Try to be friends with girl

>try to be friends with girl
>get ghosted
>try to fuck to fuck girl
>don't get ghosted (as much)
Did the Disney movies lie to me?

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Is that Kanzi?

women are as horny as men, do not believe their lies

why does everybody hide it then? is it a conspiracy theory to keep the dumb betas content?

Your meme shouldnt need to be explained further
>But I will
Women don't like to be perceived as whores as that lowers their market value exponentially, also in the far back of their mind they have to consider making you a permanent provider -in case she gets pregnant- so anything naughty she wants to do has to come from you.
She will never say something until youve coaxed the naughty girl out of her and made her high on the fucking.

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that makes sense, but man it shakes me why tf don't they want to be friends after they always complain men just trying to fuck. The cognitive dissonance is fucking with my head.

It was easier to be friends (without benefits) when I was ugly.

has anybody else experienced this? is this just me?

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>"Being friends"
Bro that is awkward as fuck and literally makes you a beta orbiter that she will use to feed off of your validation, attention and energy.

>"Lets just be friends, user"
This is some shit she's evolved to say to "put down the male", as 90,000 years ago if she upset a male she ran a really high risk of getting her fucking skull beat in with a rock.


You are either a Chad, where she is GRATEFUL to be able to suck your dick and receive your seed; or yoiu're a Beta Orbiter there to provide validation, attention and potentially even an economical provider on occasions.

>Go read Might is Right
>Stop being a Beta

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Is there a reason you want female friends? Like, I don’t understand why. She will ghost you the moment she gets a boyfriend anyway, it’s not like they are loyal like guys.

i literally have sex with women just so that i can spend time with them, i dont even care about the sex. i am a woman in a male body but not in the tranny way

You're emotionally unstable, go see a psychoanalyst and a psychiatrist right now, user.
Women are property, you will never have a truly intimate relationship with a woman. No more than you could with your car. She wants to be treated as property, it makes her happy like a little girl listening to her father. If she rebels she wants to be listened to, embraced and then told what the course of action will be.

If you want an intimate relationship go out and make more guy friends, women are hoes and will only dissapoint you or turn you into a beta orbiter.

>Run to the Doctors, user, RUN!

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Anyone got similar graphs for men, always wondered what was our side of the story here

>You're emotionally unstable
you dont even know lol. But yeah im aware this isn't the 'right' way, this is how i am

what you're describing I simply have no interest in, and i have never had a friendship with a woman that didn't become sexual so this is just the way it is

>women are as horny as men
not true btw

>Genghis Khan
If your seed is of good quality, you make the world a better place through your progeny.

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Sad you feel this way. You will be lonely. Don't you know you can have your cake and eat it too if you simply "raise" her properly?

>Your dubs mean nothing here
>Girls want to be tied up, spanked and made to have explosive orgasms as she chokes on your chode slamming through her.
>If you're a Chad, she'll be the one to propose the more degenerate things, like: deep throating you and swallowing, peeing on her and fucking her right after, doing anal with out a condom, ass to mouth till you cum and swallowing and saying thank you as she cleans up the spill around her lips.
She does this because she wants to show you that she's your submissive naughty little girl, and you don't need to go out and get other pussy. She values you so highly that she is actually happy to do more aggressive, degrading things in the bedroom in the hopes of making you happy.

If you've never experienced this, I'm sorry you can't please your woman. This is what she truly wants.

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pretty sure. he’s a good bonobonobononobo

>"raise" her properly
Do you mean turn a hoe into a decent woman? No, you can't. She will always compare you to other dick she's had. The more dick, the more men you have to compete against her in her head, and since she's a woman she won't be able to understand that pitting you against her imagination is incorrect and unhealthy way of valuing your person.

You want to be happy with a woman you have to take her virginity, or be her second partner if her first one is a total loser and you outmog him in every feasible way.
>Refer to the graph to see what happens after she's been pounded by three other dicks before you.

you don’t have any woman friends? what are you, some kind of fucking faggot?

i’ve got two female friends and i’ve never had interest in them. i met both of them a couple years ago and they’ve been probably the best friends i’ve had in my life. only cucks who have always completely and miserably failed throughout their social life view things so black and white.

that being said, the two who i am friends with are actually human beings, not the average college whore i see brads with. good white women with good standards, which i think is why i’m able to maintain friendship with them. if they were normal by any standard today, your words would be right in regards to them.

>maximum cope

at least i know how to greentext properly, loser

Lmao this is the smartest man itt

Sometimes women are chill but you wouldn't date them but fucking would just complicate things. So you decide to be friends.

However women don't want JUST friends it seems. So yeah....

I'm really wondering if anybody has a recipe to be JUST friends with women.

Why don't women ghost men that have no interest in them past friendship then?

i have absolutely nothing to cope with, though. i have a nice life without needing to worry about which bitch is going to use me as a living dildo/ATM hybrid.

women avoid me even though i try to just be friends because im pretty fat and i know i dont have a chance, such is life of a fatty

Relationship between men and women are first and fore most dictated by evolutionary reproductive purposes, you absolutely need to understand that you are genetically predisposed to want to have sex with the other sex for the propagation of our species. This is primal instinct, it's wired into your brain in the same manner that your Fight or Flight Response is.

From this primal, "reptilian brain", impulse we then process it through the neocortex. The neocortex will try to rationalize this primal instinct; i.e. Are the ambient circumstances promoting sexual reproduction? Are the emotional variables in place? Are the economical? So on.

From this rationalization we reach the "friend" situation, and it's evolutionary purpose is this: To have a mating partner available in the worst case circumstances or a moment of sexual thirst and desperation. Women "befriend" men to have a potential provider lingering around in case they can't get fucked by a Chad.
Men keep women friends because they: a. want to fuck them but are too autistic to make it happen or b. Are sexually and emotionally inept and seek the comfort and guidance of a woman in a twisted "mother figure" kind of way.

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I neither want to fuck either of them nor do I see them as my goddamned mother, subconsciously or not. If you believe the most BASIC of primal urges still dictate mankind’s every action, you’re fucking delusional. I am friends with them because we enjoy eachother and time we spend together. There is no underlying “I’ll fuck ‘em if I have to! Procreation is the only thing on this earth I care about!” mechanism in any of our interactions.

t. A human in full, conscious control of his actions amongst other humans.

>t. delusional beta with abysmally low standards for stimulating experience

>Imagine Coping THIS hard

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Ok m8 I know redpill theory and I wanted to listen to Might is Right but this is some poetry written by a ginger what the fuck. The Rational Male was expertly written. I understand this shit is from 1890 but still

Shut the fuck up and read the book, don't wail like a woman that a book is too hard to follow. Focus and finish it.

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Im still gonna, but just lmao at the ginger complaining about jews when the entire premise of the book is to act like jews, as opposed to white man's burden

Is there anything unique here that cannot be found in The Rational Male or Robert Greene's books?

The premise of the book is not to act like jews, but to wake men up out of their delusional hippie gaze. It's an essential read.

I haven't read the Rational Male.
I've read all of (((Robert Greene))) books. The main contrasts are that Might is Right talks of the primal instincts of men and how it governs over them, while (((Greene))) tells you how to deal with the rationalized aspects of modern society.
I would say read everything you can, literature is not exclusive. Aristotle said "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

Not him, but I remember reading Might is Right when I was 15 years ago and now I'm 24. One of most life-fueling/motivating books I've ever read, will defo re-read it in next few weeks.

I think the 3 books deal with similar subject matter, I mean the entire point of Greene's material is "it's all a power play"="might is right".

Big reccommendation from me to read The Rational Male. You may not learn AS MUCH if you've already read Might is Right and Greene's stuff, but the book is damn long and goes into a lot of detail and explanations over many aspects of male-female interaction. It's absolutely no-holds-barred.

I'll check it out for sure user.

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Then learn to keep them in the friendzone. They act just like guys when it comes to orbiting. Just remember the ghosting part.

How? I keep getting ghosted once they realize I'm just chilling with them without making a move. The girls who are FULLY uninterested in you will curve you as they get tired of men hitting on them.

Grug like your picture.

Grug want to get in on that.

Grug love that umevolved A P E BO O T I E

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Look at When ever you interact with a woman think to yourself, what would James Bond do? and, would she do/say the same thing to James Bond?
-Replace James Bond with which ever male actor you perceive to be of high value-
If the answer is "no" then that means she is treating you like a low value male. When a woman finds a low value male she will either keep him around to feed off his guaranteed attention, or toy with him and boss him around so she can laugh about him to her girl friends.

>In your case
Would James Bond keep a friendly relationship with a woman? Sure, but he would always spice it up with some sexual banter.
Would a woman be interested in keeping James Bond on friendly terms? Yes, absolutely. The man is a gentleman, drives fancy cars, dresses well so is always mogging everyone making her look good by association, and is all around a fun, charismatic and sexy guy to be around.

Does this make sense user?

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>ITT: Based Chad Redpiling Jow Forums Autist

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I have this same problem, I feel like I’m just a walking dildo to these women, no emotional or meaningful connection at all, it sucks.

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Just a reminder that the brainlet """redpillers""" here are teenagers or in their early 20s.

When you're older than 19 you'll realise having friends of different genders/sexual orientations/nationalities is part of having a healthy social life. Not in a token-black-friend kind of way, but in a genuine non-neckbeard way where you hang out with different people, not just white gamers.

Having different connections is good for your career too.

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Chang here. Girrs rike fuck.
Some less than others, so just ask them if they’re down, and if they aren’t then move on. I find it hard to trust women now having fucked girls with bfs and even married ones.
I already have a 4 year old and half 50/50 custody, so there’s no pressure in finding a qt wife to breed.

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>When you're older than 19 you'll realise having friends of different genders/sexual orientations/nationalities is part of having a healthy social life

I'm 33 and I've tried being friends with girls, and they just suck as friends. They're only there because someone wants to fuck them or wants to fuck her friends, and the main thing they do fuck is the group dynamic.

No group of guys is going to be sitting around having a good time together and then someone pipes up and says
>you know who we should invite out later? Susan. She has some great stories and top banter
Never fucking happens, There's simply no substitute for a group of bros.

Women are great to spend time with too, but the romantic/sexual aspect is best being expressed mutually and openly with each other in a relationship rather than bubbling beneath the surface as it always is with male/female friendships. If you find the platonic company of women soothing its probably because you've got too much estrogen in your bloodstream

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This is true, I have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships with other guys though because I’m always surrounded by chicks and I think they get jealous or think I’m gay.

But what’s gayer? Hanging with a group of chicks most of the time 2 of which you most likely fucked or are fucking, or hanging with a bunch of guy friends in a small room that never get laid?

>hangs around with sluts
>thinks it's gay to spend time with other men
>wonders why he can't find a solid group of bros

Having a group of bros and having an active sex life aren't mutually exclusive. However not being a degenerate hanging around in a harem of fuckbuddies does help with integrating into normal society. Consider forming a meaningful relationship with one girl, then you'll find it easier integrating with normal society and forming meaningful relationships with reliable men who won't dump you like a sack of bricks as soon as things get slightly inconvenient.

>contributing to single mother hood

You’re retarded m8

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>applying the most basic animal instincts onto humans

Ik most of you faggots grew up without a daddy but having kids and leaving them will only make them grow up to be losers like you

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Maybe I haven’t found my group of guy friends yet. Guys are just werid to me man, unless they are autistic like me or business oriented. Most guys are loser degernate potheads or criminals or just boring around here.

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>thinking that basic animal instincts don't govern the majority of human behavior, especially in relation to sex.

You're right though. Mindlessly creating single mothers is only defensible from a purely genetic point of view, but in terms of social policy its complete suicide. You can't have a functional society without marriage, that's why marriage is a universal feature of all successful human cultures.

The west will drown in the rising tide of fatherless children that will grow up unable to contribute to support the welfare systems that created them.

>Most guys are loser degernate potheads or criminals or just boring around here.
You attract what you are.

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I’m none of those things, I’m autistic and I run a small business by myself. I’m probably boring until I’ve had a few drinks, but I don’t smoke pot and I’ve only had speeding tickets so not really a criminal.

I just don’t fit in with drug dealers and boring losers.

>contributing to single motherhood
>implying you would get away with impregnating many women without paying child support

>Did the Disney movies lie to me?
>meet a girl
>become friends
>become a couple
>she tells me about her previous bfs
>all of them treated her like shirt and manipulated her
>do everything to be loving and caring
>never manipulate her
>trust her
>want to mart her and have kids
>she dumps me and dates a random guy she met on the internet
>I get heartbroken and mentally wrecked
>decide to lift the pain away and end up here
Boys, it still hurts.

People have lower standards for hooking up than they do for dating.

This shit make me kek. Thanks user.

femanon here.
if i wanted a girlfriend, i wouldn't be talking to something with a dick. know what i'm sayin? why friendzone your own damn self? silly.

>t. white knight
>mfw thinking of you hurting

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b-but I loved her and wanted to be good to her

Do you think it was an accident that she exclusively dated abusive men and then left you when you were good to her?

[Dora the Explorer pause]

Good job user - that's exactly right! It's no coincidence at all! She's attracted to abusive personality types, meaning she's going to go back and forth from abusive relationship to abusive relationship for probably the rest of her life. On the bright side, her next abusive boyfriend won't get to keep her either. She's not stable relationship material.

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if you want to be good for her, then give her what she wants...what she really wants. Whcih you can see from her pre you and post you relationships. Lets be real my dude, you are repressd and think that making her happy will make you happy, that's not how women work. They want your masculine energy, and youre denying it to then. You have mommy issues and an overbearing or absent father. Go read No More Mr Nice Guyvfor further details and an explanation of how to fix it

>try to be friends with girl
Girls aren't trying to be your friend, they're trying to get laid. When a girl wants a "friend," she'll hit up another chick, not you. This certainly doesn't mean you shouldn't improve your game though. Just because they "ghost" you doesn't mean they aren't in to you. Sometimes they play hard to get because they need to prove to themselves they aren't "easy" (even though they are obviously).

>She's attracted to abusive personality types, meaning she's going to go back and forth from abusive relationship to abusive relationship for probably the rest of her life.
Ok Im retarded then. But I dont understand why did she stay with me for years?

Read The Way of Men

>single motherhood
what are you talking about user?
I'm taking care of my wife's son at this very moment

This is the most retarded shit I’ve read all day

you know what to do

this is so fucking cringey

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>Go onto hookup app
>Do something other than confidently and clearly try to hookup
>Confused when they ghost you
You're just one stupid motherfucker, that's all.

>All these autistic replies

You just ask them if they want to fuck?

>thinking about texting girl and telling her it was a mistake that i said no when she asked if i loved her
>haven't heard from her in almost 2 weeks and shes getting along with her boyfriend again
stop me bros

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Hippity Hoppity Women are Property

oh shit.
which one are you.

Judging by the decline I'm gonna say those 2 things are unrelated.


>hang out with female friend
>she brings up what she likes in a guy
>starts saying she could never look at you that way and cringes to herself as she thinks about you
>never even flirted with her at all before this
>ghost her afterwards and remove her contact info
I was just trying to be nice, you whore.

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Don't be pathetic user. Go out tomorrow instead, friday is FUCK DAY BABY YEAH HAHA WOO

It’s not declining it’s the fact that millennial aren’t getting married in the first place dumb fuck

>Gost her afterwards
The fact you would ghost her like a little bitch instead of confronting her when she talks shit to your face is exactly why that happened.

Uh no. The most valuable thing you can give a girl is attention. This is why ghosting and the silent treatment work like nuclear bombs on a woman's psyche. One moment they have your attention and can do whatever they want, they throw some stupid bullshit at you, and if you stick around and get salty, they win, if you ignore them, they'll figure it out and go berserk to win you back. Ignore any attempt to reach back out until it is a sweet and apologetic tone. If it's combative or angry, ignore. It doesn't make the most logical sense but that's women for you.

>has never met a brilliant woman who becomes your best friend and lover.

I miss her.

Trips of truth wasted on a double digit IQ and matching reading comprehension. Maybe you advice is better suited for someone who isn't a transparent beta orbiter.

>giving some no name thot attention
maybe if it was someone i actually cared about

It's not even that I want to put you down, but damn it user take a note and stop being a little bitch. You don't take shit, period. If some girl you don't give a shit about roasts you that harshly to your face she clearly thinks of you as she thinks of her used tampons.

All I want is for you to do good, user, really. But reading this threads just makes me lose hope in you all.

Protip: Disney movies aren't targetted at men you fucking fag.

It's not cognitive dissonance, it's a test to weed out the beta bitch boys like yourself.

I've been there user, what's worse is when they only want to fuck but not get into a relationship like you're their walking dildo. stay on thot patrol

>The most valuable thing you can give a girl is attention.
I'm sure that's true for you, along with a shoulder to cry on when another "asshole" breaks her heart.

Maybe you are just getting the sluts and the ones who don't want to be your friend are also sluts, your personality is just shit

You've just met a girl with daddy issues, chill man, not every girl is like that, and you will realize that the ones that are, aren't that good for you in the long run.

So the test is don't listen to what women want?

Maybe you and your friends are fucking losers and can't attract the interesting and fun women?
>Inb4 there's nothing wrong with us, every girl is the same and intelectually inferior to all MEN.

Yes unironically. Your will as a man should always be stronger than her wants as a woman.

but what If I want more female friends? some women are chill to be around but awful to date/fuck

Girl at work wasn't in today. Do I add her on fb and ask her out?

What women say they want and what women need are two totally different things.

Have you read all three parts of The Rational Male or just the first one?