F-35 inferiority

>Can't do a cobra or a Kulbit
>Only 2 long range missiles
I sucks to be an F-35

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but she is so faaat, out of all the design that exist why did they choosed the one that make the plane look short and fat

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>300 threads later and Jow Forums still doesnt understand that this is just extremly poor bait

>Can't do a cobra or a Kulbit

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You know, had the C variant been the only variant, dropping the B, and had the Pentagon and Congress not gone batshit crazy, the F-35 would have been the wildest and most amazing Fighter acquisitions success story in the last 50 years.

Just drop the dumb shit and we would would already be on block II upgrades.

What's with all the anti-F-35 shill threads recently? There some big foreign policy shitshow going on with China or Russia right now they're trying to distract everyone from?

Maybe they're coping for some failure of their 5th gens that we don't know of yet

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Russia did a really hard push at the Turkey military technology show to try and get Turkey to join the Su-57 program. They've been flooding every channel they can with bots and shills.

Apparently on Turkish channels it's reached unbearable levels of Russia-posters. They want to close the deal on getting Turkey out of the F-35 program and buying Russian.

That's enough to make you furry.

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they should have just cut their losses after india rejected it. if your plane gets rejected by poos in favor of an F-16, its time to go back to the drawing board

Think about how you plan to "take advantage" of the hover capacity. Now think about doing that while maintaining all the nice stealth features and everything else. Congratulations, you just realized it requires a massive naval vessel or a large airport ANYWAYS.
Easy to trigger people. And the sad truth is, nobody is even close. The F-22 and F-35, regardless of everything else, stand head and toes over all competition that is flying and for sale today. And that lead will only get worse with drone wingmen.

It's of pretty tremendous domestic propaganda value, where they push the idea very hard that it's the best aircraft in the world and in serial production. They've been flying prototypes around to escort Putin and claiming they are operational with the air force.

As a real aircraft, everything non-Russian sources have to say it's garbage. India really wasn't impressed, and they are generally willing to buy anything just to continue their GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL aircraft procurement stratagem where they get one of everything for their flying circus.

>massive naval vessel
you mean like the ones america and the various B model customers have?
did you forget that the B model is supposed be be launched from a boat?


nah, best girl can keep dabbing on vatniggers and boomers all she likes. its piss easy at this point.

>U.S made equipment


The only time Russian equipment wins is when it's being used against Soviet equipment.

what kind of furry shit is this

ok lockmart

Shut up Boeing, go cry harder over the nigger tier X-32 failing

Only Britain has a carrier of sufficient size, but it isn't CATOBAR or nuclear. Japan's situation is different, and really might as well have just built themselves a supercarrier or accepted that they will be launching from islands anyways.

Otherwise? Its pointless to try and take advantage of it in land operations and sea ops? Build a CATOBAR. You dumbass.

Once again, dropping the B would be fucking stupid considering it was the original variant that the marines had funded specifically to replace the borderline unflyable Harrier fleet. The C and later the A were added on after the Navy and Air Force decided that a modified JSF would meet the various requirements they had put forth for their light strike fighter replacements.

>and so once again, America builds a [technological artefact here] that's shit compared to what it could theoretically build, but nonetheless blows out its competitors


Aussies, Sorks, Italians, and Spaniards all have LHDs that could fly the F-35B.

Nigger we're on Block 4

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>these countries meet the needed requirements to operate the aircraft but they dont because they could have done something else so its pointless
sasuga brainlet. the F-35B gives full airwing capability to ships that arent full supercarriers. if you think that is somehow pointless, then you are likely either a boomer or a retard.

>but it isn't CATOBAR or nuclear
and? the F-35B allows the QE to be fully functional like a CATOBAR aircraft would be without having a supercarrier. and japan doesnt want or need a super carrier. which is why they went with the F-35B. "just build a nuclear CATOBAR" is a retarded notion because the US is the only one that can feasibly field one.

The F35 is America's L85

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Here's a fun F-35 fact: It was originally going to be named "Musketeer". We dodged a bullet on that one.

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what did he mean by this

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There is some crazy timeline where LHDs are being used as slow escort carriers with F-35Bs.

Lol white knighting a plane explains the knee jerk reactions.

here's another fun fact, McDonnell Douglass initially had this as the concept for the JSF, however when Boeing went to make their proposal, instead of running with this, Boeing proposed their own haha plane, also known as the X-32

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>Muh Vatniks

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Boeing cope

It was shitty, cost a lot, is heavy, but is alright now.
Also American's tend to be super sensitive if any of that is brought up. Much like the British towards the L85

IIRC, the McD proposal was deemed too risky, as it used thrust vectoring as part of the fly-by-wire, and was DQ'd before the Boeing merger.

everything is relative
and yes I know it’s a bait

No, the L85 was dogshit from start to finish, it simply started out as outright the worse service ever adopted short of the INSAS. The L85 has never been good, certainly not good enough to choose it over reviving the EM2 and scaling to to 5.56mm. Even the basic design of the L85 was bad.

Meanwhile, even if you want to defend the B, then placing some sort of restraints on Congress and the Pentagon and it would be out years and years earlier and we would be starting the second block upgrade discussion. And the concept had some merit before drones came around.

i didnt think MD even got to the actual finals, considering they folded in 97. either way that could have been easily changed, by comparison to how big of a failure the X-37 came out to be

The Brewster Buffalo was an underrated aircraft. Its bad reputation came from American pilots trying to turnfight Zeros and Oscars flown by more experienced Japanese pilots.
It was inferior compared to its opponents, but it wasn't a deathtrap, strictly speaking.

What if scenarios don't count, but nice cope. Clearly the F35 is much more complicated. I wouldn't equate them but they're certainly comparisons that can be made.
Plus, like I said, it's fine now. There's no reason to be sensitive over a troubled production, it's facts.

the B model is perfectly fine for its customers, keep coping.

The F35B's stealth features and other extremely high maintenance features will completely eliminate its theoretical ability to land and take off from the same place the Harrier did. So it will be exclusively used in a naval role, and the only worthwile mentions are Japan and the UK. Both of whom should have just built CATOBAR and been done with it.

Its dumb. Its outright inferior, and encouraged two of our allies to half ass their shit.

i looked into it, and yeah they did loose, but i think it was less because of the systems themselves but more of the risk in MD not being able to deliver considering how financially unstable they were at the time.

>i didnt think MD even got to the actual finals, considering they folded in 97
Lost in '96, apparently. Probably the lethal blow to McD.

Perfectly fine? The two customers that mattered used it as an excuse to continue with their half assed non-CATOBAR jump carrier bullshit. Everyone else could have been safely ignored as they latched onto Eurofighter 2.0, even dumber and with even fewer customers.

retard. seethe B model can do exactly as the harrier could and fills roles that couldnt have been filled by other aircraft for allies. youre retarded and cant grasp the concept of why the B model was conceived in the first place

Why the hate on the Brewster Buffalo? It was a capable plane, and guess what? The F-35 is too.


you are a complete cretin. the whole reason the F-35B was chosen was because the B allows them to have the capabilities of a CATOBAR carrier without the absolutely massive expenses (of which none of the customers of the B could bear) of a full super carrier. stop posting about shit you have absolutely no clue about.

yeah, i saw that one. and like i said, id be willing to bet that they lost more because they werent sure MD could deliver without going bankrupt.


>harrier could
>cant grasp the concept of why the B model was conceived in the first place
Yes. I can. I reject its utility entirely as being outdated and pointless, especially with everything else about the F35.

It is outdated. And pointless. It will never take off or be stationed anywhere that can not maintain all of its state of the art systems, and if it lands anywhere that can't do that too, then IF it takes off again, its stealth is likely compromised, as is other systems.

Its likely custom building an Enzo Ferrari and then modifying it for AWD and offroading it. Its realy fucking stupid. Or actually using the AWD Bentley's in offroading when the inevitable plan is resale.

>capabilities of a CATOBAR carrier
wrong. Completely fucking wrong. By default, it is an inferior plane with inferior capabilities. >of which none of the customers of the B could bear
Japan could, and the UK was a bureaucrats twitch away from making the QE class exactly that. The rest?

Fuck. Them. NONE of the rest matter, or have even remotely relevant naval carrying capacity, and if they planes get used then in every instance the C or A will have been a better and more relevant choice.
>have absolutely no clue about.
No fuck YOU. I reject it entirely. I understand the idea and desire for "Harrier of the 21st century". I reject any and all utility entirely. Because it doesn't have any in the age of guided bombs, drones, guided and highly accurate artillery, and soon to be Coaxial Rotodyne helicopters like the SB1.
>but muh shitty jump carriers
NO. FUCK OFF. Those small shitty things should be forced into helicopters carriers, because thats all they are. That and carrying amphibious junk.
>but muh make believe landing spot small enough for hiding
Won't be able to maintain everything about the F35 that makes it good.

Boeing cope

Are you the asspained guy from the last thread? The B model is the core of the program, your hot opinions are like 20 years too late.

USN has half the world's V/STOL CVs, just by itself.

The Finns did fine with theirs because they were facing barely trained Slavs in addition to stripping out a few hundred pounds with of unnecessary equipment

not furry: that is straight up Beastophilia....

>can't do cobra
Vatnik cope

It absolutely is. Maneuverability is just a meme and a Vatnik cope. If your plane can't maintain speed and energy in a dogfight then you've lost.

But a Cobra can make you avoid a missile. So stay mad americunts

i'm sure you believe it

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Its been proven in simulations like DCS

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Hahahahhahaahahhaaha nice one Mr. Vatnik. Doing that fucks your speed and increases your RCS.

>if your plane gets rejected by poos in favor of an F-16
The F-16 was rejected by poos too. They wants Rafales now. Let's wait some time, and they drops Rafale for the Gripen, then Gripen for the Mig-35 making the full circle.

Dropping speed so fast is valuable asset in dogfights

You lose kinetic energy which is basically a guaranteed death in a dogfight. There's a reason that not even the Russians use it in war.

>Maneuverability is just a meme
Why not just use turboprop drones as bomb and missile platforms then?

>implying the US doesn't already do this

Missiles cannot drop their speed so fast and can miss their target with no chance to return to it

That's what the laser and GPS positioning is for. No need to worry about maneuverability when you can just get it perfect the first time.

Yes the simulation that has been putting off the overhaul of missiles for a very long time, also ED is lazy and has the missile proxiemty fuzes not turned in multiplayer.

The laser and GPS for the land targets, the IR and radar for the AA missiles. Still you need to predict the point of intercept, and this is hard when your target suddenly drops all speed.

Yes lets do it to exclusion of the F35 program and cancel that piece of shit.

Garbage post. F-35 is the most dominant plane on the planet. Its why ever country is lining up to buy them.

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Not necessarily. This isn't Vietnam where dogfighting happens in less than a mile from one another. US planes are made to engage BVR so that scenario never has to happen.
>Multi-role fighters are useless because muh drones
Pic related is you

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because it came out a year after this

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It was superior still to your naval fighter

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It's a multi role bomber.

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