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>Collecting Flags?
World template: i.imgur.com/DcBPwzx.png
Regional templates: oplk.imgur.com/
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>used the updated OP
good job friend!

where are your flags btw? :^)

also post'em

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just gonna leave this here nineball.party/files/flags/upload-flag.php

>unironic meme flags

I cleaned up the filenames of Sevastopol

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>not having both

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I love how all the Japanese regional flags are all similar. Very clean looking -

do you have state flags?

based and redpilled.

When the fuck they gonna add improved medway flags? Medway maritime instead of that horrible mess council flag and different flags for each of the towns and not just Gillingham.

It has state flags


cmon you can give us a little bit more than that...maybe a rare county? :^)

why do you want that mario?
+ i don't know how to add more than that

Bcs we collect them also :^)
- Click on Tampermonkey button of the browser
- extraflags setup
- use the dropdown and the "next" button as many times as you can
- remember to press save


Noice :^)

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Saved - only had Huerfano County from CO believe it or not. Out of all the places in that state i had....

I got a friend who lives in Durango - Colorado seems like a beautiful state.

growing slowly

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Alright, country with worse regionals? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Liberia

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it is but all the people moving here kinda ruin it, but i assume you know more about that than i do.

holy fuck, i thought that was a joke flag.

Oh you know it mate - I apologize on behalf of my state. It's happened here too, only we attract rich cosmopolitan faggots from all over the USA

>holy fuck, i thought that was a joke flag.
That's not even the worst one. Believe it or not, Liberia has flags for all of their counties, and they are just as shitty.

show me the worst pls.

Liberia has the worst regionals, but the USA has pretty bad ones two, a significant portion of state flags are the crappy coat of arms and a solid color backround for example pic related massachusetts flag

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Worst in my opinion, you can find more terrible liberian flags here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Liberia

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what do you guys think of colorado's old flag

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thanks 'non

That's not bad - just boring. Also, you should run your county flag - might have one that I don't have yet.

I like the new Colorado flag way better. A lot of American flags are the basic navy blue with coat of arms, and it's extremely underwhelming. Canada knows what's up with their provincial flags. At least Colorado changed theirs to something more recognizable.


What do y'all think of my town's flag?

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get rid of the white and red cross and it will be based and redpilled!

>newbury, massachusetts
John Cena?

I drive by him sometimes while going places, the dude lives on a fucking hill overlooking the Merrimack river

where r ur flags man?

Massachusetts township flags are so /comfy/. We have a guy over on the Jow Forums thread who is from Bedford. Also pretty funny Newbury, MA - John Cena is billed from West Newbury

lets see your regionals then :)


That's funny - I didn't know he actually still lived there. Usually when these celebs get big they end up moving to tax haven states like Arizona, Florida, etc. The only guy who's special that lives in Sonoma County is Guy Fieri - if you're in Santa Rosa you'll see the meme himself driving around in his Lamborghini.

Hope extra flags is around in 50 years when Liberians are commonplace on the internet so I can collect this one

Someone just needs to give General Butt Naked a computer


I'd rather stick with collecting vanilla flags, TYVM.

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Here's a bigger version of the regional, the Latin saying is "Dit Deus" short for "Ditatus Deus" or "God Enriches" or "God Enriched".

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very nice! Please use the city of Globe flag ;_;

k, here it is

ok hi

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ohohohohoho how clever

I don't think you are who you pretend to be

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Why are two of the trees floating?

because Wakandan vibranium tree technology. Also get regionals Canada -

why don't you have regionals 'non?

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How do I use those?


i second this

Here's to flags!

Best City flag coming through

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huge shiphole

dk lads

Click the install link on top of that page.
Then the flag setter should appear at the bottom of each page.
Select a flag from the dropdown and click the button to place it in your flags.
Note: doesn't work on greasemonkey 4.xx

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But what does those flags represent?


a memeflag that any user can upload

Pretty sure Sydney's flag is on the plugin - you should try it out :)


big brain

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henlo romanianon. how was your holiday?

it was good
how bout you

Good. I am glad the weather is warming up again. Maybe you could help me with my request sometime :P

Here is a rare flag if you haven not collected it:


you have to fill this satu-mare.ro/fisiere/subpagini_fisiere/11-09-14-03-30-25SolicitareInformatii.pdf

Thank You! I will run this through google translate and see what the fields are

You are lucky that you are fluent in both your native language and English

I can help you but I forgot from where did your grandfather come from. I know he's from Satu Mare but where? You said a specific village if I can remember correctly..

Botiz, which was originally part of Hungary

Catre PRIMARIA Botiz, Satu Mare

Prin prezenta formulez bla bla bal : well here you have to fill for your request here
You can start like : I would like to have a digital copy of my grandfather's death certificate who died in Botiz, Satu Mare, same place where he was born(I guess, you know better). His name was X. He was romanian but I'm not, I live in Canada and I would like to know more about my ancestors blablabla(this is an example I don't really know how you should fill here but just write what you want i guess. Write here and i'll translate for you in romanian.)

Doresc ca informatiile solicitate sa imi fie furnizate, bla bla bla : [email protected]

your signature here
(semnatura petentului) = your signature here

Numele si prenumele petentului : Your name (first + last)
Adresa : Your current address
Profesia(optional) : Your job/profession (this is optional)
Telefon : Your phone number (this is optional)
Fax (optional) : Your fax... (also optional)

Thank you so much. Though I don't really trust sending my info over Jow Forums. Would you be able to join the discord so we can chat further?

Where would I submit this form once I fill it out?

sure, what server?


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So are we hiding out in this board until the southerners calm down?

we bounce around

We're "diversifying" our presence on the 4chans


I didn't know about this

Too bad these threads get banned on Jow Forums and /sp/ you should post it in generals.

We'll post in Jow Forums generals. We need non-english speakers


I see extraflag in every general, but /brit/ also please don't fill the discord or thread with eastern europeans larping as anime girls thanks.




>Implying Jow Forums will be around then

I'm banned from the discord, so i can't do shit wit dat.

Do you have toman City?

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Hachioji 426 represent

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