Can/will a dentist fix this?

I'm 18, a couple of years ago I briefly mentioned to a dentist that I wasn't sure if my overbite was a problem and they shot it down saying nothing was wrong. At this point my bottom and top molars still met, even though my front teeth spilled over. I woke up this morning and can very clearly feel the front of my bottom molars in the grooves of my top molars. Can or even will a dentist revert or halt this? I don't live in burgerland and there are dentists that bulk bill, but I also think many are faggot boomer retards who will think obvious malocclusion that doesn't occur in any wild large land vertebrates is normal and healthy or ethnics who would not feel something was wrong until your teeth were actively falling out. My side profile looks subhuman, should I even bother seeing a dentist? Is there anything I can do at home at 18 that isn't cope?

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Yeah, there's this thing called a MARA appliance.

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braces or orthognathic surgery depending on how bad it is. I had that, but it wasn't that bad. A year of braces fixed the problem.

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how bad is this?

the braces or surgery?

the photos I posted. what do they require as treatment?

do you buy these and put them on, or get them from a professional. how does the solution go?

It honestly doesn't look bad at all. Braces would probably fix the problem. The fact that your teeth look like they might grind against each other, in the long run, might constitute permanent dental damage. If or when you can afford it, definitely consider the braces.

Braces should be able to fix that.

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Doesn't hurt to get a second or third opinion. If it's a progressive condition, then it might be easier and less invasive to correct now.