Offline Phone Games?

Does anyone know of any fun, free, offline phone games? I'm on the subway a lot, and most of my phone games require a connection that I don't have.

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I'd definitely prefer if they were free, but if it's a good game it's probably worth the money.

Try provenance emulator for IOS if your into 1st gen-5th gen consoles. Or Retroarch for Android.

Blockheads, chess, and galimulator


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Chicken invaders

I just obsessively play sudoku.

Yet Another Pixel Dungeon
Age of Conquest IV


minecraft but that'll be in bedrock addition so idk

I read if im on my phone, there's this app called serial reader that gives you alshort sections of a book of your choice every day. It's free, but there's an option to buy the premium option. I went from reading ~1 book every year to at least a book every single month.

Triple town.
Stardew valley (paid)
Game Dev tycoon

How is the mobile version of Stardew Valley? I've never played the regular version.

Read books instead

I read books to fall asleep. If I fall asleep on the train I'm toast.

Simple yet pretty good

Degrees of Lewdity

Kemco has a shit ton of JRPGs mostly in retro 16 bit style and they can be plaid offline and totally for free.



Yes, amazing game

I'll look into it, but if I can't find it I'm gonna need details. It's an awfully simple name.

Yup, nope. Gonna need more information. Sorry I couldn't find it.


download some reader pages

cardinal quest 2

It's worth it. I have a hard time playing it simply because I invested too much time into the PC/Xbox versions, and I don't play phone games for long periods of time. But for someone that wants something to play on a daily basis it'd be great.

How does it control?