Just shave your hair if you're balding bro

>Just shave your hair if you're balding bro

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Bruh wtf is that facial hair

thats a 1/10000000000 case of deathskull right there. most people arent complete freaks

Well why's he scowling in the second one

>dude just take fin and minox look at my thick hair bro

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>going from terrible to pretty bad

Just go bald your hair looks like shit anyways

that hair looks disgusting sorry


He does look somewhat more dom. Very small neurocranium = low IQ, primitive and intimidating. The huns knew this.

I think he looks much better. If not more attractive, at least more interesting.

>more amazing thickness right here. Im so glad i pay $30 a month to keep my hair

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his neurocranium is probably average volume, its just freakishly shaped.

If your hair is meant to fall out, it's meant to fall out. It's natural

2 weeks on fin and cum is watery and cum load volume cut in half

Pretty scary fucking up your hormones like this. Is ED next?. Want to hold on a little longer to see if it reverts back.

Anyone have watery cum go to normal after a little while?

most peoples semen becomes watery, it generally recovers.
ED could happen, usually this subsises after a few months, if persistent come of fin and it will recover in 97% of cases after 3 years. persistent ED (+3 years) is seen in ~3% of men

I have watery cum in general. Does this mean I have low test or that I jerk it too much

Both. High test men don't jerk, they fuck

I did, it went away after a little while. Try zinc supplements if you don't already take them

> he fell for the meme

Fuck I’m already taking zinc and my cum is watery as shit. Is there any hope for me?

yo i'm so glad im taking fin! look at that thickness! the sides arent so bad, i mean i just need to take viagra before sex but its okay

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Going bald, I'm ready to chop this shit off and go bear mode with a beard.

Still bette than no hair, faggot.

>tfw taking free homeopathic medicine to regain that hairline

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no it literally isnt you coping moron

w-what i-is it user?

You do realize this is just a meme, right? Everyone will tell you you’re balding and you should shave your head no matter what your hairline looks like if you post it here.

I'm the coping one? This man is just one graft away from having a good hairline. This guy is literally fine I'm sure you are one hell of a ugly bald retard.

true but the advice is legit if you are legitimately a whispy haired cunt

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>if i get a hair transplant, take dick killing pills and never get my hair wet women will eventually fancy me


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It's not.

not my fault you have shit genetics you nasty subhuman

Here's my hairline. I'm thinning on the front. You can slighty see it if you look up close or if you shed a light on top of my head. I've obviously inherited my dad's balding pattern. I've been on minox for 3 years now. At the same age as me my dad's hairline was way worse than mine. He had literal holes. Everyone is thinning past a certain age so yeah i'm planning on keeping a good hairline until i'm at least 45-50 years old with minox and hair transplant. And hopefully there will be somthing as effective as finasteride without the sides effect on the market soon.

Fuck off.

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What's deathskull

A little work on the jaw and this guy could be Vin Diesel tier.

I fuck my hand very passionately, does that count?

so you're not on fin?
I personally think minox isn't bad if your scalp can tolerate. Problem is, theres plenty of things that are just as effective as 2% (and sometimes 5%) minox.

myself, have a nw2 hairline but everything else is solid. I dermaroll and apply antiandrogens and vasodilators.

waiting for HCell and replica to be cheap

a skull which is shaped as such that when shaved drops your looks points by 5 points

I don't get it. He looks fine.


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Is it an ongoing thing? Like, do you have to take it forever or risk losing it? My hair isn't really visibly balding to anyone but me, but it'd be nice to get ahead of the curve (rather than this guy who was beyond the point of no return)

yeah, if you stop it you get a mega shed

No, i'm not. I'm too scared, it's not even sold in my country and the only doctors I have seen din't know much about it and told me to not do it.

I have a dermaroller at home. You think it's very effective? Should I add something or minox is enough?

I'm probably going to do hair transplant next year. I feel like it's better to do the first hair transplant before it's getting visible. And yeah, i'll also wait for something good for hairloss.

Given the side effects, that seems totally pointless.

you should definitely begin derma rolling,


It helps the absorbance of topicals and it potentially regrows hair itself by increased WNT.

So good things to add to minox:
-RU (but not if you're dermarolling)
-Cetrizine @ 1% conc
- Rasberry ketones @ 0.01% conc
- Peppermint oil
- Rosemary oil

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>Who you callin' pinhead?

some people have had success from weening off of minox but staying on fin but generally they still shed.

coming off of fin and using RU seems to maintain the hair though

Cetrizine or Cetirizine?

apologies, Cetirizine


It's the same as the pills for allergy?

Wait, is really thick cum supposed to be the norm? [spoiler]I've seen my boyfriend's and it's like really thick and almost snotty looking.[/spoiler]

yes and thats how must people get it, its cheap and water soluble so you cant dissolve it in water

theres a few tutorials on the internet on how to make the solution

Thanks i'll look at that.

So was polio you stupid faggot

I just saw a guy on the subway with almost this bad of a cranium.

Don't be philipino or whatever that guy is then

i just checked instagram and there is absolutely no guy without great hair on there.

is it actually physically impossible to look "beautiful" as a bald man?
sure, one could play niche game and take the "alpha tough guy" route aka the rock or just become rich and alpha aka jeff bezos but it seems like it is actually objectively and unironically impossible to be actually aesthetic aka beautiful aka david gandy aka lachowski

is it over?

How do I achieve Angry Retarded Spock Mode?

>just shave your hair bro

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Well shaving your head doesn't make you any less ugly my dude.

>just shave it off bro

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you fucking disgusting turk

>had a big beautiful afro eight years ago
>now have short hair and thinning a fuckton on the front

just kill me

Top fucking kek

Shave all the rest your your "mustache" and "beard". That's baby fuzz. It looks horrible. Go clean shaven.

I had long hair for years. When it started thinning, I looked like a creepy pedophile. So, one day, I just shaved it all off. One of the scariest fucking days of my life.

But I've got a nice head, and being shaven looks great with my face shape, too. It's all good. I can also pull off a Jason Statham-style buzz just fine.

We're all gonna make it.

from cuck to serial killer

You're not even receding you fucking retard. JFC stop browsing fit so much.

gee i wonder

only choice is to grow a giant dirty beard to hide that face of yours


MORE INFO ON 14.4.2018.

>Being a fucking skullet

When will they learn ?

I thought so too but the expected retail is $100 for 3 month supply

God I hope a cheap DGLA supply comes soon

>expected retail is $100 for 3 month supply

I pay more for RU and fin right now so I'd be glad to pay 33$ per month for something that's even more effective.


One for you to get excited about;

>"RiverTown Therapeutics Inc. – RT1640 is composed of minoxidil, cyclosporine-A, and a novel drug RT175. This compound has been developed by the founder of RiverTown Therapeutics Inc., David Weinstein MD, PhD. In a phase 1 trial, 100% of the people who used the treatment had satisfactory hair growth and, reportedly, several people had complete hair regeneration. RiverTown Therapeutics debuted their fantastic hair growth results on Follicle Thought. The three agents in RT1640 act on distinct pathways of AGA and synergize to promote the growth and maintenance of hair follicles. RT1640 also reanimates the melanocytic progenitor cells which give hair its color, hence, RT1640 is said to restore pigment to regenerated hair as well. Interestingly enough, RT1640 was brought to life through its founder’s personal interest in restoring his hair growth."

>the "I try too hard to look manly" mustache

Haven't heard of it before. When can we expect this magic potion on the market?

La luz estinguida...

Currently raising funds for a Phase 1B/2A study in 2017. So probably 5 years

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Pffff. In 5 years I will have my NW0 back thanks to St. Brotzu. Doubt it will be cheaper than 33$/month either.

years ago
>tfw egghead

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I hope so user, I really do

He looks way more dominant and intimidating.

The rule of thumb is ifor you're naturally ugly, just look as unfuckwithable as possible. It's what every Slavic guy does

when will headlets learn??

I guess I can see that for myself, I shaved years ago and while before I used to be approachable and welcoming now police warns me not to cause trouble when there is an anarchists gathering nearby

what is it with bald dudes with some muscles that instantly makes them look like they do gay porn?

This. Before I had a good haircut, I used to do this. Looking intimidating has its merits too, but you need the face for that. Some girls dig the dangerous-looking man, doesnt hurt to practice martial arts too.
(Beard and shaved head - you look manlier and wiser)

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Why are there so many threads about baldness on this board? How are they fit related?

Maybe you're projecting.

David Gandy is NW2 though user

that's pattern recognition kicking in from all the gay porn you watch

t1 has a killer jaw mang

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"Shave your head" only works if you have a normal skull and don't look like a serial killer mutt regardless of hair.

You went from dirty dan to pinhead Larry

shit tier skull

Thats meat not bone

Remove the pedo stache too