Strasserite here. Ama

Strasserite here. Ama

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The word for someone who follows Strasserism is Strasserist.

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Clerical fascism > Strasserism

Strasserite is the same term genius

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Hello my BROTHA...are you an official part of the GANG yet? With your help, the STRASSER GANG can get to dismantling the JEWISH BOURGEOISIE much faster comrade!

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Are you opposed to communism? Will you work with Hitlerian NS?

Shut up capitalist. Even Hitler used to agree with strasser but he sold out to the industrialists like Krupp In order to receive funding. Keep protecting your profits instead of the workers then.

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Hitlerians wouldnt want to work with us anyway so probably not. And I do oppose communism because it forcefully makes everyone equal which isnt natural law, and it is anti-nature In the sense that it doesnt respect animals or have any regard for their well-being. Bolshevism is a hollow ideology.

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Finns are 5% asian. I dont even identify as white, but as Finno-ugric. Whiteness is for americans.

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Are strasserites the ones that grow up from the cave floor or the ones that grow dpwn from thencave ceiling?

Also how do geological phenomenon post on 8/2chan?

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There was an attempt

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I appreciate the answer. To me it seems like NS is already so fringe that bickering over personal feuds of people from the last century is not very productive. That being said I sympathize with the more left-leaning aspect of NS economic populism.

I think Hitler was generally correct about the nature of workers though. Workers seem to just want to do their work and have access to some amenities + a chance to inform their workplace safety standards of practices. It doesn't seem like we need to jump the shark with the LTV or have every business run by a worker council. I am not really very familiar with Strasserism so if you could explain why it appeals to you or how you got into it that would be cool.

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do you know what we did to faggots like you on the night of long knives?

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"Finno-Ugric" is just a linguistic category. It has little-to-no relation to anything beyond language. The only "Uralic" people who are kin to Finns are Estonians. Otherwise, Finns are far closer ancestrally and culturally to Scandinavians and Balts.

>Whiteness is for americans.

Basically correct.

are you realy sure?
Jesus christ,
strasserism is literal retardation just like anaarchocommunism
every year there is a new commie fad
in the end is the same shit dressed differently

>dude lets make nazism for kosher
>intead lets be more communist and less racialist
this is acceptabble somehow
subversive juden

I used to be a hitlerian for years before i started to research strasserism. I looked into the economic policies and it started to appeal to me more than Hitlerism and it just made more sense to me.

And regarding the workplace, we do maintain that hierarchy should remain. Workers would just get larger shares of the profit, and in state owned business they could change the workplace if they all unanimously agreed so. And we still allow the private ownership of medium and small businesses, but all the large industry would be nationalized. We aim for an autarchic, agrarian society while also reducing the influnce of technology.

Yeah, reduced original national socialism to bits.

We finns descend 50% from finland's original western hunter-gatherers, the rest is ancient Finno-ugric and a dash of baltic. To say finno-ugric isnt an ethnic category is stupid.

Finnish and Estonian diverge only 2,000 years ago at the oldest. Prior to this, people inhabiting Finland would have spoken something else. Most likely something Indo-European (Proto-Germanic or Proto-Baltic). When the language shift happened, it had little effect on the genetic structure, as modern Finns are still heavily descended from Corded Ware settlers (perhaps 55%), plus the 5% Siberian component arriving with Sami that you mentioned.

Saying Finno-Ugric is an ethnic category is like saying Irish and Bengalis belong to the same ethnic category because they both speak Indo-European languages.

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You deserve to be shot, Finngoloid.

didn't Krupp and others similar to him did not sabotage Hitler and his Reich economy

simply for profits


kek he just wanted to say that whites arent a thing but also that he is one of them, a humble brag
youre getting it leaf, see the gymnastiscs here
>we do maintain that hierarchy should remain
>Workers would just get larger shares of the profit,
>And we still allow the private ownership of medium and small businesses,
>but all the large industry would be nationalized.
>We aim for an autarchic, agrarian society while also reducing the influnce of technology.
this sounds sane to you?
Hitler undrestood how to properly run a nation and that the souless soviets were to be crushed not triffled


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based white class warrior


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are you a strasserite?

when will you start a game in minecraf?