Pro-Tips on moving on after a breakup

Pro-Tips on moving on after a breakup

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Go no-contact.

Do not avoid things just because they remind you of your ex. Do them intentionally so that you can form new memories and not get reminded of your ex every time you go anywhere or do anything.

The best way to get over a girl is to get on top of another one

Nah get under another one. Find you a bitch that knows how to ride

Fuck off virgins.Cocaine,

No contact for sure if you haven't done that, change things around in your residence, change phone backgrounds app layouts, archive or delete any messages of ex, get involved in your hobbies, workout. Essentially do stuff that gets your mind away from thinking about the other person until you're in a better state of mind where you're not emotionally vulnerable.

Took me about 2 weeks to get the bad feelings out and then about 2-3 months to stop caring about needing closure. (Sometimes even if you get it the answer won't appease that nagging feeling)

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whatever you really love doing and are passionate about like hobbies or your dreams, you focus on those and focus on friends and family.

Synapses that fire together, wire together. Avoidance will preserve or even reinforce sensitivity. Make new associations Y

for me rebounds work.

If i ever break up with my gf i'm going to vegas and fucking like 5 women at a whore house.

Plenty of whores where you live

His mom don't count for him though bro


Shit taste in drugs btw

i wish i could answer lad, i'm 6 months clear after being in a relationship for 8 years and i still feel lost

I had a break up after 6 years, took me about a year to finally get over. Spent a lot of time drinking, eating garbage, and fucking as many bar sluts as I could find. Maybe not the healthiest way considering I ended up with HPV and gained thirty pounds, but now I’m married for seven years and have two kids. You’ll get there, friend.

thank you, that is calming to know
it feels like a divorce, we started dating at 16 and she was 24 when she cheated on me, ive reckon ive got about 2 years of isolation before i can think about love again

That's rough buddy, because those are the ages when a lot of your ideas about affection and intimacy are formed. Everything is super-traumatic at that age. I haven't been in anything that long, but I will tell you that pretty much every girl I was really into, ended up getting worse with time. Boring, fat, asshole, whatever. There's one I still talk to and I genuinely value her friendship, but all the others I could just leave.

Go out with some friends, party, have some drinks, make a rebound. Simple as that.

My relationship with someone I met on Jow Forums just ended. We dated for two years. She came by to pick up the last of her things yesterday.

Going no contact from here on out. I really do wish her the best


General rule of thumb says you need to fuck 5 bitches to get over your ex

That woman's face is giving me severe uncanny valley vibes, OP.

Don't touch her. She's a ghoul.

How tf do you find a girlfriend on Jow Forums?

Meet up thread on /soc/. Good times were had but it wasn't sustainable long term.

>be me
>7 years later
>still not over it
It never goes away, user. Not if you truly loved the person with all your heart. When you give someone everything that are and they turn around to stab you in the back, you can't heal from that.

You don't. I don't know who spreads that myth, but ignore it.

No contact. Delete/throw away everything that reminds you of her, including social media and pictures. Rearrange your room. Do sports. Connect with people. Talk about it with your friends or family. Pursue your hobbies. Work. Don't think she'll come back or that you'll get closure. And most importantly: Don't try to stay in contact or even stay friends with your ex!

In short: You lost the meaning to your life so find it again. Either in new things or in the things before you got into the relationship.

My rule of thumb: It takes about half the duration of the relationship to be completely over it. The way to there is not a straight line. There will be fallbacks, you will feel shitty every so often, but it will get less.

That shit will pass. It might pass like a kidney stone but it will pass. Godspeed.

Definitely not
>focus on the things she said as to why she broke up with me as fuel for my self improvement
>Focus on getting a career and making money so it won't happen again.
>switch career because that other shit was gay and I didn't like to do it
>focusing on getting my degree
>getting to the point where you are healthy and rich but is now too old to start dating and all women hate you for no reason.

I feel you user. I was with my ex for 6 years. We broke up three years ago and I’m still not over it. I wish I never cheated on her, I justed myself desu

You can find a relationship there. When you meet up for sex just be a chill person.

>meet up for sex
but what if I'm asexual? Do those people even exist on the internet, much less Jow Forums?

I broke up with my girlfriend of 1.5 years a month ago. Here's what helped:
>No contact
>Going to the gym 5 times a week
>Doing stuff with my male friends
>Improving in my hobbies

I’m at 5 years. Sucks.

By not being an autistic turbovirgin like everywhere else

It may take years of pain and soul searching and stunt progress in your life or, you can go ahead and stop giving a fuck right now.