Do i take the recommended dose of creatine or 1.5x that amount?

do i take the recommended dose of creatine or 1.5x that amount?

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Be careful, overdosing on creatine is really bad for you

Recommended. It doesn’t make that big of a difference.

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3x that amount for real gainz

liver damage

unless you are dumbbell pressing 75kg max and cycle it in high doses

creatine makes you balding

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5g a day.

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Extra creatine is just going to get filtered into your urine, literally pissing money away

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1.5x is fine...
I got lied to when i started lifting and was told to take 20g a day at the start, i lost all my cillia cells

You eat red meat and stop giving money to supplement scam artists.

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this. just do 5g m8

but the recommended dose is 3g

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>overdosing is bad for you
thank you for the wonderful insight user!

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>not taking 5x the dose to shock your liver
Never gonna make it

I stopped taking it after 1 year. Aside from holding 4lbs of extra water weight it didn’t do much for me. For 1 or 2 extra reps it’s just a joke. I mean, I can rest for a few minutes and do an extra set regardless

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mine says a serving is 5g.