Goal Body Thread

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>no goal body thread

post em

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>pube hair
>feminine soft facial features
>no v taper
>high calf insertions

wtf who would wanna look like this nigga

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Those tris

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I'm curious as to how Goku actually even works out.

How to into? If I don't reach this by 2020 i'm hopping on roids.

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would you agree that he still has some appeal despite looking like an xx syndrome boy?

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cant believe no ones posted this one yet

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dark web core


This is my goal body, but I know I'll end up with more of a Strongman Physique.

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that's a representation of a 16yo you do realize

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my nigga

I think there's a lot of fitness fellows on Youtube and other sites that have tried to break that down in some way. Generally it seems to me he does a lot of high rep calisthenics and occasional weight lifting when he has something that's actually hard for him to lift. Also high G-Force.

Not the most impressive, but I'd be happy to get to that.

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This one. I look good already and don't think I'll be able to achieve it not roiding, but still

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>tfw my dad unironically looks like that

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>this hasn't been posted yet

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I'm like 8 inches taller than him but his proportions are amazing.

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>wide ab gap is filled with hair
I wonder how that feels, no homo though

where is his peepee?

thas a bigga boi

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Henry Rollins for me

Not just his physique but also his attitude on anger

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Johnny sins?

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for you

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tf is with that jpg file??

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>tfw 6 inch wrists
Will I ever make it or come close to picrelated? I feel like my bones are too thin and my muscles simply won't get big.

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Kavensky roids anyways, fat kunt idolises WWF. Manchild

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Cool, I pretty much have your goal body, but my tan is better than his

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I just want to look like this again but I don't think that muscle memory will be that effective, might have to ride a bike.

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Dat ratio tho

>tfw cucked wide hip genetics means no matter how much you lift ywn have this

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tien 2bh

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youll never make it unless you're 6'9

he's clearly a manlet
notice how big the sword looks in comparison

I'm 6ft 8 amigo ;^)

Kek. A longsword is meant to come up to your armpit in terms of proportion to its wielder.

Is this an example of 10/10 genetics, when you look at muscle insertions and such?

going for ultimate lank mode

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Nice bait homie

Can't believe this hasn't been posted yet

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t. 6 inch wrists

I know that feel

The dude has a decent upper body. It’s the angles and the pose that suck.


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thanks brah

>Goal body
>Implying you can do shit about your body besides slapping on some muscle mass, frame in face frame height meme exists for a reason

Also, my IDEAL body would be pic related:
>excellent proportions
>explosive as fuck
>high mobility
>lifts huge amount of weight
>cons for being a manlet

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pretty sickening arms for a natty

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it's a mindset!!!

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nice work dude
what was your routine/diet to get to that point?

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howee howee howwwwwwww me wanna

good luck opening that third eye through meditation bro


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thank god he has a good face to make up for those abomination-tier insertions


This is the way.

All this other "photos taken while dehydrated and oiled up" bullshit isn't real. This is a real dude, pumped but looking like shit while working out.

Obviously shooped you pleb.

Gomad +SS

oblivion character/10

getting there. happy about it.

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More V shape and slimmer legs and this would be perfect. Also remove shitter watch, tats, glasses, and jew hair.

How to get this body Jow Forums?

This is my goal body right here.