Is bant tan, dare I say, back?

Is bant tan, dare I say, back?

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I would sniff her panties

I wonder what color her Jow Forumsies are

Jow Forums-tan and keksandra are cute together

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Blue or yellow

I’m liking the Jow Forums tan comeback, hope she doesn’t cause to much Jow Forums hurt this time around. Maybe everyone could draw her the way they want instead as long as they stick to the general flat grill with longish hair

OP's Jow Forums-tan and Bantanna are the only ones that ever took off.

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Yup, that's neat, represents the board quite well too desu.

that's the Jow Forums tan I feel best represents the board

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Looks oddly similar to Kawashiro Nitori.

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I sure hope so.

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i honestly prefer this one over i hope we see her more often.


Why is Bant-tan so lewd?

Change her dress color to blue and she's perfect.

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you guys are fucked

not a bant tan, i didnt choose shit stop forcing your shit on me , i hate it

What about this one?

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That's Bantanna.

Only oldfigs will rember

kinda looks like her

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damn right

nice to know peeps save these, loli bant tan is a cute


I'm sorry Jow Forumsannia fans, but I like this design more since:
>Jow Forums is the youngest board on Jow Forums and should look like it to reflect the fact
>The fact that it looks like a "kid" board makes it match with all of our allied boards like /c/, [s4s], and /vp/.
It should be mentioned that it takes a lot for /c/ to overrule its neutrality and "friends to everyone" stance which it did for Jow Forums against /a/ in 4craft. And as the "nicest" random board, it fits.

Though, I'd make her eyes red, personally.

i approve this message

See? Jow Forums hates it. Bant-tan is perfect for gatekeeping reddit.

Oh shit didn't know we had a tan. It's good but /fa/ tan will always be the best.

She never left, always lurking in wait in my smug anime folder

I liked this Jow Forums-tan. Please use this Jow Forums-tan.

So much potential... wasted,

no, that's banana

Being a loli is not only signifying a new board but also taking it back to the roots of Jow Forums. Loli is in the blood of this website, its calling back to the anime/random days of early Jow Forums, which at least in my opinion Jow Forums reminds me a bit of.
I know a lot of newfags use the tomorrow theme exclusively, but her dress being light pink signifies bant being a red (yotsuba) board.

Jow Forums is a special case where its technically a red board in order to allow it to accept imptrash from red boards, but not only does the local rule forbid porn but it also shows up as a blue board in the reports list.

She's cute! Though I think she'd look better with a different dress.

I think the whole reason Jow Forumsanna was created was for it not to be a loli, as some people really didn't like the idea. I like the concept of all the different versions coexisting, symbolizing how chaotic and variable the board itself is.

Hence the blue B thingamabobs on her hair.

Nah, we tried that last year and it just ended up with nothing happening as everyone argued which figure should represent her. We need to decide a consistant appearance, Jow Forums is a pretty static board now that we aren't as new.

>Nah, we tried that last year and it just ended up with nothing happening as everyone argued which figure should represent her.
That's like contrary to what I said. The thing is, why wouldn't them all represent her?

Too confusing. Loli bant keeps the polfags away, and that's good enough for me.


>Too confusing.
Just like the existence of this board lol

I just like the loli because of her juvenile appearance and behaviour, besides the fact that she has the best art (no offense, drawfags)

oh look it's /l/-tan! some people are going to love this!

Confusing and /b/'s gimmick. I honestly like OP's design more than Jow Forumstania, though think she would serve better with Jow Forumsania's pallete (red eyes, blue clothing). Sorry polan

If anyone remembers early /b/, like really early when it was anime/random. porn was not the center focus. Much like Jow Forums it was more random and anime shitposting than just constant porn.
>I just like the loli because of her juvenile appearance and behaviour
loli deflects newfags, desu.

Does the artist who made this still post here?

i dont think so

Go to the archive and click "view same", this is fresh OC mate. OP is probably the original artist.

Thats what i did doesnt seem like OP is the orginal artist. Made durning may based off the search of Jow Forums-tan

Please use this.

why is she a 5 year old girl?

Pedo website.

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She's the youngest board.

I can accept this logic



Sick kraut pedo.


Someone should draw bant-tan dressed up like Cirno.

>Anonymous (ID: 6sffZ55V) 03/25/18(Sun)15:54:48 No.4542685▶
> ?
>Anonymous (ID: tmpQpA4f) 03/25/18(Sun)17:17:04 No.4543518▶
> Sick kraut pedo.
>Anonymous (ID: 6sffZ55V) 03/25/18(Sun)17:44:58 No.4543715▶
> :3c
>Anonymous (ID: BTE5Pkt1) 03/25/18(Sun)18:30:10 No.4544016▶
> Someone should draw bant-tan dressed up like Cirno.
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Hmm.. Well what if we use loli Jow Forums-tan as the "main" or "base" Jow Forums-tan, but have all the other designs as figments of her imagination? Maybe sort of like a split personality thing?

That's the most autistic thing I've read all day lole

no u



beats me

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we found the pedos boys.

found the redditor

I remember being this excited and 12

Too complex. Again, last time we made a "compromise", well, read the 1d4chan entry on Jow Forums.

It reads like a Sanic OC.

Not our best hour...



>read the 1d4chan entry on /bant
Wow this is bad.

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Someone needs to clean it up eventually.

Anydrawfriends on?

None appear to be active this Monday.

I hope so...

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Its good to see that there are still people that remember that Jow Forums.

There was an attempt

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An attempt it was. Valiant effort, though

any OC of bant-tan is appreciated, great work.

You mean delete it.

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good post, I want the loli bant tan to be the main one already, ditching her was a mistake

the only way itll catch on is if people keep making / posting OC

i would make loads more but my art is below average and OC with a pen and paper doesn't catch on

I need a shota alt of Jow Forums-tan

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man, i wish i could draw
i want Jow Forums-tan to be great again

made me kek, good job

Hey, you'll only get better through practice mang.

no you don't, go to bed