My gf missed her period. What do I do if she's actually pregnant...

My gf missed her period. What do I do if she's actually pregnant? I want to abort it as safely as possible without having to go to a doctor

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btfo babykiller

>abort safely
>without going to the doctor
Pick one.

Planned parenthood.

if you mean without a clinical procedure there is an abortion pill ONLY IF she is early enough.
even then from what I have heard and researched (nearly had my own scare) the procedure is the most effective and it is quite literally 5-20 mins long and some will knock you out for it.


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This. Maybe abort yourself instead.

you man the fuck up and be a goddamn father. Not all of us are as lucky to be one, and you're gonna throw it away because your pullout game is fucking shit?

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Do the deed
Raise the seed

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>I want to abort it as safely as possible without having to go to a doctor

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How do I do it OP? Need help

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Do you have money? If yes you can do it.

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You can't abort it, only she can. Tough luck.

>only she can

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This. Your girlfriend needs to see a doctor. If she's pregnant and has a miscarriage, or if she chooses to abort, both require her going to a doctor. If you attempt to induce a miscarriage in your girlfriend you could seriously harm her in the process.

And be charged with murder, no shit.

This. OP, if she's pregnant all you can do is say you think she should have an abortion. if she's 10 weeks or less she can get a combination of misoprostol and mifepristone pills from a doctor and it's over 90% effective, no procedure necessary. They will give her the first medication in the office and watch her swallow it. She takes the second medication at home the next day. But you need to go to a doctor to be sure she's pregnant before doing this, and so you know that you are getting the legit drugs and not some internet scam.

If she's white and you are too, have the baby

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here is another one just in case if other anons want to save/share it

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> I had unsafe sex and now I don't want to face the consequences (I'd rather kill my offspring as early as possible because some people on the internet say it doesn't count if it's early)

You should man up and raise the kid, and your dumb whore girlfriend should have known better.

>Missed her period
There are a thousand possible reasons this happened. Sickness (anything with flu like symptoms for example may cause her to skip a period), stress, anxiety, she got more exercise than normal, change in diet, so on. Get a pregnancy test. I happen to know abortion clinics use dollar store pregnancy tests. They work fine.

>Safely without a doctor
It's been said and it can't be more stressed. There is no safely without a doctor.

Drive to Planned Parenthood. Either out of state or cities over.

> if you are against babies being killed in the womb you are chrishun

Good news guys!

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I am so happy for u user

I hope your seed is useless so that you don't have to beg women to abort their babies

I'm in my 40s now; my wife has a genetic abnormality and cannot have children. I would give anything to be a father—and at my age, if I dumped my wife and shacked up with some young and fertile girl, I probably wouldn't have much energy to play with my kids when they became teenagers. You are living my dream: young and soon to be a father.
Man up, be proud of the new life you've brought into the world and the fact that you'll pass on your genes, and love your wife and son or daughter with all your heart.

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