Military Jow Forums & Broken dreams edition

Anyone here training for military enlistment/ROTC or already in one of the five branches what is the gym situation like also story time,

Trying out for SEALs or Diver/SO, shipping out in six months on my normal rate.
>Apparently to even GET into the program/BUDs you need to tryout in a football team style draft, which consists of a circuit style physical test minimums of 12:30 500 yard sidestroke swim 50 pushups/situps, 10 pullups and a 1.5 mile run in under 10:30 but you need to get higher then that to get past the draft.
>The class is being held at a local YMCA, I'm the new guy everyone else there has their SEAL, EOD or diver contracts but still must attend before shipping out for the PT segment.
>There were two proctors for the test, a cut as chiseled marble retired SEAL who I will I just call Guile (and had nearly the same hair cut) and a rescue swimmer who looked a lot like
would turn even pussy slayer Chad into a Jow Forums virgin.
>Did terrible on the swim, barely passed at 12:22, expended nearly all my strength because my stroke needed work.
>Felt like a wet noodle coming out of the pool, unsurprisingly I failed everything else got like 37/61 pushups/situps barely could do a single pullup and shitty time on the run.
>We still had to do PT afterwards, which consisted of bear walks, more pushups and wheelbarrows.
>Buddy up, being the odd one out Guile was my "buddy" and was already short with me for missing mark on pushups.
>Doing set of Wheelbarrows with Guile holding my legs goungmy arms start feeling like lava and give out I hit the grass.
>Feel especially shit because these guys are waiting in pushup rest position for me to finish.
>Finally finish the PT, the other applicants were like, "don't worry bro everyone does shit on their first PST".
Going back tomorrow.

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Sounds like it went well man. They're trying to help you. Keep at it.

Ex-Navy rescue swimmer here. Keep training and don't get discouraged the PT will get easier as time goes on. Best of luck user.

>rescue swimmer
lol so you went to.florida for a few weeks and then had nothing to do with rescuing anyone and lost all relavence until certification?

Enjoy chipping paint you weak fuck

I'm training for the NZ Army (infantry) and I've dropped trying to get swole. I'm just running Greyskull lp to have overall strength and I'm going hard on cardio exercises. Any of y'all got any tips for me? I got 8 months ish

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I think that was just to shock me. They can't actually change your rate.. can they?

Just run, and swim like really no less then 6miles a week at aprox 7:30 pace on a track (treadmills don't give you good running habits, soft track to save your knees). The strength part is really not as important vs endurance. Should be easy for you Wellington has a shit ton of hills to run up. You really cannot overdo the cardio.

You can wash out and be conventional. You lose your bonuses, advancement and basically hate life until you realize that Operations was the way to go all along.

The USN will not set you up for success, no matter your rate or NEC. If you want to make it, read the instruction/directive and requirements. If you want to be OPERATOR, be prepared to pushed. You will fail when you're ready to fail.
t. BUD/S dud, turned SAR

Does the military actually reject people for non-health reasons? I thought they just forced people to get in shape

If you want to do special forces, you generally need to be IN shape before entering into these programs. Its not a rejection if you don't make the cut then you get sent to your regular job whatever that may be.

Must suck to be you OPO, even this tranny can make it into the paratroopers.

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I just finished Navy OCS a few months ago. Shits pretty easy physically. All you need on the PRT to graduate and commission is a good low. For 20-24 males that's 58 sit ups, 47 pushups, and a 12:00 mile and a half. Easy day, if you cant score excellent low or higher you should consider suicide.

Gym situation isn't bad here in Newport. OCS rolls in like 50 deep and shits up the weight room once or twice a week but they're out by 0615. The Naval academy fat camp is a much bigger problem if you're trying to lift after work. 4 squat racks, 2 Olympic mats, 2 sets of dumbbells and an indoor track. Gym is good enough for me

Yeah if you fail a physical evolution at OCS you roll back 3 weeks in training
Fail it twice you go home. Can get dropped from the program for integrity/officer-like qualities issues too.

Sup brother officer. Class? LTJG from 12-15. Is Gunny Hager still there?

OP here, mad that I'm too old to apply to the academy and/or Primary Flight.

Wow, holy shit. At USMC OCS the average was like 100 situps in two minutes, 20 pullups and a 19:00 three mile run time.

typical soldier

>going nuke
don't fall for the nuke meme

Unless you are a perfect human specimen, you would probably get DQ'd from flight. I recommend checking out Navy's Supply Corps or Seabees (CEC) if you're interested in a community that will teach you skills for when you transition out.

That's funny because I was stationed in Kings Bay, GA and all the nukes were fat and bad at PT. I don't think they can change your rate like that. Still, straighten up.

I have a college degree, am fit, and have no criminal record. I was in the news over some tabloid stories which proved to be false. Could i still join the military?

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Are you already in the Army or nah?

>Used to be in the army
>been getting pain in ankles and knees recently
>see doc
>mite b arthritis, no training legs or running
>I’m 23

Not even once kids.

that sounds terrifying and awesome at the same time. best of luck, user. i have similar aspirations, but first i have to be not fat.

Air Force fag reporting in, stationed in Malmstrom, MT. On this day, I have been in one year. Pic related is my dorm, shit is all over the floor because of a party recently so forgive that.

I'll answer questions if any of you fags have them.

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>I was in the news over some tabloid stories which proved to be false.
Top kek, it's story time user.

Anyway, it depends on (A) how big the story was and what it entailed and (B) what you aim to do in the military. 99% of jobs require at least a secret clearance, and those are jokes to get. If you want a job with a top secret they actually do delve into all of your shit before they clear you, so that might come up.

what is your mode of transportation? hoe often do you go out and do things non military related?

>developing arthritis in the military

How true and common is this? Are these for the people that go in physically unfit or is this just a regular thing? Was considering going into the army if other options don't pan out.

I have a car.

You're doing non-military shit pretty much all the time you're not on duty. Basically, I go to work. Then I get off and do whatever. Usually go to the gym for 2 hours, go to my room, play video games, watch movies, party, whatever. Mostly party. I never drank before the military, now I'm a borderline alcoholic.

Other branches, especially where you're put in barracks, make you do military shit all the fucking time. The Air Force, Coast Guard, and some Army jobs are very lenient as long as you and your squadron prove you can handle the freedom.

You don't have fucking arthritis you fucking hypocondriactic fuck. You probably had shin splints or some other stress related injury because you never ran before.

thanks. how many of you guys have motorcycles?

Basically the news media took a joke out of context and branded me as an alt right type person but it was never substantiated and i apologized for the joke. I have no connection with any right groups and I’m actually pretty liberal. Anyway i just want a normal job in the military because my uni degree is useless and I’m bored not working.

In Montana? Not that many because of the shit weather.

I know a couple guys, I believe all you have to do if you're interested in riding one is attend a safety briefing. After that they don't give a fuck.

What about marines? I'm thinking about enlisting.

That probably doesn't mean shit. Don't tell a recruiter, if they ask about it explain it. If all else fails and you're really desperate to join, the muhrines will take dead bodies at this point.

I know literal criminals who got into the Army and shit, so you're probably good though.

Top kek, the Marines is as military as it gets. Let me explain:
>Tech school, basically where Airmen go to learn their career
>EVERY morning and afternoon, we had formations
>Formations are basically meetings between the whole squadron where you're forced to stand around and waste time, you always must be early while the leadership briefing is literally always late
>This only happened in the Air Force during tech school and basic training
And guess what? The Marines do that shit even after A school and basic. You do that shit forever. Even when you get promoted to NCO and you can move to off-base housing, you still have to go. It is a colossal waste of time, but fuck your life you have to do it.

Not trying to discourage you from joining anything, but if the military lifestyle sounds like it blows the Marines is the last branch you wanna go to.

Fair enough. I'm not smart enough to do anything that even remotely interests me in the Air Force, Navy, or Coast Guard. Army and Marines seem like they'd be good for me. I've grown up with hard-ass sports coaches and don't want to get a desk job too soon, so being a grunt for a while doesn't sound like a bad option for me.

A question for any military guys here

How likely is this plan to succeed?

>enlist in the army/air force
>choose a job that has an opportunity to translate into civilian life
>try my best to get stationed in Europe (have a lot of extended family there, my girlfriend is studying in Norway so win/win)
>save at least $50,000 over the course of my 4 year stint
>possibly re-enlist if I like it enough, else take my $50k and get a decent civilian job

Do you have any other community recommendations?

Not the same user but I am a full time engineer (starting working straight out of college but I'm looking to talk to a recruiter about becoming a commissioned officer). Was looking into NFO/Pilot/somewhere in Aviation but I've always heard getting in is super tough. I think I can kill the ASTB-E but my college gpa wasn't great.

Seabees seems cool. I kind've wanna get out of Engineering.

Are Corpsmen all enlisted?

There are plenty of dumbasses in the Air Force. Believe me.

And just because you join the Air Force doesn't mean you'll be a desk jockey, and just because you join the Marines/Army doesn't mean you'll be a grunt.

I'm an X2, nuke maintainer. I have literally never been behind a desk, or been offered a desk job. My career field also doesn't need a high ASVAB score to lock it, I took it because I thought it sounded cool.

Anyway man, shop around. Don't let a Marine sit there and BS you into their cult if you don't wanna join. I know several Marines, all of them chose to get out after their enlistment. I have several friends in the Air Force, a lot of us choose to stay in and get out. Its like 50/50. That should tell you something.

>enlist in the army/air force
>choose a job that has an opportunity to translate into civilian life
Top kek. Jobs don't really translate, they look good on resumes but you still need school generally to go along with it.
>try my best to get stationed in Europe (have a lot of extended family there, my girlfriend is studying in Norway so win/win)
They call your locations list a "dream sheet" because you fill out where you wanna go, then you keep on dreaming. You could get sent damn near anywhere, I personally don't think they even look at that shit.
>save at least $50,000 over the course of my 4 year stint
Top kek. You don't make any money as a lowly E1-E3. Which is about where you'll be through 4 years. You'll also meet alcoholics who wanna drink, party, and fuck all the time. And you will do it too. Such is the way. So in other words, your paycheck will go to alcohol. Just accept that.
>possibly re-enlist if I like it enough, else take my $50k and get a decent civilian job

Congrats on your reading comprehension you retard fuck, the doctor suggested it could be arthritis (pending tests). I was a dumb grunt I don’t know shit about joints.

I don’t think it’s that common, I just got a few lower leg injuries and the army’s version of health care is take some painkillers and you’ll be fine. Maybe not so great for your body pack marching on a twisted knee, you can get away with it but it catches up in the end.

Enlisted in the air force. Currently stationed overseas in Europe. Been deployed to Iraq, got some dope ass tdys (been too greece, morocco, and Israel) I am going on another deployment in a few weeks to an (undisclosed) isis infested shithole. Shits pretty chill make so much money on these and you don't get shot at it. Relatively safe compared to The army or marine corps who literally signed up to be shot at. The AF honestly is the goat branch to be in. Ama

Ok cool thanks for the encouragement man i appreciate it

Yo, I know some sof guys browse fit. Any tips/tricks for someone wanting to crush RASP? I heard in some recent classes they only did 1 day of log pt.

Is it hard to stay in 20 years as an officer?

What about enlisted?

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>i apologized for the joke. I have no connection with any right groups and I’m actually pretty liberal.

Good for you.

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Just don't quit. Make up your mind BEFORE you fucking go to selection. Same with SFAS or any other selection process, make up your mind beforehand that you will never, ever quit.

It's like 80% mental, 20% physical. Obviously you should already be easily maxing APFT, maxing pullups, etc. before you show up.

It's not bad at all depending on MOS. I work from either 6:30 or 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM then I'm off after that as an air winger.

Don't listen to a fucking airman about what the marines is like.

I’ve been out of the AF for quite a while but I’ll throw out my take.

How likely?
Not likely at all.

I scored a high skill, challenging job that transferred to a civilian job... 20 years before I enlisted. Ended up being useless upon separation, the notion that the military has high tech cutting edge stuff is mostly a myth.

I volunteered for “overseas” because I wanted to get away from my shitty-ass hometown and see neat places like Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea, etc. I got stationed in Alaska for my entire enlistment, which is considered to be “overseas”

Saving $50K? I guess it’s possible. You’ll be making $20-26K base pay, so you’ll have to set aside a large portion of a tiny paycheck. You’ll be surrounded by idiots who will spend all of theirs well before the next payday, so you’ll need the ability to not follow that herd.

Yeah, lifting moderate with more emphasis on running and cardio. 92 push, 95 sit, 18 dead hang atm. No accurate 2 mile time.

>my girlfriend is studying in Norway so win/win
your "girlfriend" is fucking other guys, and will be unpleasantly surprised if you show up. if you make the mistake of actually appearing in person she'll be forced to explicitly dump you to go back to the cock carousel

Can someone explain to me how the military testing works? I took a practice test at a recruitment office and got a 78.

You did better than 78% of people who took the test recently

Thoughts on the navy?

I'm 23 and trying to get into the army, will I be old as fuck compared to everyone else in basic?

The ASVAB? Usually whatever you score on a practice, you score higher on the real one. I think I got like a 70 on my practice, and got a 75 for real.

It is basically a bunch of BS rolled into one long ass test for the military to know what you're good at. Do they actually follow the information? FUCK no. I scored abysmally low on the mechanical aspect of the test, and they made me a maintainer.

If you don't mind being underway it won't be bad.

I'm Air Force, and I honestly sometimes regret not going Navy. Way more culture, history, and opportunity to deploy there. Then again my job is kushy, I can't complain.

I was 23 when I went to USMC boot camp

It's alright, you'll be more mature than most of your rank, but you'll probably just wind up chilling with corporals and sergeants off the clock anyway

My nation's army told me to fuck of for BS "medical" reasons so it's French Foreign Legion time for me, gonna give it a few months more training then try out for it.

Anyone got tips for pull ups?

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Negatives if you suck. No kipping under ANY circumstances. Alternate grips, but primarily focus on hang time with the grip the FFL uses.
Once you hit 10 dead hang, I would suggest doing weighted pull ups. There are many programs that help, such as armstrong and greasing the groove. When your pull ups go up, your push ups will too. No quit faggot.

Most people in are 18-19, you will get shit for it.

.t 24 and called grandpa by the youngsters.

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Yeah but you could always be cool uncle and give them alcohol, right?


depends on how desperate your country is for cannon fodder but in general:
>mental illness
>disrespecting recruiters
>turning up to recruiting office looking like shit
>being too dumb
>being too short (even if you're above the minimum recruiters generally discriminate against below-average height guys)
>criminal record
>bad school reports
In Aus even infantry is really fucking hard to get in to

idk what kind of fucking airwinger you are, but over here in a Harrier squadrons we work 12-14 hours ON A DAILY, and sometimes even weekends... this shit fucking sucks, don't join the airwing, in a matter of fact don't join the Marine Corps..... fuck not even the military, go to college and get an education, or just learn a trade and get a high paying job, trust me

please, this man is an incel not a retard
tell him to go to r9k

Maybe saving the money is realistic. It's pretty easy to get by while saving ~85% of your base pay.

Base request is possible but unlikely, though most people would prefer to stay in the U.S. so it's not a horrible shot.

Very, very few MOSs have direct civilian job offers. MP could probably get you in easier at a PD and technological jobs might be of some civilian application, but largely you can't really do shit with military experience alone.

>tfw on ft bragg

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this desu senpai, currently a medic in the army and I love my job but there's a high likelihood of being in a medical unit (you don't want that) and the air force is a much higher quality of life.

the only people who don't realize that MPs have absolutely no shot at getting hired at a civilian PD based solely on job experience are MPs. Even the coast guard has a better chance, nobody is going to hire an ASVAB waiver with a stick up his ass who has no idea what the actual job of police officers entails.

>>tfw on ft bragg

whats that mean

that means this qt trap is my neighbor and I'm going to fuck him in his boipucci

>be a marine ocs applicant
>just diagnosed with tibial stress fracture
>8 weeks on crutches
>12 weeks before returning to normal pt
Fucking hell

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> going back tomorrow
All that matters, brother. As long as you have the ASVAB and GT scores, grit will get you everywhere.

-GySgt Hartman, FMJ


Yes. Corpsmen are enlisted.
Nurses & Doctors are officers

Rly thinking of going for this but i rly need to gym hard and get in shape anyone have any stories or experience in this field?

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FFL allow kipping tho...

I'm an ex RM commando, but from what I know it's a very competitive role

Generally the applicants will have a lot of experience swimming and diving recreationally

Anyone got any tips on going from dyel mode to SF group? Got back from Syria (volunteer), body is wrecked but I want to do cool guy shit again, not going to get to do that if regular

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Theyre messing with you, wanting to see if you break down or break through.

>Got back from Syria (volunteer)

alri ISIS

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ah shit man as a current Auschwitz mode ive rly got alot of work ahead of me

No one gives a shit if you're swole, start swimming and running

I leave for Coast Guard boot camp in a few months, am I gonna hate my life?

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will gym 3 days a week 2 swimming and 1 running be enough to make it

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You've got all your priorities backward.

2 swimming and 3 running OUTSIDE

interval training

>going from helping brown people to shooting brown people

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I'm also Bragg, user. ETS in three weeks, though.
Which is good, because if I stay in the 82nd any longer I might fucking off myself.

ah ok lads thanks for the help any recommended training programs or should i just have a look myself

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Generally MI/Tech jobs will directly translate.

Tech jobs have certification as part of the training (for example, I am a 35T and I get CompTia certifications during my AIT and we're encouraged to do further training at our unit, for free).
MI jobs usually require a TS clearance and a lot of civilian jobs/government contractors will hire you right out the door because it's cheaper to train you and renew your clearance than it is to get someone else a new clearance.

Do any kind of couch-to-5k type program to cover your introduction to not being a slow bitch. After that you'll be able to handle your running program on your own. Basically just go run.
I don't know dick about swimming, though. Google it.
The quickest way to improve your PT test is not getting swole, it's losing weight. Running a few miles or doing pull ups with twenty pounds that you don't need will make a huge difference.

>*going from wanting to shoot brown people for qt brown waifus, to just wanting to shoot brown people for fun

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The clearance benefit is legit, but the thing about military tech qualifications is that they're quite basic

A certificate you would get after 4 years in the military, you could get in 2 months in a civilian night school.

>not him
The C25K says every two days, or some shit, are those rest days super necessary?

>2nd from rights plate carrier
disgusting, it's like he wants to be shot in the heart..

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>UK police actually getting shot at

thanks for all the help bud

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Are you a couch potato? I'm too lazy to follow the thread back up so Idon't know where you're starting from.
I personally do a long run on Sunday (it's my rest day from weight lifting) and alternate between medium runs and short runs throughout the week.

Yeah the three mile time is fucking insane. The pull-ups and sit-ups are easy though