How long before China reaches military parity with USA?

How long before China reaches military parity with USA?

inb4 never, it's inevitable.

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Never, and it's because of their hive culture that doesn't give a fuck about their fellow man, they will throw him to the wolves for no other reason that throwing him to the wolves.

>Chinese get contaminated batch of MRES, faulty vehicles, defective Explosives and firearms
>Send them out
>100000's of bugmen die
>carry on with business as usual

Technologically, they will catch up, but they will never be able to mobilize on a large scale without crippling catastrophes hitting the moment they start.

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Peak cope.

>Goal that changes..
>Never stops moving..
>Can chase..
>Cannot catch

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It wont by their own accounts as long as we are alive. The best they hope for is "regional pairty", aka, hoping the US does not bring the full bear of its might on it.

...Forgetting, of course, that we brought 4 carriers to kick Saddams shit in during 91.

Shit I meant to quote
and while I'm at it

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I'd give it another generation or two of development and not because China is making leaps and bounds so much as American bureaucracy and abuses of the system by the likes of Lockheed and Northrop have been causing problems with weapons development for ages and its beginning to show hard in our equipment.
Eventually the process will be so bloated and bogged down that China will just catch up by default and at a fraction of the cost unless we somehow crack down on the idiots at the Pentagon and our contractors.

right after you Pajeets become super power

The US will literally collapse before they can reach parity.

Except half of that img is bullshit.

China will never be on par with the USA just because of geography. China will always be vulnerable to blockades. Any military conflict will result in the US and Allies blocking key shipping lanes. China only has one coast, and it’s surrounded by American military bases and allied countries. The US has way more coastline on all sides of the continent, and would be impossible to deny us access to shipping routes. Any conflict with China would end with China being denied oil, food, and anything else they depend on to import. The country would collapse in a few months.

>The country would collapse in a few months.

It's already surpassed the americans in naval power/technology


China imports most of its oil, and a large portion of its food. If those imports stopped, the country would be a mess.


chinks are a better society then mutts as is.

After the US is 90% nonwhite and becomes part of mexico

When their own government stops feeding their men rotten pork products I'll start believing they're worth a damn.

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When the US Balkanizes

>its curry niggers spamming China threads hour

I can certainly see how that's a valid argument given the nature of politics in the US these days.

so, never is what you're saying.


All foreigners.

No just tired of seeing US equipment underperforming (admittedly while being used by foreigners) and grossly over budget even by Pentagon standards. A little competition should scare them into improving productively
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No, this is sound strategic logic and is a common scenario in US Wargaming.


sure, but the expectation of a Chinese collapse in mere months is asinine, to put it politely.

>All foreigners
So..your average American?

When they increase their military budget to at least 4/5 the USA and then wait 30 years to catch up. Bare minimum, effectively never.

So they only directly copied 20 aircraft?

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you're a dumbass.

Better question, if China had a weapon of superiority over Russia or America that would allow them elimination of either without retaliation, would they use it?

Ok, Wang Dong.

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They will never reach tech parity. The US attracts science talent, China bleeds talent. The smart people with money in China are trying to figure out how to get their wealth from Yuan to USD, Euros, Bitcoin or whatever and trying to leave the country. You also have to remember the US has been fighting real wars pretty regularly since the 1990's. There is no replacement for experience. Our military leaders know what it actually takes to invade and hold a large country, China's leaders may think they know combat and have a good computer model for combat, but their last large war was with Vietnam in the 80's and was a total failure.

95% of the mutts in this thread think that China uses conscripts. What the hell do you know of PLA progress?
You don't know how many subs, planes, nukes, missiles etc. they have let alone their real capacity.
2 days ago, an expert that the J-10 was a bad plane because China cannot sell it. The F-22 must be pretty shit then.
But I can't fault them. Since 2011, the US has virtually no intelligence on China inner working because of pic related. All info came from Chinese blogs, even the one presented by the Pentagon to Congress. It's fucking hilarious.

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the us navy is unironically the most powerful force on earth ever

yes you got all our spys good goy.

>imagine thinking this.


And yet Rome did fall.

China has fallen too, multiple times.

Chang, we know you eat your own people. You don't have to keep lying.

Always get backup. It’s now back to close to qing territory.
Rome, however, never reclaimed her former glory.

Except it has been irrevocably changed each time. China in name only.

No, but they'd use it on Japan

You gotta change with the times. Nothing is static. And I would argue the chinese national and cultural identity is stronger than late qing dynasty.

Oh yes, hong kong is full of Chinese national identity.

Hong kong matters to china about as much as chongqin. And the level of importance only decreases as time advances.
Look up total Hk population, then look at shanghais.
You’re a fucking moron.

>pop is the only thing that matters

Well then, i guess taiwan as a whole matters less than chongquin. Maybe you should give back HK to the UK :)

You’re a confirmed retard.

No argument.

Never because we wont let them.

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20/30 years

Unless US military budget gets cut down to 0, never.

>The foreigner strikes out in pain as he strikes you,jpg

China would collapse when their economy tailspins and currency manipulation stops cutting it, or when Winnie the poo dies and you have a very chinese power struggle and everything turns to shit, forcing international intervention when you start eating each other again. .

admit it Chang, you're never going to get back at the white man for the opium wars or getting fucking flexed on by the eight nations alliance in the boxer rebellion. You're bugmen.

>After the US is 90% nonwhite
So in about 40 years at this rate.

3 less mutts to crash a ship into another one, S

>military parity
If you look at invasion capability, never.
China's heartland is flatter than its women. Any tool can invade it.
America, however, is a broken land of insane motherfuckers who will invent new ways to practice guerilla warfare on the daily. There's a boomer shooting chang from a deer blind, a doomer IEDing roads innamountains, and a zoomer flossing on a mountain of Chinese corpses.

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