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Are there any cognitive enhancing drugs that are better than Adderall or Ritalin? I used to take one or the other liberally with caffiene to fly through getting shit done, but they don't actually make you smarter at all, and just leave you feeling like shit afterwards, and ruin your mental and physical health long term.

What are the alternatives? I heard microdosing LSD has amazing benefits. Please don't bother recommending garbage tier Modafinil, noopept and other shitty nootropics.

>inb4 not Jow Forums related
yes it is because it can affect your mental health !!1

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If they existed everyone would be taking them shithead

Completely false. Misinformation and fear of side effects scares most people away even from drugs like adderall

Sobriety is the best drug. If you can't do it sober you can't do it at all.

Bought a bunch of Focalin from a former coworker all it does is speeds up my heart rate and my mind goes off non stop.

Microdose psilocybin.
I take kratom for the euphoric feeling it gives me, but I wouldn't consider it mind altering. It's like a better adderall kick because I still have an appetite and can actually be social on the stuff too

Silicon Valley is just a bunch of kids who have secret insider information on which drugs to stack. You think successful people thrive from their own free will? You're never going to make it.

I have heard very negative things about kratom even though it is technically legal.

Microdose shrooms

>garbage tier Moda
Have you tried Armoda?

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>If you can't do it sober you can't do it at all.
>not using modern science and technology to maximize your health and mental acuity

shiggery diggity doo

become the alpha

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That's because at the biochemical level it's just an opiate agonist. It's just not as strong as pharma opiates or opium. You get low level effects of opiates in general, and some people are genetically negative responders to opiates and instead of euphoria they just get nausea.

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I took Ritalin today. It just made me feel tense and horny for a while, then super fucking tired.

kratom, greens and whites stick to low doses

microdosing LSD is good for productivity and creativity but I wouldn't use it for memory

Any options for these kind of things in asia? In terms of where to order online and what happens if customs seize the parcel

how is moda and noopept garbage, they are more effective than Adderall or Ritalin or lsd for cognitive enhancement.

Lsd is trash and people who believe they are getting smarter by taking it are stoner tier delusional.

And dumbo had a feather op, wake up and realize you are a God.

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I initially started with noopept and moda, I took the noopept every day for 1month as recommended (as the benefits come after taking it for a while). I received close to zero benefit from both over all.

Then I was able to source Ritalin. It took a little bit of getting used to, but it is 10x more effective then anything i had ever tried. The long release (LR) tabs make you feel wired for 6 hours + with barely any comedown sides.

If you think Moda or noopept is on the same scale as Ritz or addy, you clearly have not tried it.

How much and what type ?


This is pretty much the best shit, look up the erdos number and see how it was achieved.

As long as you're healthy this shit will make you extremelly conscientious and hard working.

>TFW It's banned in europe.

large does of pseudoephedrine found in cold n flu tablets is probably the best legal stimulant

modaf stops procrastination.. that's legit it.

>Adderall or Ritalin
neither are cognitive enhancers, I noticed a 30%+ increase in cognative ability, reasoning skill, verbal fluency and memory when taking phenylpiracetam and after monitoring l theanine for a week it actually increased my baseline stats

Anyone here tried Phenibut?
Heard it's good for social gains

it is it works as a GABA antagonist so if being drunk helps you phenibut will, just make sure not to drink on it and take tolerance breaks, try r/phenibut they have a guide on safe usage

thanks, sounds like the perfect drug for an autist like me

Are you retarded? I'm not even trying to be insulting it''s a serious question

Amphetamines like Adderall and Ritalin aren't cognitive enhancers. All they do is boost focus. If you're retarded, you'll be no less retarded. It's supposed to block out distractions so that you can learn better.

Microdosing LSD is a similar case, though it actually increases creativity, so if you're intelligent and applying yourself, you can have more ideas.

how do i stick to microdosing tho? when i try, i just end up refeeding myself until im smashed at work and have to take home leave.

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Did this just turn into Drugs-forum.com ? Fookin Junkies, the lot of ya

>ordered semax and modafinil for productivity
>also ordered amitriptilyne for depression
>mod gives a huge confidence boost for the whole day but no energy to actually get things done
>tried semax and felt weird strain sensation on forehead
>didn't realize it was the amitriptilyne sedating the shit out of me that hindered the other two substances from taking full effect.
and only 25mg of that shit before bed is enough to turn me into a zombie

>microdose lsd a bit
>50 ugs at a time
>smoke some weed
>triggers latent schizophrenia
>get depressed
>imagine myself in a psych ward if i tell anyone
>have weird convulsions that feel like IV drips
>cant really do much besides shitposting and laying in bed all day depressed

haha.. i wish i was joking

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thats the only thing you need

Should not have had smoked the devil's lettuce, my friend.


delete lsd and this is me

How did you measure this?


People that take drugs need to be killed off.

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You drink alcohol, user? Also, move to philippines or china.

A lot of people take way too much or get it from a shit source like an old head shop. I've been taking it on and off for a year or two now and still do a max dose of 2 or 3 grams a few times a week

Enjoy the Reddit immigrants, user

Refugees welcome

Used to use Adderall but after I had a frightening experience at work when my left arm started convulsing and I had a panic attack I stopped with the amphetamine based stuff. Now I use aldrafinil 300mg, which converts to approximately 100mg of modafinil in the liver. Aldrafinil with some coffee or other caffeine product is a vey effective way to stay awake and focus without the negative side effects of Adderall. 1 pill feels a lot like a good nights sleep its honestly amazing. just make sure you get real aldrafinil and not some fake version.

MDMA once every 3 months will make you a better, more empathetic, understanding, loving person.

A deep psychodelic trip can also open up your mind to many things.

Those shitty nootropics or "microdosing" don't do shit, unfortunately.

Talking to people and learning social ques is the only way to get social gains

Drugs might make you more likely to engage in conversation, but if you can’t hang then it’s a waste of time

This guy gets it

Could some user give me advice how to get Modafinil in Germany without getting into potential trouble with the law?

Desvenlafaxine 100mg + Ritalin LR 30mg. Feels good, since i've been diagnosed @adhd.

Adderall actually will raise your IQ, but only if you have ADHD.

You could try learning another language or teach yourself the piano. These things tend to raise IQ also.

Without prescription you are probably shit out of luck. It's easy to get in the UK, maybe you can get in touch with someone who can do an online assessment (to get a prescription), buy it for you and send it to you?

you fucked up. that's when ur headspace gets trippy and you lose focus of reality and weed doubles that effect. A proper microdose is 10-30ug

Afinilexpress... got mine shipped to Australia and it was under the legal limit of like 100 so it was fine.

I’ve done countless all-nighters to get through a uni project and come 9am feel worse for wear but have to take another one to survive the day of class and presenting and work etc. Feel pretty weird after staying up on the stuff for 30 hours but 100% would’ve failed my course by now if I didn’t have them. Makes me lose my appetite and I gotta remember to drink heaps of water to not get an upset stomach, also makes me want to smoke on my study breaks. Pretty handy though and I’ve produced some good work on the stuff.

They don't ship to Germany

Netherlands are near and they send there.

50ug is about 5x the proper micro dose.

what drugs cause neurogenesis?


How do you get in the UK?

literally just google it. I've heard afinilexpress is good. Takes like 2 weeks to arrive though

in reply to

Isn't modafinil banned now in the UK, do law enforcement not care?

never had an issue with it and I ordered like a week ago

buht druhgs are safe man. You must have just been in a bad mental space dude. You gotta be chill and have willpower and shit...

t. degenerate

It's almost like we should educate people on proper use instead of just saying DONT DO IT so they don't get fucked up like that poster

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quick google search:

>have a container of the but at my work
>no opportunity to take it since I work alone and don't really go out
>the only drug I've tried is weed and my tolerance is so low right now that even one good hit gets me blitzed
>just want to get a qt gf

The pain is real, friends.

how do i stack them or where should do i ask?

Part time cashier jobs can lead to a ton of ass. They also can be genuinely fun imo. I loved my liquor store job, but hated my manager.

silicon valley is filled with faggoty ass soy boys and are destroying the world.

it's mind altering though. I mean if you aren't an addict or an alcoholic that doesn't matter, but it is an opioid agonist. If it works for you good for you.

I order off 4nrx

website looks a bit dodgy and it takes 2 weeks to come from India/Singapore but I've never had any problems (UK). Its really cheap too.

tell me more about this modafinil stuff

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adderall is not a miracle drug and has a ton of side effects and the 2x braingains you get for 6 hours give 2x brainletgains the other 6 til you fall asleep

>t. on adderall for years

Cathinones :D D

sry for late reply. I took 2x 15mg 4 hours between. The instant release kind. I used to have a prescription for it and had some still laying around.

The only time it's actually done what it was supposed to is when I'd be at work debugging something or trying to solve some issue. If I wasn't 100% sure what I was supposed to be doing when I was on it, I would just kind of flip through task after task without actually accomplishing anything. It basically kicked my ADD into overdrive most of the time.

My doctor wants me to try Adderall. She says it's much smoother and less "jarring" than Ritalin. I'm just concerned that I'm going to spend $200+ on a month's worth and then not like it. I aint got that kind of money laying around.

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Hey man, same shit happened to me. Except I was dosing 150ug-300ug once per week for 3 straight months. I ended up believing that there were 2 different people in my head and got so depressed I nearly killed myself.

Don't let it fester man, go get help. Don't make the same mistake I did and put it off until you're a danger to yourself and others. Go find a doctor to talk to now and get an appointment scheduled. You don't have to take any drugs, you don't have to agree to anything you don't like, but they will do their best to help you get back on your feet.

is alpha brain bullshit?

>TFW street amphetamine in europe is dirt cheap

Gives me super vivid dreams. I feel a little more focused and motivated than normal too. That's about it

I got a load of phenibut recently. I've taken it twice so far and both times I've interacted with people like I used to before the crippling depression and anxiety. Would recommend.

I actually work in retail as sort of a casher. Tons of ass how? With your coworkers or do you actually pick up customers? I doubt there would be many workers you can converse with in a liquor store but I may be wrong.

in certain sections of the population, everyone IS taking them. and constantly racing to produce the next generation to get an edge.

i'm sorry. that's a 'highly moral perspective' but it's simply wrong. performance enhancing drugs... enhance performance.

>not fluoro-MET-afinil

I too went through my nazi phase user. Drugs are a miracle and they work wonders for people smart enough to take them.

I worked at a gas station and a liquor store. Got hit on quite a bit at both and a good few numbers. A lot from older women. A few coworkers wanted to fuck too, but I don't do that. You have to see them every day.
At the liquor store I'd see a lot of single moms come through saying they finally have a night away from their kid and they were all alone blah blah blah.
Also there were plenty of liquor store regulars who I'd talk booze with. The only job I imagine is easier to pick up women would be a bar tender


A majority of the women it seems that frequent the place where I work are literally 70+ year olds and although I'm pretty desperate, I'm not that desperate.

It seems you're the type who would be successful with women wherever you're at though because I don't think I've ever got "hit on" by a customer even when she was in my age range.

>how it was achieved
maybe you should try looking it up yourself

Yeah it really helps being in a decent setting. I really just was able to make them laugh or talked about something they happened to be interested in. Try listening to science podcasts or ones with generally interesting guests or ideas. Get in to new music. Just have something that isn't weird as shit to talk about. I also apparently give off a relaxed vibe because most dudes liked talking to me as well. Try meditating to get out of your head in those situations

you can't really critique someone for using reddit unless you specifically know what subreddits they go on, I mean Jow Forums has cancer too, but people don't say fuck off back to Jow Forums

cambridgebrainsciences it's a website for benchmarking

never taken anti biotics, or painkillers or had vaccines?

there is any drug that creates more neuronal connections?

delete all the drugs and this is me.

how did you get it?

cannot believe no one has said Vyvanse. It's basically a calmer Adderall that, while usually reported as weaker, doesn't carry the side effects. The only two negative side effects I've noticed are cotton mouth for new users and loss of appetite. Occasionally if you take it too late in the day you can have trouble sleeping too. Otherwise it's one of the best things I've ever tried.
Just remember whatever you choose anons, don't do it everyday...becoming addicted to these things is easy when it makes you feel like such a good, productive human being but it isn't healthy to take more than ~2 times a week.

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That is the best stim I have tried, just sucks there is no generic version and my works insurance doesn't cover it. Still worth it though.