Bugout morale boosters

Does Jow Forums keep any luxury or mood lifters in their bugout bag or survival kit? Stuff like chocolate bars, drugs, pictures of family/friends, porn? You know, stuff to keep you going or make it not so bad?

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>implying I plan on living long enough if shtf to get bored
Becoming a raider sounds way more fun.

even still, as a raider wouldn't you want only that stuff just stolen off other people


Not doing is a bad idea really. Other than a little booze, maybe some game dice, a harmonica, a journal book to write in and family pics would all be examples of things like that you should bring if you need to leave the house in a circumstance like that.

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Anybody who doesn't even keep something as simple like a pack of cards is a retard who doesn't realize that SHTF would be 90% long stretches of fucking nothing

Just add water.

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In the bottom of my tim with firestarter and stuff there is a picture of me with my friends, under that is a saucy picture. been looking to replace it, any suggestions?

Saucy pic of your mom

I keep a month worth of adderall I saved in my pack just because.

A little pot would probably be a good idea since it weighs almost nothing. And you should have vodka anyway because it doubles as a disinfectant

Hash goes even further.

>not an SP thats lighter and more compact

>not carrying a Game Boy Advance with a flash cart
>not wanting a handheld gaming device capable of playing not only Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy games, but also emulating NES, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, and some other consoles while getting 24-32 hours of gameplay off a pair AA batteries that can be easily swapped and recharged in bulk separate from the handheld
I challenge anyone to name a better portable gaming device for this situation.

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man, I borrowed mine to some vietnamese "friend"
never would give the fucking thing back

The SP doesn't have the advantage of running on AA batteries, nor can you achieve the ridiculous battery life that's possible with the older GBA that can take advantage of all the advances in battery life that happened since it was released.

Bro maybe we can meet up and trade Pokémon in the boogaloo. I got a dope kingler for you

MicroSD card full of the entire library of sad panda, and a tablet with a solar charger.

Yo, lemme buy that

Nothing much. Got a Bible because only heathens don't keep a Bible in their BOB, an old stuffed Pikachu from back when I was 8 because nostalgia and to have something to cuddle with during the long lonely nights, a deck of cards for obvious reasons, and last I guess I have a few family photos that I could bring along if I remember to grab them with my bag.

This. Be a raider and die shortly later.

Based. I should throw in a pocket bible. I have a deck of cards as well for me and friends but some scripture would help in troubling times.

the fact that my pvs-14 runs on the same batteries as the most advanced portable gaming system in the world truly boggles my mind

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Fortune favors the bold.

That doesnt look like a psvita to me you fucking faggot

Didnt know the gamecube ran off batteries

>Not playing advanced wars

four groups of people use j lube
> people who artificially inseminate cows
> people who want to wrestle in lube
> people who want to blow giant bubbles
> anal sex enthusiasts

Scho-ka-cola and a flask of jaegermeister.

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Just keep a wax pen around you fucking degenerate.

Fuck drugs and fuck niggers

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Jager is goooooodd
Good choice my nigga

I actually have a medieval gambling game in my camping bag for when I go to reenacting events. It's fun to just use worthless coins that I've come across, bottle caps or even small rocks for the wager and was originally made so illiterate mercenaries could play which translates to being a very easy game to play.
Game is called Gluchaus in case anyone cares.

>XXX playing cards require no batteries

>implying anyone here will be content with only having the limited entertainment that a deck of cards can provide for an extended amount of time

>Not playng solitaire with xxx cards for reasons


>bugging out
I'll be quite comfy bugged in

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I'm in the first group. Cow-fisting is an Artform.

ah, a fellow word smith

>Implying all four aren't a great time