How hard is it to send anthrax in the mail...

How hard is it to send anthrax in the mail? Say you only wear clean gloves when handling everything so there's no fingerprints and then drive a state away and put the package in a random mailbox would it ever be traced back to the sender? (This is purely a hypothetical I would never commit a terroristic act or encourage anyone else to of course.)

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The postal service happily delivers heavy metal albums anywhere you’d like, user. Why?

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>this is purely hypothetical

sure, OP. you go about your day now

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Mr Glow, u know metadata is retained for every physical location a letter passes thru

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If there's no evidence on the envelope,and a camera doesn't see your face, you'd be alright.Sending bombs is a problem because you have to walk into a post office to send it.


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It does not matter of which can send the anthrax, the postal inspection service will inspect your asshole. Imagine the most detail oriented individuals trapped in a room with the some purpose of finding you. Is not question of if but when and how they will inspect your asshole. Respect the postal inspector and he will let you keep your anthrax collection as long as it does not go in mail

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Antrax is old news, rent a cessna and yeet a canister of abrin out the door.

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Make sure you have your cell phone with you when you drop it off.
That shit through the mail is just a nuisance.
After Ted K, I can't recall anyone who has actually hit a target with a mailed attack.
It is a waste of time and effort unless you want to go to prison and be made fun of like the Cuban van driver.

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You'd want to not bring any electronics with you and make sure there are no cameras.
Is that how it went down? I was too young at the time to pay attention.

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It's not, the postal service has safeguards against this specific thing, in the form of machines that detect various chemicals in mail as it comes in.

the CDC sent an expert to advise the FBI about the anthrax and the idiot retard agents immediately went "This guys knows how to do THING? He MUST be part of the plot!" and then the guy got suicided/ harassed by FBI agents until he turned up dead

>even daring to risk the wraith of the god of the postal service

Sorry for my ignorance but can someone tell me what anthrax is?