I've been emotionally abusive towards my girlfriend the past week or so...

I've been emotionally abusive towards my girlfriend the past week or so, and I have to say it's quite a good feeling seeing her get all submissive, sad, thinking she's done something wrong and trying to make it up to me. It was unintentional at first, like just forgetting to reply to messages and stuff, but then I started doing it deliberately. I'm literally and unironically enjoying being abusive.

Couple of questions. What the fuck is wrong with me? What is the actual mental disorder I have? And should I just kill myself, or get some sort of professional help before I do something extremely stupid?

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Narcissistic personality disorder
You can get help if it's not too bad, but you should probably seek evaluation.

How do you "seek evaluation"? As in, what/who do I contact and what do I ask for?

>What the fuck is wrong with me?
think of your parents, have they done anything similar, especially to you?
>What is the actual mental disorder I have?
could be emerging psychopathic or borderline tendencies. depends on many factors. how was the start of your relationship? do you feel empathy for her?
>And should I just kill myself, or get some sort of professional help before I do something extremely stupid?
realizing your mistake and willing to change is half the cure. analyze why you do this.

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It's called being a loser. See a shrink

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Go to a psychiatrist, tell him what you told us and ask him the questions you asked in the OP. He will help you.

You shouldn't kill yourself, but be advised that you're heading straight to stupid canyon if you don't get help now.

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OP, the question is, do you love her? You could love her, and have a mental illness you are fighting which is causing this. Or, you don't love her, and you are doing this because you don't love her.


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>Forgetting to reply to messages and stuff
>but then i started doing it deliberately
God forbid she doesn't have constant attention via messages.
My buddy's fiancee is the same way, he's constantly on the phone typing with her.
As long as you don't ignore her in person just continue OP.

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Could it just be some weird sexual thing? Maybe if you found a way to keep it in the bedroom it'd stop.

Tbqh dude if it's working for you, you have no reason to stop. If it makes you happy then go for it, just don't do anything that could land you in jail. If you're comfortable enough hurting someone and that person is comfortable enough getting hurt, then fuck it, just freeball it.

Set the record straight with the girl you're clearly abusing because you have problems. Problems only psychiatric help can get you. The further you take yourself deeper into this guilty pleasure, the more of more of a waking nightmare it'll become. Stop what you're doing, get some help, and for God's sake, at least tell the girl you're with that it's not her fault, because the blame is entirely on you.

sounds like your girlfriend is your bitch and not a woman you love the same way you'd love an alpha woman.

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