What are some dead giveaway signs of a virgin or beta? Some that I can think of off the top head are

What are some dead giveaway signs of a virgin or beta? Some that I can think of off the top head are
>speaking too quickly or mumbling
>saying "de" instead of "the"
>avoiding or having trouble maintaining eye contact
>following people around or constantly having to flock to a group

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Being afraid to use gear

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Bad posture, weak shoulders, fairy soft hands, liberal, patchy facial hair, wide hips

>wears graphic t-shirts with pop culture references (i.e. star wars, rick & morty)
>baggy/poorly fitting jeans

caring about being perceived as a virgin or beta

Makes a point to talk about sex around higher quality males.

Speaks verbose amounts to defend a position when someone appears to criticize or challenge them.

"Why did you do this?"

Le virgin:
>Well, uh, I was thinking at the time that would be the right thing to do, but I know we usually do seek managerial approval, but felt like the shipment was already delayed so that would upset the customer, so I decided we probably should give the go ahead"

>Le Chad
"I felt like it."

>that guy that listens but never adds to group conversations
>always expects somebody else to lead
>scared of eye contact
>scared of breaking the physical barrier with girls
>scared to tease or make fun of a girl to her face
>doesn't use facial expressions in conversation
>hands always in pockets
>walks looking down/5 feet in front of him
>is afraid to smile/laugh/let loose

Based on my experience

Just as likely to be far right because overcompensating.

>>saying "de" instead of "the"


haha le dae le libcucks. kill yourself

>scared of breaking the physical barrier with girls
>scared to tease or make fun of a girl to her face

do both of these frequently, still virgin lel

>is afraid to smile/laugh/let loose

not afraid to, i just find nothing funny

fuck i might be too chad for my own good:
>always talks, never listens
>expects someone to provide input or i disregard their existence
>maintain eye contact with anyone who dares to raise their head or speak
>too chad to use any one facial expression, use several to seem like i care
>hands always resting behind head
>looking level
>say what the hell i want when i want

Being skinny

>scared of breaking the physical barrier with girls
only one I might be is this. Outside of teasing and making fun of them, women confuse me. Something about how indirect they tend to be. Maybe I'm stupid or just missing something


I'm not a virgin but I still do most of the things listed itt

T. High functioning autist

I think he's referring to the autism accent

Only thing wrong in that picture is long strides. Long strides are alpha af.

>not afraid to, i just find nothing funny
holy shit this is me.
How to cure it?

>Autism accent
Elaborate. No one talks like they have autism unless they literally do have autism

>always talks, never listens
i do this in my friend convo, but only because all they talk about all the fucking time is weed

Do you know how autists talk?
Very uhhh slurry
like they move their mouth enough when saying words, and start another word before they're done with the first

Unironically though, leftists have lower test on average

beta cucks BTFO

Posture and weak shoulders i think r significant

Drug talk is fucking gay, nothing annoys me more

i dunno. i always crack jokes and make people laugh but dont laugh at anything

>tfw people say OMG user LAUGHED AT SOMETHING

i smoke rarely either to celebrate, at a party, or for wholesome horror vidya but seriously what the fuck smoking shouldn’t be its own recreational activity, like all the weird shit and rig extensions and juul pods and hearing them talk about the statistics for how lit it will get you is the worst. ill get a snap from one of them trying to impress me by opening up an envelope an envelope of oil and ill be like yeah sure nice whatever.

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>Pretend's to shave head actually bald
It's a little thin OK!

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I'm almost all of these but not a virgin


It's called autism, but you can get over it.

>get dragged to bar last friday by coworkers because one was leaving
>i dont like most of the coworkers, in fact i actively avoid them
>literally sit there for 2 hours at a table barely saying anything, just sitting there with my coworker's dog "bonding" with her
>they order a drink for me and act amazed when i drink it
>26 years old

yes i have posted this before thats how autistic virgin beta i am i repeat stories on Jow Forums

I've seen Chad do both, the fake overcompensating Chad usually does the I felt it routine more though.

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When's the last time you had sex?

If you weren't autistic virgin beta and had a possibility to do anything what would you do there?

>posting on Jow Forums

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Making threads like this.

>Finally get a date with a cute girl this saturday who likes Greek Mythology
>Wake up with fucking Bell's Palsy and can't move half my face
Fuck this fucking world, Jow Forums. Give me one reason not to end it.

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>tfw literally diagnosed with the 'spergs as a kid
It's weird, I get along with other men totally fine, women sometimes too, but trying to actually connect aint there

i dunno i guess probably talk with some people? instead i sat there nonverbal and angry face.

but then if i talk to people my autism and shut-in ness gets exposed. lose lose really

It's pretty simple: men are usually logical, women think with emotions. If you actually have even mild 'spergs it is hard to get into that "emotinally-feeling-the-moment" so it is hard to connect with them, because you are way too logical and calculate too much I think.


>scared of eye contact
>scared of breaking the physical barrier with girl
>walks looking down/5 feet in front of him

I do these. Fuck I suck so much at making eye contact. I don't know what it is, but I just feel weird looking at people. Anyone that used to have this problem know how to stop it?

>Say "or whatever" or "or something" after sentances
>Prefix sentances with "I think" or "I feel like"
>Uses phrases like "I don't really know though"
>Touches face/hair
>Say "and shit" after every sentance

I do all of this but i'm not really a virgin or whatever. I've had sex with quite a few girls I guess and a lot of them on the first date so i'm not total autist-tier. How do I stop being a beta? I would have a lot more confidence in myself but I fell for the PUA cold approach meme and got rejected HARD a few times, one in particular was bad. I am good at running game on women that I know are interested but I have nowhere to meet or interact with women anymore. Also I dress like a punk rock fag so I think I scare normies off

Wow he really got ya

>one in particular was bad

I do most of these things when I'm sober but when I'm drinking I'm a completely different person. I'm afraid I'm starting to become dependent on alcohol just to get laid every now and then

based punk rockfag

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Getting your confidence from alcohol is really sad (and beta) when you can develop that outside drinking, just do it man, be brave when you are sober and it will turn out fine.

>Prefix sentances with "I think" or "I feel like"
Nothing wrong with this one

See mumbling and filler words aren't necessarily beta, it depends on where they come from

Same lol.

he's German.

Pussy crushing takes years to masta young grasshoppah

>have to surpress my autistic urge to correct people in that liberal means less government, and that the proper term is “progressive”

Greek Mythology rymes with bells palsy.

Why don't you write a rap song about that?Give it a trap beat. Girls like that.

Lost my virginity about half a year ago and got lucky one more time within the past couple months. Only because I'm in Uni, would have no chance otherwise

You can DO BOTH.

You probably have low IQ and even lower EQ. I wouldn't be bragging about that if I were you.

Druggies make the most boring individuals on the face of this earth. They will never amount to anything, will never acomplish anything, and will either just breeze through life at the speed of light or die hungry on a street somewhere.

Are you me?
I do have a sense of humor most certainly, but i don't laugh to many things. For instance, whenever someone complains about taxes i just remind them that "the 2 inevitabilites in life are death and taxes". gets a smile out of me and a guffaw out of them, only time i laugh is when a lol-cow appears or when i get caught off guard by a particularly offensive and well timed joke, pic related from a thread that made me chuckle.
I am certainly still entertained and find many things funny (high brow mind you, for the most part) but it takes something extremely funny to get me billowing with laughter.

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i do those but only because i'm in the hornest nest (liberal arts uni) so i have to keep an eye out for vultures. I'm very forward thought so if someone shares a like mind i'm continue to move more to the right slowly to see where they draw their line.

Turns out one of the negresses was the most red-pilled individual there, believing in equal opportunity (the free market) rather than equal outcome (gimmie dats)

I was pretty much blacked out but I just remember trying to hit on girls all night at the club and I remember getting yelled at by one particular girl (don't remember what she looked like or who the fuck she was) and she yelled and called me creepy in front of everyone and was screeching for me to leave her alone and stop touching her or something, I tried explain and run some damage control but she just kept yelling and some tall guy said to just sit down I don't even remember what I did.

I do remember getting my dick grinded on by some hoe that night but I guess it probably wasn't the same girl, maybe I forgot right after and mixed up girls. Like I said I was hammered.

Thanks user

>ending sentences with "and shit"
this is my lingo, fuck you if you think that's beta.

I'm killing myself.

>Greek Mythology rymes with bells palsy.
>hurr durr Orange rhymes with potatoe
is this why rap is such a shit genre?

Why are you being so negative dude? Just trying to figure out why he can't relate with females.

I didn't even say you can't do both, just that he leans more the the IQ side, and that he can change it.


Explains themselves to strangers.

Disagreeing with me on the Internet

>implying classical small government liberal didn't start the whole progress meme by claiming to be more enlightened than the ancien regime
You reap what you sow

Not knowing the difference between “your” and “you’re”/“there”, “their”, and “they’re”/“to” “too” and “two”. It smacks of no real world experience communicating with other adult humans. Also “should of”.

No jaw/chin structure, shittyhaircut, poorly fitting clothes, Super skinny or overweight, bad posture, bad acne and skin, super pale, having a crarppy haircut like a bowlcut or fuck my shit up core

The classic “oh i’m such a different person when i drink, guys and ladies all love me because i become such a smooth talking, outgoing, funny guy!”

>Greek Mythology rymes with bells palsy.

Are you retarded?

Nailed it

So literally all UKs are virgins

>people that drag their feet
>eyes always down
>always mumble
>can't introduce themselve
>hunched shoulders

There's actually a dude i would consider to be a virgin, if not autistc.
He lets me talk over him all the time, his voice is so quiet i have to put my ear right next to his fucking mouth or demand he talk mouder just os i can hear him, he always looks down and twiddles hims thumbs, etc. He echoes the opnions of his peers intead of saying what he thinks, its so fucking pathetic. Worst part is god blessed him with aesthetic genes so he actually looks pretty good.
One time i flat out told him "you should be more confident" to which he responded as quiet as a mouse "b-but i-i am con-f-fident"

he looks just aobut like pic related but with curly hair and goldstein glasses. He's white (unfortunately) and could probably get dominated by a submissive asian, its so fucking pathetic holy shit!

Only thing I am is >scared of breaking the physical barrier with girls, how do I overcome this? I refuse to give up

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If this isn't bait. Read a book, nigger

knowing the signals.
read a book on body language.

Start with something small like how you would react physically with your friends. For example during a conversation if you find out you have something in common just be like “oh cool me too, high five”. Work up from there

That doesn't change the definition

Post face please

can't hold or form abstract ideas

>mfw I have no face

One of the biggest signs of being beta is arguing with women.
You don't tolerate bullshit and you tell them that in a nice way and tell them you wont talk to them until they're ready to be nice and sweet again and you walk away. Any arguing is just playing into their trap. doesn't matter if you're right or theyr'e wrong. Its not about logic to them.

Well then shit I'm chad as fuck.

>Get new manager
>Comes over and says I'm not doing my job right
>"You want this done on time we do it my way"
>Okay..but..well..get to it...

What if you're wrong?

>that guy that listens but never adds to group conversations

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Weasel words and general indecision

It's not a what if thing. He is definitely wrong. That's just being a pussy, afraid of having conflicts

I have literally never met a guy who has claimed that, what? Everyone knows drinking too much makes you an utter retard who ends up putting the bartender in a headlock and demanding that you fight a wall.

>getting overly defensive
Really jiggles

Literally me. How do I fix it?

>avoiding or having trouble maintaining eye contact
I can hold eye contact with cute girls easy but I struggle with guys, even friends. Is it normal ?

Start working out. Use testosterone booster (not roids, but something from a fitness shop)

Yes. Men don't need to have eye contact to talk when they are familiar with each other

fuck, forgot the pic

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