What are some common weapons used by protestors/rioters other than the good ol' molotov

What are some common weapons used by protestors/rioters other than the good ol' molotov

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COOM in a bottle

Why the burning dumpster of course!

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This, soon as the next one starts
(Shoots 37mm so you can cop those “custom flares)

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In addition to the burning car!

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How about the burning building!

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And let's not forgot about the burning man!

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With all those combined and many more, you can get the burning city! Maybe the burning country!

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Given enough time, you can get yourself a once in a lifetime experience of THE BURNING WORLD! No refund ;p

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Murder of any and all garbage cans


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Antifa are known for using bottles of piss


Ball bearings in a rugby sock

imagine someone actually doing that as a form of attack

>"you pussies with your baseball bats and molotovs! you wanna send a message to these pigs? heres how you send a motherfucking message!"
>douses himself in kerosene and lights a match
>sets himself ablaze charges at officer with a riot shield
>gets knocked on his ass and arrested with third degree burns


The now-standard loadout for anti-fags/patriot poopers includes:
light improvised body armor like flak jackets, padded vests, harnesses etc. knee and elbow guards, helmets of various types and boots.

"flagpoles", shields, sap gloves, various sticks and whatnot. Both sides wear goggle and hankerchiefs for dat der teargas and to look cool. As noted, antifa have been known to throw piss and chemicals, and the nazi/patriot whatevers are known for phalanx action and kicking ass.

antifa also LARP harder, they have a few that carry first aid kits and call themselves "medics" and have long idiotic conversations before starting out on their idiocy, where the poopers do all their organizing online ahead of time and show up ready to idiot on the spot.

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They disgust me, filthy jar people.

Rocks and bricks from above work well.

i've heard of lit m80's in glass bottles before

Styrofoam disopved in gasoline added into the molotov cocktails.

Water based fire extinguisher refilled paint to splatter cops with masks or shields. Could add itching powder.

Aluminum camera extension pole to use as a baton and not look like you briught a weapkn on purpose

In old European cities, it's common for rioters to tear up the cobblestone pavement and chuck the stones at cops or through windows.

I'd love to see the expression on the cops' faces.

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Heavy chains as whips, makeshift clubs, madballs, bike locks, bricks

Disinformation. Waste resources or move quickly using online anonymous forums.

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You know you'd expect the antifags to be far more effective if they are regularly employing ranged attacks while possessing a superior support network capable of fielding "medics" especially with the political bias in their favor. Just goes to show how much of a strength disadvantage they are at that it seems they lose almost every engagement against an equal force and have to resort to isolating and overwhelming weaker opponents with their numbers.

Cops can't arrest you when you're engulfed in flames. You just gotta make it to the nearest one and give him a big ole bear hug.

Imagine the smell...We all know the smell of jizz dont we... *Nudge Nudge Fellow COOMERS

They can't get a fucking thing done. I've sat in some of these meetings they have and it'a fucking feelings and pronouns and ditzy idiot standing up to proclaim themselves as true t the cause and almost zero planning outside of dicussing how they're going to bash fash and not stand for it and fuck tha polees.

meanwhile you go on the patriot pooper forums and it's all like- we meet at 0 dark chorty at 5th and Main. park in XYZ lot. police expected at 7th-14th until we hit the park. bring your warface


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someone post that one guy with the chain whip