Why should i become vegan?

why should i become vegan?

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Because it's healthier, you'll live longer based on averages, and you won't get heart disease from overconsuming cholesterol and processed garbage. It's basically a middle finger to how fucked up our society's corporate greed.

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didnt a famous vegan doctor just die of a heartattack


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I don't know user, did a famous vegan doctor die of a heart attack?

because you're a worthless piece of shit who doesn't deserve to be happy


sounds like some sort of new age cookie cutter buzz word.

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Ayy lmao is starting to look a little chunky

question: where do vegans get all their potassium from?

I find that's one of the hardest nutrients to get enough of in one day

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Fucking finally since his lean body looked disgusting.



so you eat like 12 a day ... or what?

is that your only argument against not killing animals?
>that one vegan...
you fucks are pathetic

nigger theres a fucking youtube seminar of a guy who studied heart disease in vegans

Yeah that 160kg bench of mine at 95kg must be right on the verge of me sucking some bro knob.

el goblino...

Pescatarians live the longest. Stick to fish OP.

and what did he find?

Because supporting the meat industry is supporting torture and the destruction of the environment while also constructing super bugs due to over consumption of anti biotics

that a lot of vegans still die of heart disease at young ages

I meant "why?"

This is just a genuine guess but I'd bet the overconsumption of carbs increased inflammation and regardless of how little plaque build up there is, it's still magnified due to the increased carb intake in most vegans

kind of begs the question, is a "keto vegan" the healthiest diet if you keep your fat intake in check?

it's all the perks of ketosis and veganism together without the carbs and sugar

How would you even accomplish that

A lot of vegans still eat really shitty, processed food. There's no promise of health just because of veganism. Just cutting out animal products but not taking the time to educate yourself on nutrition, and then actually make it work for you, is not uncommon in my experience.

think of the children

basically an all vegetable diet except you limit your sugar and carbs below the amount that knocks you out of ketosis

meaning you couldn't have more than a few berries a day, and you stick to vegetables that are low in carbs

You'd have to eat an insane amount of veggies. And like, shots of olive oil. If you could make it work itd probably be alright

>You'd have to eat an insane amount of veggies

yes, I'd imagine you would practically live at your locally farmers market

MFW Dietary Cholesterol doesn't effect serum cholesterol

la creatura...

said the golem as he was eating tranny asshole

he got fat long ass time ago, but it's not a suprise since his lazy ass "wife" won't eat anything else besides doughnuts and deep fried shit from expensive vegan restaurant

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Non vegan here but that's a pretty shit cope strategy.
I wonder how many meat eaters carked it from a heart invasion.


Weird question. I think of potassium as one of the perks of a vegan diet. Plant foods are full of it and meat typically isn't. Eat legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

>listening to a guy who decided to chop his dick off

No it's because vegans didn't use to supplement B12, which led to high homeocystine levels and vascular inflammation. It's common knowlege today to supplement B12 so it's no longer an issue, and as we can see in the research vegans have lower incidence of CVD. Case closed.

>Should I become a vegan
If you actually consider becoming a vegan even for one second you’re a pussysass bitch and you should fucking kill yourself

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masculinity counter signaling there bud

You likely don't need as much as the RDA is set at but bananas, greens, potatoes, coconut water etc. are all high.

And we all know its because he's a slave to his fat, ugly unhealthy looking girlfriend

I have a friend that finished medical school. He was told by his teachers that most vegans are malnourished, since their diet is so shit and the blood tests confirm this. So whatever reason someone has to be vegan, it’s painfully retarded. If it’s for health, you dun goofed. If it’s for politics, your iq is at room temperature.

You are so fucking retarded. You spout anecdotes with absolutely no proof when reality demonstrates how wrong you are.
The objective of this article is to present to physicians an update on plant-based diets. Concerns about the rising cost of health care are being voiced nationwide, even as unhealthy lifestyles are contributing to the spread of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. For these reasons, physicians looking for cost-effective interventions to improve health outcomes are becoming more involved in helping their patients adopt healthier lifestyles. Healthy eating may be best achieved with a plant-based diet, which we define as a regimen that encourages whole, plant-based foods and discourages meats, dairy products, and eggs as well as all refined and processed foods. We present a case study as an example of the potential health benefits of such a diet. Research shows that plant-based diets are cost-effective, low-risk interventions that may lower body mass index, blood pressure, HbA1C, and cholesterol levels. They may also reduce the number of medications needed to treat chronic diseases and lower ischemic heart disease mortality rates. Physicians should consider recommending a plant-based diet to all their patients, especially those with high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or obesity.

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Why not stop associating being vegan with a lifestyle.
Eg, soyboy, liberal, beta cuck.]

not some relegation.
Ill eat vegan like 2-3 days a week and then ill have a $30 stake on another day as i enjoy it, I also enjoy tofu and slit pea lentil soup. Am I a soy boy, a animal right activist, do i tell all my mates I enjoy being vegan, do i debate people?

no.... I just do it because ive look at the clinical studies that say eating large amounts of animal protein is linked to loads of cancers. Have i reduced my meat intake-yes am i healthier as a result of eaing loads of veg- yes are my shits glorious- yes am i morally superior to others because of what i eat? - NO

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How in the world does meat and dairy contain a lot of potassium? what are you talking about

They die SIGNIFICANTLY less from heart disease. Like a LOT less. And they die from over consumation of saturated fat from oils and icecream

You should, it has many benefits. Greater health, longevity, more energy. Higher testosterone, believe it or not. It's also the single greatest thing you can do to help the enviroment. Sorting all your trash, composting and minimizing your water use for a WEEK is roughly the same as skipping ONE burger in terms of CO2 emission and energy use.

Of course, there is a but. You are gonna have to learn vegan recipes, and get mocked by a mongolian yak herding forum. So you won't do it, because you are a bitch who is not REALLY trying to be the best and healthiest version of yourself, not when it means actual change and sacrifice. So keep pretending "vegan means ure a KEK!" is a solid argument and do the world at least the ONE benefit of being a meat eater: Die earlier.

>Because it's healthier
don't care
>you'll live longer based on averages
don't care
>you won't get heart disease from overconsuming cholesterol
I'll take my chances
>It's basically a middle finger to how fucked up our society's corporate greed
muh corporate greed.
rather have a delicious meal every other day than looking like el goblino

>Because it's healthier
don't care

Honestly this is the best argument for less meat conumption

>It's basically a middle finger to how fucked up our society's corporate greed
muh corporate greed.
rather have a delicious meal every other day than looking like el goblino

Ths is where i tell the communists to go fuck themselves and this is why they whole soyboy thing as a meme. eating some vegan food shouldnt make me a fucking communist and im tired of being associated with these fucks for eating some fucking tofu ramen for fuck sake.

Unless we're talking about short periods (1-2 mths), there are better ways to starve yourself to death

>I'd rather be a good goy
Of course

Nigga, are you retarded? There's lots of potassium in pretty much every vegetable or fruit.

haha, yea nuts and avocado doesn't exist :)))

Virgin stains is an absolute state

You do realize doctors have no education in nutrition so their "advice" is about as good as that keto fanatic in your family

Why have I lost a taste for eggs? I sometimes once every few weeks eat them purely because I remember loving them as a kid. They just taste like shit now no matter how I prepare them. Every other breakfast food tastes great still.

t. hambeast.

I gained 18 kg on a vegan diet, and I didn't even get a stroke which a meatcuck would have.

Have fun with your B12 deficiency lad. Daily reminder it won't show up for a few years but once it does you'll be on supplments that come from animals anyway

your level of retardation is very impressive

>0 refutation
nice argument you got there kid. Enjoy your alfalfa and tofu until you start getting the shakes.


eggs on their own make me want to vomit, has to be paired with something else like a breakfast sandwich. Maybe that's just me though.

I would say don't limit what you're allowed to choose for yourself based on the rules of a cult like veganism. Use your brain and make up your own mind on what you should or shouldn't choose and keep reading because it probably applies to you.

OP is probably white, I'm mixed but I was thinking why should white people care about society, the environment, or any of this other bullshit that people say is important. According to the media they have absolutely no chance of not becoming extinct, so why the fuck does it matter if whatever happens?

Good point, according to most media, studies and even just plain logic, whites will not exist in a few hundred years. why tf should we care what we leave behind? lel.

B12 supps are animal products, a lot of vegans dont fucking take them because they're retarded

>So keep pretending "vegan means ure a KEK!" is a solid argument and do the world at least the ONE benefit of being a meat eater: Die earlier.

Imagine being this fucking embittered toward 99% of the human population who arent vegans
literally telling people you hope they die because of how they eat

veganism is a cult, nothing more, no more or less valid than scientology

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Vegetarians are ~2% and vegans ~0.5% of the population. Twice as likely as omnivores to be politically liberal. The vast majority of them eventually return to eating meat. Almost one-third of them reported specific health-related symptoms and only about one-third of former vegetarians/vegans stated interest in returning to vegetarianism/veganism.

High-fiber diets may reduce the half-life of vitamin D3 in blood plasma.

A study of German vegans shows that their diet is deficient in vitamin B12, which may negatively impact their cardiovascular health.

Health aspects of vegetarianism should be considered in the light of possible damaging effects arising from vitamin B-12 deficiency and hyperhomocysteinemia.

Blood plasma levels of omega-3 fatty acids are lower in vegetarians than they are in omnivores.

Vegetarians are more prone to having iodine deficiency.

Vegetarian diets reduce testosterone in men. This study used a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, and not the more strict vegan diet.

Supplementation of creatine improves cognitive functions of vegetarians, but does not do so in omnivores, suggesting that the lack of creatine in a vegetarian diet may cause a suppresed cognitive function.

Vegetarian diets are especially dangerous to children and to nursing or expectant mothers. Some case studies:

stop shilling your fucking videos

yeah, I love mercury too

>veganism is a cult, nothing more, no more or less valid than scientology

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Encourage non-Europeans to eat more animal products and Europeans and Japanese to eat less animal products. This way the right people will die.

>that guy reposting the same cherrypicked links even after it's pointed out to him how they don't say what he claims they do

Pretty much this. It's the same as pushing abortion propaganda in developed countries while at the same time wasting money to enable people in third world countries to have 5 children.

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>because its healthier
Never supported by experimental research. What has been supported by experimental research is lacto-ovum and mediterannean diet, both of which are non-vegan
>you'll live longer based on averages
Never supported by experimental research. Vegans are more health conscious in general, their diet is as likely a cause as it their higher than average rates of exercise and lower than average rates of smoking or drinking
>wont get heart disease from overconsuming cholesterol
Experimental research has shown that overeating is the problem in virtually all measures of cardiovascular health, and that not overconsuming on diets which primarily consist of fat and meat ameliorates the deleterious effects of things like cholesterol
>processed garbage
Experimental research shows the largest issue with processed food is that it is frequently more calorie dense that unprocessed alternatives, especially in carbs, but yes you have a point here, finally
>its basically a middle finger to how fucked up our society's corporate greed is
Yes, because eating a diet that literally cannot be sustained naturally and relies on heavily subsidized markets that overproduce and destroy the environment, and frequent trends that deprive indigenous populations of their staple foods, and is fundamentally and functionally a consumer-based, consumer-focused movement designed to make an industry money is being SOOOOO subversive to corporate greed.

If you ate more fish, you'd have more omega 3 and a better developed and healthier brain, and you could analyze this shit with some scrutiny instead of just regurgitating whatever bullshit made your fee-fees twinkle when you were getting off on the ego trip.

>eating a diet that literally cannot be sustained naturally and relies on heavily subsidized markets that overproduce and destroy the environment
.... meat?

0 argumentation. You vegans in your brain fog haze could do with some animal nutrients, they will help you put together a coherent response to my points.
Tell me again where you're going to get the countless vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, fats and particularly B12 that is/are only found in animal tissue that we are clearly supposed to eat due to our digestive tract?
If we're supposed to eat only plants why do we only have one stomach.

>Tell me again where you're going to get the countless vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, fats
plants, and b12 from fortified foods since we don't get it from contaminated water like most animals do.
>If we're supposed to eat only plants why do we only have one stomach.
because we're not ruminants, the one type of herbivore that has 4 stomachs.

please go back to rebbit


"healthier" if you compare to retarded that live of fast food and eat like shit their whole lifes, i grew up eating like shit and after i realized how i would look/feel when i get older i started eating my veggies and experiencing more on the kitchen, a well balanced diet is much healthier and pratical than a vegan one, i eat about 300g of meat a day and about 1kg of mixed veggies/legimes/beans, all my exams are fine and i feel awesome

No, ultra processed vegan products. If you aren't a raw vegan who grows your own food you still have no idea what's going into your body.

oh, so you were going for a strawman and ironically brought up a major environmental argument against meat

>I want to live longer as a frail goblin

Nothing is sustainable naturally at the current state we’re in

And if you’re advocating for fishing because you thinks it’s more sustainable you’re just as retarded as fishermen in the 1800s who thought fish were infinite. Over fishing is a thing dumbass

different diets can be considered technologies as such eat different diet is system engineered to design a different variety or "product" of health they can be used with the study of epigenetics to analyze the different kinds of human evolution so in a sense a diet can be dangerous and beneficial but to use a diet beneficially you have to be educated on metabolism physiology neuropathy and nutrition and farming and all sorts of things, so its easier to try and put mass population on a vegan diet for obvious and worn out long winded reasons, but just because a vegan diet is generally beneficial and sometimes even a lifesaver it should not discourage you from trying other diets as well, depending on your individual physical needs which you should learn more about.

Tl;dr Vegan diet is great! is shouldn't be an organized religion and is not a necessary "revolution" anywhere

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this meme still going
veganism i mean

Imagine looking this good when you're 30 years old!

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'Fortified foods' ie completely unnatural products.
have to fuck with the shit you eat in a laboratory to even have critical nutrients in your diet at all
incredible that anybody can fall for this shit, let alone people on Jow Forums a board about building fucking muscles


>drinking your own piss to get nutrients
b-but it's healthier! t. vegans

PS have fun finding your 'fortified foods' in any sort of emergency or survival situation.
PPS 80%+ of vegans return to eating meat in their lives. Wonder why that could be

Wow, a whole 32 years old and she looks *that* good? wtf I better be vegan now...
t. brainlet cult members.

even milk and salt are fortified. b12 supplement is another option, unless you want to go all natural and drink untreated well water or eat dirty vegetables with shit still on them. as far as unnatural, it's no more unnatural than the farming operation you get your meat from where they also supplement the animals with b12.

nice videos by a guy who stares into the sun because he thinks it gives him superpowers.

>PPS 80%+ of vegans return to eating meat in their lives. Wonder why that could be
because 80%+ of people who try any diet quit the diet. that's why america is one of the most obese countries in the world. good job, meat.

Wow 3 options. How versatile

longer life expectancy
less likely to develop cancer & cardiovascular disease
obvious ethics on life and death
reducing carbon footprint

can be a bit more expensive without proper planning
difficult for a lot of people to say they don't eat animal products in a room full of people who do. Most people would rather conform than stand up for something they know is right

Nothing has convinced me never to go anywhere near veganism like vegans have. They are the creepiest set of people, seriously, reading through the comments on youtube of vegan people, or even on Jow Forums which seems to be their latest target of ruthless shilling, they are actually very angry and insecure people, they would be scary if it weren't for the fact they are all weak and sick all the time.

There are even comments itt from vegans literally saying meat eaters deserve to die. How is that compassionate and beautiful, like they market themselves? Where's their love for their fellow human?

They also have a really fucked up tendency to want to absorb more members, much like hardcore christians they will do fucking anything to convert you, and if you don't want to be converted they start getting really, really angry with you...
so nothing's convinced me it's a bad idea like vegans themselves have.. haha

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kys haha

>lel vegans are stupid
>i know nothing about their diet but I'm going to continue posting retarded comments in an effort to turn people away from a diet that needs to become the norm if I want the planet I'm living on to stay habitable
>lel, you ever notice how vegans are mad all the time? look at all these angry comments, totally unprovoked

>bit more expensive
not at all it is cheap as fuck i get my beans for 20 cents a can
>difficult for a lot of people to say they don't eat animal products in a room full of people who do
not unless you have been lifting and mog all of them

>stretching before working out

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