get off of ducking Jow Forums. Literally no one EVER had this problem until losers started obsessing over it on the internet. It is 100% an imaginary, self induced affliction.

100% psychosomatic.
Chad faps and has no problems (with that).
Nobody ever complained about this before nofap was a thing.
The sole and only purpose of nofap is:
Sexually frustrate yourself to the point where you are motivated going for actual girls.

There is nothing else to it.



You already got your answer, the thread is closed. Sage.

wtf is up with you wannabe janny?
Looking to be banned?

No I’m just sick of you delusional no fap cultists. There is zero scientific evidence that has ever suggested nofap is healthy, 10/10 psychologists agree that masturbation is healthy. Stop using it as a scapegoat for your problems, stop shitting up the board with the same thread everyday, and see a fucking therapist. And for the love of god, jerkoff before you shoot up a school or something.

Oy vey stroke your dick goy, it's good for you

Why are you getting so defensive and angry over this?
You almost sound like an addict who has been told to...

More well thought out defenses for nofap. Just admit that you’re a fucking loser with no self control, OP. You’re struggling with something that literally the entire world has done without issue for all of human history. There is not a single shred of evidence to suggest that masturbation is unhealthy. Honestly, why make the thread if you’re just going to ignore actual advice? You’re not interested in help, or having your mind changed. You just want your convenient little scape goat.

>you’re a fucking loser with no self control
Cause I... am in complete control of my urges and don't wank myself into a mindless rage every few hours?
Weird how you would reach that conclusion.
Look at how irrationally attached you are to touching your willy.
You are most definitely a porn addict.

You have so much self control that you have to make a thread talking about how one of the most basic biological human functions turns you into a bedridden mess. But I see you have enough motivation to get yourself worked up into a tizzy defending your magic soul retention superstitions on the internet.

Yeah except most people don’t “wank themselves into a mindless rage every few hours,” they just rub one out and move on with their lives lmao

I'm not OP.
Checkmate cumbrain.

If it's not such a big deal, then stop?
>But I don't want to stop
Is what every addict says.

So is everything that you enjoy doing an addiction? If there are no negative consequences, and in fact are provable, demonstrable benefits that are backed up by research, why should you stop?

Nofap is a valiant goal, but with all addiction, dwelling on your failures is how you stay trapped. Forgive yourself for slips, focus on holding fast in the future, and, most importantly, STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.
What we have:
>zero research directly proving nofap
>zero research directly disproving nofap
>plenty of research showing regular large dopamine hits frying your brain circuits, causing anxiety, depression, and a multitude of other problems
>plenty of research showing modern porn causes large dopamine hits, much larger than masturbation without porn
>research showing that periods of sexual abstinence affect hormones
>huge body of anecdotal evidence from people who tried nofap and found it to be a beneficial practice
>almost zero anecdotal evidence from people who genuinely tried nofap and didn't see any benefits
Also, the goal of nofap is just to get to noporn, the science does say regular (and by this they mean like 2-4 times per month) ejaculation is healthy. Nofap is a bridge from porn addiction to porn free life. As with most addictions, small indulgences that push a person toward their old habit can cascade into a full-blown relapse. People take breaks from masturbation and sex to break the addiction, then reengage with those things in a healthier manner.
I say this in every nofap thread, but it bears repeating. The standard nofap challenge is 90 days. If you're not addicted, that should be really easy to do. The worst case scenario is that nothing happens and you missed out on 90 days of jerking off to porn. Anything that's not the worst case scenario is awesome, and well worth giving up porn for. You're putting almost nothing at stake to try to prove me wrong.


Same here although It was a 9 day streak and I wanked it one time yesterday, currently I've been up for like 30 fucking hours and I can't sleep, I might take a sleeping pill and call it a day, don't think about it , reset and move on, had a 60 day streak a year ago, hopefully, we can get that going again .

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I do like no fap, for the original purpose of sexually frustrating yourself,
and I practice it, and I can tell you without a doubt this is ALL IN YOUR HEAD.
You not being able to sleep is not a physiological reaction to you ejaculating, if anything, the opposite is true.
Come on man, don't be a retard.
Everyone jerks off and they can sleep just fine.
If anything I am having trouble sleeping when ON nofap.