Who do you lift for?

Who do you lift for?

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my deceased cat

Iktf x2
I miss them so much

I lift to make my dad proud

your fucking father motherfucker

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my gf

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>a seagull used to come to my garden every day for a couple of months
>would feed it bread and left over fish skins and various delicious foods
>it had a family and babies and they came for a while as well
>the babies grew big and became confident with me, eventually I feed one out of my hand
>the dad was the probably the most alpha gull in the neighbourhood, single handedly took on at least 7 other gulls and won
>they just stopped coming to the house one day and never saw them again

Honestly the gull would just chill with me sometimes and was better company than most humans, always felt pumped seeing the babies get big, knowing that they would take after the dad and be alpha

shes hot


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I also lift for your gf.

Gaius Octavius

For OUR president

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shit, same happened to me but it was with a fox, during a rough winter a fox was messing with my trash, so i got some leftovers for it, on the second day i left some food outside again and there was the fox and a pregnant female, it kept coming for dinner for three months with 4 cute tiny foxes


as a fox would this confuse you or would you just think it was normal that life was on easy mode for you

Revenge and hate, not more nothing less. And when I make it, the entire world will burn.

so do about the 20 other guys she secretly flirts with behind your back

Me. I am strapped to a rocket propelled by self loathing and fat hatred, baby.

Christ my fucking sides

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kill v maim is great for hitting PRs

isn't pic a tranny?

Somehow, lifting for a real person that doesn't and never will know that you exist is even sadder than these anime fags lifting for their cartoon characters

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is that grimes?

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I lift to defeat abstract concepts like time and god.

I miss her so much. She was the best cat in the world for almost 13 years.

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I lift for Hercules because he embodied the Solar, Uranian Olympian ideal who conquers Lunar gynaecratic forces.

Lifting for anyone who'll take me

remember to be nice to grimes, thanks

i'd "fuck" her desu

dios mios...
la creatura

I don't get it, could you be more specific?

What’s up with the /mu/ crossover posters? First a 6ix9ine thread then this bullshit, we all know you are dyel soyboys


Is Grimes

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>tfw she'll never be my dream girl

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I think it would just be happy to find an easy food sources. There is the theory this is similar to how humans domesticated wolves as well.

>>I lift for Hercules because he embodied the Solar, Uranian Olympian ideal who conquers Lunar gynaecratic forces.
please explain this. I was a classics major and am unsure what you are talking about.


why even live lads

>I was a classics major

the vain hope that improving my body will bump me up a point or two so i can attract a wife

Yo blue board dumbass nigga

I know I hope the mods will be lenient tho

For the queen

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now I'm a lawyer making more than stemlords.

>defeat abstract concepts like time and God

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What a SLUT.

>Gullbro never returned


yes, despite your major

Do you think she knows how much I care anons?

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This is an easy one.

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what the fuck

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A shy slavic girl that I can save from the third world and bring back to America.

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Hi I'm grimeth let me ting you a tong.

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simple answer:
he was a strong hero and he conquered the Amazons
complex answer:
Read "Revolt Against the Modern World" by Evola

wrong board


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I like the part where he talks about supporting an assault weapons ban and spending us in to oblivion to create liberal pork while saying his only regret is that it doesn't give the poor illegal beaner turds amnesty like he wanted

m-myself of course

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only time I lift for gays is when I think about pummeling those fruits in to jelly in order to finish up my last rep


Is there any other answer?

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fuck this boner

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*For whom do you lift?

Are u legit a nip or something

Fuck, I want this so bad, even more than a gf

To spite my ex
To show her she fucked up
To become better than anyone who'll ever commit to her.

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Get over it fag

birds are the ultimate bros user, I plan to try to get some on my property stat. My current favorite are the ibises so I'm thinking about getting worms and shit so they chill in my backyard

i lift for our lord and saviour Jesus

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Fuck you

11 yrs together and 6 weeks if marriage and she dips out to slut around.

Less than 4 months ago

kek post a picture of yourself, I bet I know what the problem is

>they just stopped coming to the house one day and never saw them again

I don't want to sound like one of those people, but doesn't feeding birds make them dependant on you for food and unable to fend for it themselves?


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Glad I'm not the only one

Yeah nah I'm doing that shit. My body muh rules ;)


this is what instagram is for

doubly confirms it, sorry user but you're fuck ugly

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So she can cheat on you with Tyrone or Chad and take half your money, no Thanks


>So she can cheat on you with Tyrone or Chad and take half your money, no Thanks

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Yo, Classicsbro!

I lift for the only person in existence who matters:


this guy gets it


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Blessed post

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did you lift that filthy beaner over the border or are you saying you lift to keep it interested in you? Best way to gain the attention of a wetback is to have citizenship and make money

lol keep trying user but I guarantee she left you for a better looking guy who was better in bed. Some things even lifting won't fix

she's not a beaner, qt thicc 1/4 asian/white girl

Only correct answer

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