NY Sends Cease and Desist Letters for "Ghost Guns"


Anyone know who got the letters?

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Somebody should send them a copy of the second amendment.

Whats stopping you?

(drenched in _____)

>Jew York
lmao what do people expect? It's a shit hole. All of the coastal states both east and west are fucking doomed as far as gun laws are concerned.

Fuck it, why not? I'm gonna print out a copy of the second amendment and send it to the main courthouse in NYC.


Semen and Hoppes #9

Not if we control SCOTUS. Keep voting, they're the only thing that matters.

>Feds say it's not a gun
>article itself admits it's not a gun
>"we're going to regulate it anyway"

>hewwo misser fiwawm sewwew, pwease stop sewwing mean ol ghostie guns:( dey make me vewwy sad
Sincewy, new wowk govoonoo, midder cuwoumow

it's so easy to get depressed about gun laws and the like. I'm in NJ and when I read this garbage, I just wanna cry.

Its a bunch of shit because its not illegal to mail NON FIREARMS to people.

NJ is even more hilarious.
>100% legal to buy an 80% in NJ
>but you can't make it 100% in NJ
>but it's legal to buy an 80%, travel to PA, make it 100% over there, and then bring it back to NJ

Same stupid shit in NY

>any magazine >10 rounds is illegal
>take a 10 round, 458 socom mag
>load it with 30 rounds

When I start feeling that way, I take a .22 or PCC out back and shoot a couple boxes of ammo. Backyard plinking is good for the soul and prevents depression.

NJ also has the """other""" rule for ARs which makes bumfuck no sense.
>NJ basically bans AR pistols because fuck you
>NJ bans most ARs because fuck you evil features
>yet if you put a brace, vertical grip, and under 16" barrel together on an "other" registered lower, it's magically an """other""" and thus can have all the mallninja shit slapped on it (flash hiders, bayonet, etc)
The law works in mysterious ways.


same shit in NY and CT

I was thinking of sending them a cease and desist letter instead

3d print it

>10 round .458 SOCOM mag
Wait those will take 5.56? I know 5.56 mags will hold a limited number of .458 SOCOM. But they allow 30x 5.56 to be loaded? That's a bit of an over sight.

Is it even possible for them to fine or otherwise punish out of state sellers barring them passing a law banning 80%s?


.458 SOCOM loads into standard AR mags single stack but they're THICC so it only fits 10. It's the same magazine.

Have 2 handgat from va gifted to fil l by wife, subsequently given to me by him, now live in shitconecticticstan. How fucked an i

From a foreigner's perspective, it doesn't seem that either of Trump's appointees have earned their appointment so far.


I actually just looked at it and sites that sell guns parts like mags won't ship to my area code. So someone looked at it and saw the problem. I'd have to go through an FFL if I'm allowed to own those mags at all. Apparently because .458 10 round mags have to have a special feeding ramp that won't work with .223 or 5.56 to be legal

remember that time New York tried to pass a law to allow state police to enforce New York State laws in other states?

Even so, it seems to me that its probably a very easy fix to make them feed 5.56

Lol wut? Quick rundown on that retardation please

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The only difference is the follower.

WA state use to have it, that you could own a suppressor, but it was illegal to use it.


Bruh just buy some mahpull followers and replace them

no, I'm asking, I vaguely remember it being news back in 2011 or something. the headlines about it were along those exact lines "NY petitions / tries to pass a law allowing NY State Police to enforce State laws over state borders to 'make investigations easier'" or some other thinly veiled inter-state power grab right out of the Chinese dynastic period.

I mean, the second amendment doesn't protect things that aren't arms...

I really wouldn't put it past those dicksucks in NY. It drives me up the fucking wall how shit their politics are and then they come down here to FL and literally will tell you "New York is just so expensive! I couldn't afford to live" but then bring their socialist shit to the ballot box.

Any websites that are still selling? I was going to order tomorrow but I guess I have to do it now

Best answer

>implying the constitution has any staying power whatsoever in 2019


>State of New York
>Division of Economic Justice
>Bureau of Internet and Technology



it's driving me nuts now that I've remembered it and I can't find any articles related to it.

i kind of want to buy a polymer80 g26 but then i realize that pretty much no one makes holsters for them, and the reliability can be questionable.

But what sites got the letters? They aren't saying because it would be a Streisand effect, at least that's what I think.

I started Googling around a bit too. I couldn't find anything to do with such a thing. However I wouldn't put it past the powers that be to try and make us forget by de-listing all articles related to it. That shit would never fly anyway
>Hey we're going to use our State Rights to infringe upon the 2nd amendment in NY
>Also we're going to use our State Rights to try and make other State's Rights irrelevant
>gun grab? Nah we're just trying to "aid investigations"
Fucking communists

This Maybe make one in braille too.


>Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick says ghost guns are becoming a big issue in Syracuse.

>A ghost gun is a gun without the clip. They're legal to buy and usually cost several hundred dollars.

>To make it a usable firearm, the buyer drills holes for the clip, and then add ammunition. That's when it violates state and federal law.

>Fitzpatrick says there are roughly 12 to 20 ghost gun cases pending here in the city, and he doesn't care where people stand on the Second Amendment. He just thinks this practice has to stop.

>"You cannot allow people who should not have access to weapons the ability to simply get online and for a fee, get what is essentially 80 percent of a handgun," said DA Fitzpatrick.

>implying the constitution was a good thing

Not all gun owners are right wing tards bro.

I'm ignorant about 80% guns. Don't you still have to jump through the same hoops to get it that you would to just buy one fully completed rifle?


>After buying a kit online, Sheriff Craig Apple says it took him roughly an hour to build a so called 'ghost gun.'

>“These are no joke, these are the same guns officers on the street have today, this is a 40 caliber,” Apple said while displaying the weapon on his desk.

>Most concerning to the sheriff is that the guns are unregistered and untraceable unless the buyer opts to do so.

>Apple says he's already been in touch with federal and state leaders about changing the laws.

>“I’m a gun guy, I believe in the second amendment, I believe in the right to bear arms,” Apple said. “I also think you need to be responsible and accountable and to me this is irresponsible.”

>“It totally negates the SAFE Act, it undermines everything legal gun owners stand for,” he said.

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Wut? If true fucknjew york

I dont live in that shithole.

>your fellow pic related shoots up schools and shot every day passing off society to you incels and their guns
You have nobody to blame for this but your won community

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lol no. nice try though gun grabber

Took awhile for the concern troll to show up.

What a fucking cuck

it's the same people who say
>I'm pro 2A...but
>of course I support free speech! However....
There is no in between. You either do or don't support.

>It totally negates the SAFE Act

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This fucking infuriates me. Autism compels me to correct this oogabooga county faggot's errors:
>A ghost gun is a gun without the magazine. They're legal to buy and usually cost several hundred dollars.
>To make it a usable firearm, the buyer drills holes for the magazine, and then add bullets. That's when it violates state and federal law.

There. Now I can go to bed.

Ummmmm not necessarily
458 Socom was designed to feed from standard stanag’s
There ARE 458 followers, but they serve no real functional purpose.

Tennessee sent some shit once...

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>A ghost gun is a gun without the clip. They're legal to buy and usually cost several hundred dollars.
>To make it a usable firearm, the buyer drills holes for the clip, and then add ammunition. That's when it violates state and federal law.
I don't know what's funnier, this utter nonsense or that he thinks Jamal can hold a stolen power drill straight enough to mill out a receiver.

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So far I know that these three received cease and desist letters:
>JSD Supply

I assume some of the more popular sites received letters too. Only 16 sites were told to stop sales. Polymer80 kits are for sale on over 60 sites so it shouldn't be too hard to still buy one.

Neither one of them used a ghost gun faggot

Disgusting. I hope he's hung up by the loving minorities he's protecting


No. An 80% firearm isn't a firearm. It's inert and requires machining to be turned into gun

Doesn't look like any of those retailers are ceasing or desisting.

I think you gave to make it on your property

I really just don't get the news media. How did we let it get this bad? How did we let a group of people who have no idea what they're talking about distribute information to the masses? Why? Why did we do this as a society?

I read a fucking story like this and realize that journalists don't have a fucking clue what they're talking about when it comes to guns. Now how can I trust them to tell me about the economy? About the government? About politics? How can millions of people go about their daily lives KNOWING that the people they trust to bring them information do not understand the world? Am I fucking insane?

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>"You cannot allow people who should not have access to weapons the ability to simply get online and for a fee, get what is essentially 80 percent of a handgun," said DA Fitzpatrick.
Good thing that's not your decision, you fucking dime-store Gestapo faggot.

>laughs in Coastal Empire

Shut the fuck up, you dumb jew.

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why the fuck do you think that?

They can only rule on the cases presented to them, they don’t have any power outside of that. And so far nothing significant has been presented to them. It’s not instant gratification to appoint a conservative justice, but it will have long term effects. Trump is playing the long game by doing this, and it will be perhaps his greatest legacy. He is stacking the lower federal courts with conservative justices as well.


The hero we need.


>NJ also has the """other""" rule for ARs which makes bumfuck no sense.
It makes sense when you understand it's a mistake, a hole in the law the authors didn't see. Which is why other firearms exist at the Federal level, as well.

>the reliability (of a P80) can be questionable.
Only if your reliability is questionable.

The judges are why I am glad I voted for him even if I would have liked Cruz or someone more faithful to the 2nd amendment. 16 years of 1 side's federal judges would be 100% game over.

illegal to have handguns without a handgun permit there. doesn't stop people though

They can regulate it, it's not even a firearm so it's not protected. However it's a pretty silly path to go down because regulating 80% just creates a market for 79%, etc. How low will they go? At what point will they realize that they've made owning plastic bricks illegal? If it relates to something being marketed as readily converted to a firearm than the marketing will just change to something besides being readily converted to a firearm.

If you follow the constitution strictly youd be more libertarian than anything

You cannot send them to another country, even unmodified. They count as arms, but in the sense of a scope or stock or other non-firearm component, and so cannot be banned without infringing on the second amendment.

I dont recall anything continuing on after this
It seems when the threats are brought to their front door, they suddenly realize they're real. How funny

80% is not a measurement. It's a rule of thumb, and the atf mostly checks if the proposed object submitted to them is a firearm or not. They don't assign a percentage to it. They simply say "this does not meet our definition of a firearm or machine gun" and that's that. Go read one of the atf determination letters.

Those banker assholes deserve to live in fear.

But physical firearms do. I only hope that Americas gun owners really will fight for their rights when the day comes. The events of Waco and Ruby Ridge should be viewed as honorable sacrifices, not a warning or reason to stop fighting. I will never endorse harming or intending to harm a federal agent. But if someone, anyone, comes for my weapons, they gone die.

Hey Jew York, Cease and De-ez Nutz!

Sometimes you get unlucky and they're out of spec

This could actually be a good protest. We all spam the offices of steppers with thousands of copies of the 2nd amendment until it becomes a major pita to sort through the normal mail.

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that will sure show them

I wish unhappy lives upon gun grabbers. When you consider that they advocate for the enslavement of their fellow man, they are morally abhorrent.

>metropolitan area
>full of niggers and homeless enabled by gibs
>full of crime and shit/piss/trash/vomit covered sidewalks
>city takes away the ability to defend yourself
>nigger gangs still commit shootings
>meanwhile average fags get reamed by the law for "illegally" having weapons despite doing nothing with them
Why are liberals like this?

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Someone should send truckloads of this printed on flyers.

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