I'm going to post this everyday until you like it

I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.

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You’ll have to post it every day

I can confirm op posted picture yesterday

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You know why.

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Oh you.

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I like it this time, I swear!

If everyone doesn't like the fishe in this thread, he will pass away from his illness.

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I told you that I fucking hated it.

I could recognize the various knocks on my door easily, it helped that I had only one regular guest, and she always knocked lightly, unless she was in a group of two or more people, then her knock was much louder. Aside from her, there was the police, who knocked even more obnoxiously and I generally expected their arrival in advance.

At my door right now, was an unrecognizable knocker. I couldn't see out the door, because I had blocked all the windows completely to avoid letting people see in. If I moved the coverings aside to see who my caller was, they would be alerted to my presence and I could not pretend to be absent any longer.

As I ruminated over this puzzle, the knock repeated itself. That meant, whoever it was, would not be going away. Unimportant visitors usually gave up after a single knock, such as the individuals who would deliver free groceries to the less fortunate. Those people would never believe me when I would tell them truthfully that I was not actually starving, despite the appearance of my dwelling and my own ramshackle countenance, because, after all, everyone refuses charity even if they do actually need it. My awfully groomed beard that I had grown to scare people away from me and my raggedy clothes that were economical and off-putting, never had the desired result on the charitable. They were drawn to men with my sort of style, secure in their notion that their good intent would insulate them from any form of harm.

I decided to risk answering the door to see who it was, though I knew it could be disaster if the visitor was revealed to be someone I was avoiding.

On the other side, was a purple-haired girl, but on her, it looked as though it was her natural hairstyle, not the dismal, trashy look of most dye jobs that had no effort put into them. She was pretty, but to stare at her too long would be rude, and I cast my eyes elsewhere, and found she was holding a large, freshly caught fish.

"What's the fish for, I asked?"


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This is what really happened:

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You know, as I said yesterday, I like it.

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>I like it


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Is that supposed to be the fishe?

Who knows?

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Too spooky

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spoopy goats and scallions!

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How terrifying.

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Fear the fishe.

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She's survived worse

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I don't know. There she's just stabbed in the chest, which is pretty bad, but livable with modern medical care. There she's not only impaled form one end to the other, but her limbs are missing.

This is the end of the cirno

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sakura a shit

>I am displeased with this product and/or service
Would you like me to tear you in half like an old phone book?

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The fishe made Sakura RIPPED

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She switched from fried cod to lean salmon!

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Grow up.

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Even in death, she gets the digits.

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No u

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Its adequate


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The power of the fishe.

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Respect it.

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I honk at it repeatedly

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The many deaths of the fishe

>accidental fish ingestion
More times than I care to mention

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The fishe contains the nutrients to make you big and strong.


The fishe has 9 lives!

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That's cute, mang.

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I love it!

Ey hands off the fish pooftah




recurring threads lead to circlejerks
circlejerks are cancer

Not if they keep getting new members.

I've got an idea of a dish of fish and poultice. Does that sound tasty?

I hate it.

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It's a trap

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>Posted 3 days ago
Don't you mean something more along the lines that "this thread is going to be here every day until we like it?"

It is posted on Jow Forums every day, as a physical part of it.

>It's a trap
I'ma what?

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You heard me.

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You don't know me

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Don't underestimate her.

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Why do you say the things that you know will hurt me the most?!

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Wait.....have you been keep doing this shit everyday?, dude, how many weaks?????

>dude, how many?

I dunno.

Lemme check

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It's been going on for a looooong time.

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Since at least September of last year.

Don't cry fishe, he didn't mean it! Have a hug!

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Thanks. I needed that.

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I'm going to like it until you stop posting it!

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Better not snore too loud...

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You can barely hear this one snoring

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How do you engineer fishe to be so small?

>Small, compact, full of happiness and value
I ordered it from Aliexpress from China.

It wasn't what I thought it was and I got ripped off!

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Can we use these small fishe to make... bigger fish?

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It's terrible. I hate it.
JK, I love that rascal.

Sakura falls in love with Shiro.

Unable to confess, the wormslut is gifted by a deus ex machina with her senpai's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, she immediately calls him, and is overjoyed to find out that he has a crush on her as well.

But, the next day, when the educated prostitute recounts the previous day's confessions to the boy, he only looks at her with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, she finds out that the boy she called is not the same boy she fell in love with. In fact, he doesn't exist in this universe at all. He is the alternate universe counterpart of her crush, who has fallen in love with her AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of his crush.

Hijinks ensue as they strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip each other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of FISH.

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Fund it.

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>the nature of fish

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I hate this 2mb limit...

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