What is Chad?

What is Chad?

Is he someone who rose out of strife and hard times?

Or is it just some tall pretty boy who gets everything his way?

What is a Chad?

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someone who is good looking and socially capable
background varies, some are rich, some are from poor backgrounds with father problems.

A Chad by any other name is still a Chad.

Its an attitude combined with great hair and an aesthetically pleasing physique. Of course, he also should have a great face and no undiagnosed mental issues (Other than maybe Psychopath)

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>(Other than maybe Psychopath)
Holy shit you're pathetic

chad is someone who had high testosterone and little estrogen exposure in the womb, as a toddler and as a teen

Basically this.
They also tend to have a care free attitude.

>tfw my mom wasn't obsessed with what she ate while I was in her womb
seriously fuck people who think having kids is something you just do, we live in a abundantly scientific world, have been for many years now, and people still don't put research into every little thing they do. You can call it autism, I call it striving for perfection, I lift with perfection, I eat with perfection, I study and socialise with perfection. Fuck this comformist as shit and complacent for no reason society, I swear now to you all I will attain the status of a God on my own behalf, regardless of the shitty chances I might've been given on birth/throughout growth. I'm gonna fucking make it

Relax my guy. No problem with being determined and having a strong mindset but you sound like you're compensating a little too hard.

should i feed my pregnant wife onions

just throw them at her face and yell about chad embryology

Remember that Chad is a nice guy. Autists like to say that Chad is an asshole, but in reality he’s a really nice guy which is part of why people like him so much

I guess I am, I'm just pissed as fuck that I have this much determination but I was given fuck all height (5'9) because my mom chose to date and marry the lamest dude she could find, giving me as weak of a fucking heart as his, shitty fucking spine, possibly mental issues that are genetic, and yet I've overcome every single one of these things as best as I could, I'm the tallest in my family, my heart is better (read: still not good) than anyone else's (I ran with a team when I was younger for quite a while) and started lifting when I was 17, with the help of someone very knowledgeable, which made my posture a lot better, but still feel the negatives of a tilted spine. As to the mental issues, my dad has them the most, followed by my older brother, I only leave this spectrum because I'm not such an egotistical retard that I can't even fathom talking to a shrink, which I'm the only one who ever has, and am looked upon with disgust, as if it were manly to correct your wrongs. I know this sounds like a nice guy rant, but I'm honestly so fucking mad that people just give up so easily that they'll settle for anything. I guess I should tell my shrink that.

You should get a nutritionist, a well-spoken one at that, and make sure you are on top of the issue

are you a hapa by any chance?

this. If you're on Jow Forums chances are you're not a chad. Nor will you ever become one.

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nope, western european

Generally the latter. However, there are two kinds of chad: dark Chad and bro Chad. Dark Chad is the Chad that uses his silver platter vainly and is a douche bag; bro Chad is just an all-around topnotch guy.

Beware of Dark Chad.

I get it man. You have a weak dad. You can’t act like your dad’s genetics are the reason you’re a failure.

Depression runs on my dad’s side, and they’re shorter, and a whole lot of other unhealthy shit. But I also got some awesome pluses from him, like crazy vascularity, and maybe even genetic very high levels of motivation.

He grew up very poor and physically was a bit of a weenie, but he “made it” exponentially more than other people in so many other ways.

You can’t use your genetics as a cop out for your poor decisions making you unfit

This desu
Chads are genetically superior human beings that can either be super heroes or super villains.

This is correct.

5'9 also here with shit genetics from both weak parents and no chads in family at all but that shit will not stop us from making it cause we are strugglers

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>You can't use your genetics as a cop out for your poor decisions making you unfite
I don't, although I project it a lot, I still do my best regardless, hence why I lift, study and become more everyday. All I'm saying is, regardless of how much I try, I can't ignore the shitty things given to me. Sure enough, they motivate me even harder, hearing someone say "You don't look like your dad at all" or "Are you really brothers? You're so much taller than him." makes me feel really good. Also, and this might've been the trigger for this whole blog, but today (or technically, yesterday) was my 21st birthday, and the fucker didn't even look at me. On a normal day that wouldn't mean anything, because I'm used to it, but how can someone be so autistic that they ignore/avoid their own son? It's why I say that I want to become a god, and if I ever have kids I want them to look up to me even after I'm 6 feet under, I've stopped looking up to my dad when I was 10. Fucking 10! You know how a kid grows up telling himself "My dad is a sad excuse of a human-being, and I'd rather just have him not be here at all" feels? I feel so envious of dudes who have great dads that try to teach them shit and be present for them, that people find it weird that I project that far too much (not anymore as of late). How fucking sad is it that I'm a dude with dad issues, that literally every single person that has taught me something has been more of a dad to me than he could ever be? Whatever, I'm guessing my blog is ending here.

Nah man I read all of your post and your feelings are totally valid. Props to you for rising above all that. Honestly probably the best blog post I’ve read on here.

Thanks, we're all gonna make it

Y... you too

We all gon' make it, brehs.

didnt participate in the conversation but thank you guys ive been fighting a losing battle against making it but you remind me to keep fighting

Chad is the popular hot guy that gets all the chicks with ease. Guys here think he's a nice guy but he would never hangout with you because it would lower his status. He pities you and is only nice out of formality. Challenge him and he will show his true colors. The only way to beat chad is to rape his boipussy. Then Stacy is yours

What kind of dumb shit is this. If your mum married some other guy you wouldn't exist.

unironically this

Pretty boy, can confirm. If one rises from the darkness to climb the mighty slope of becoming an alpha, then he is tormented hero, not Chad, who has sits eternally upon peak by virtue of birth.

this is my favorite one

>arguing with a bitter autismo
honestly don't even bother, people that messed up rarely take advice

>is it just some tall pretty boy who gets everything his way?
this. probably has the neighborhood slut dress up for him during her night of sneaking out and knocking at his window. probably had easy support from others because of his looks. probably never dealt with being the bottom of the pecking order at work because of his looks and height. never had to deal with rejections as much since women approach, and never had to deal with rejection from anything below a 7. his life is balanced and probably never had spent more than a month with no pussy since high school.
ive seen grown men do shit thats so fucking childish when they dont get their way and i wonder if its those people that grew up like this. and a majority of them were white.

>cant go out and meet girls, too busy watching jp videos
Hahha shittt

one of the most autistic threads i've come across in awhile

>What is a chad?
He's an ideal that is not meant to be reached. He is unattainable because he doesn't exist. You are the Chad. We are all the Chad. And that's why WE'RE ALL GONNA MAKE IT, BRAH.

good looking guy with his shit together enough to be better than most

You can become Chad, it is simple. You must work hard, be a decent guy and have blessed facial genetics. Rest is achievable through hard work (except with terrible insertions, ggwp).

>I don't want to feel good
Sorry, pal. Find a girl who will finger your ass while she blows you and you'll see the light.

Chad is 50% about character at least but almost no one here gets this.

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If you have to ask, you aren't one

I know both kinds of Chads, ones who were just naturally blessed with great genetics and social competence and others who had the potential but had to go through rough times and a transformation first. Either way, the potential has to be there and they usually express the typical "alpha" characteristics. Those who transformed into Chads often use manipulation (usually not in a bad way) to their advantage, because to them it is learned behavior.

He can be nice, but he does not have to be nice for people to like him. They will like him anyway, because they judge his behavior and personality more positively due to his good looks and higher status.

He will hang out with lower status people as long as he thinks they have something of value to offer to him (which is essentially the same everyone does).
>Challenge him and he will show his true colors.
True, but that is because he will always assume the leadership position and he will not give it up without a fight. The key to dealing with Chads is to manipulate them into making decisions that are good for the both of you without challenging his alpha status.

the virgin self improver describes me to a T, and I also dress like him except black shoes

>social media attention whoring
>beeeing chad

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did this dude start juicing?

Is that how I get this mad shred?

Na its just him deciding to get even more awesome at 50. Not even that big but he got his shit together

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Could be either one

The history of the chad doesn't matter so much as their demeanour. They could go through tough times but they wouldn't change, that is the point.

>DJ Günni, der mausebär des popschlagers
>DJ Günni, the mousebear of pophittings


>Not performing the Rollmopstanz and get mired
Are you even trying to be Chad?

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I can really relate user, almost word for word. We're gonna fucking make it.

You are wrong. A vain "chad" is called Brad. Chad is a projection of everything you feel you fail at. He is the perfect man, cool all around, but good natured and kind. He is the man with the perfect body, but doesn't try to MOG. He already MOGs you on a higher plane of existence.

Truly, it is impossible to become chad.


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Who is stacy?
Is she a roastie?

why do you care faggot

Well when you’re hot and have tons of women throwing themselves at you, pretty easy to be care free.

Double dubs confirm
Ted Bundy was an uberChad of his era. Even his judge wanted to be his bro.
I'll never get why he did all that stuff.

So fuck off, crybaby

This is a new pasta

A man on top of dominance hierarchy

>too busy watching peterson
so true
beta fags gtfo lol

>implying I'm not a master of the drunken rollmopstanz

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I know some of you will blast this, but for those of you who actually leave this board here and again I have good news.

I'm not by any means some sociologist or phycologist, but I am very good at seeing archetypes if that makes any sense. In my expiernce there is no one definitive "Chad", don't get me wrong the formula (face + height + build + wealth + coincidence + social status) are the makings of an instant Chad posterboy, it may not seem fair, but that is reality. But I have seen men with little to none of these features become Chads themselves.

Chad can be that guy you see on TV (your Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Armie Hammer ect.) no doubt women go primal for these guys, getting upset or doing mental gymnastics or blaming women is weak. On the other hand I've seen a 5 foot 6 manlet Mexican from a devote Catholic family pick up women you'd never believe, I've seen an ugly scrawny lanklet have a girl under each of his arms and have women clamoring for a chance to be one of those girls. I have seen a straight DYEL nerd tell a 10 that she wasn't what he was looking for because she was a petty person.

I don't think "Chad" is a physical attribute, dear Lord it helps don't get it twisted, but for those who truly walk their own path, who aren't afraid to laugh at themselves and find a meaning in life beyond crushin mad puss it's all mental. Find the things you enjoy, stop caring everyone else is into and make yourself a you that you can be proud of.

I think we all have an inner Chad we are afraid to be because he will be judged, but if you make peace, embrace the challenge and release your Chad I think you'll find good things happen.

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wouldn't matter, in the infinite spectrum of life, I could've been given a better chance, or maybe a worse one, either way, all of that text was simply meant to say that I deny being my father's son, from henceforth, my children and grandchildren won't ever know who that sad fuck was. His shitty memory will die with me, because that much I can't overcome unless maybe with time or two rods in my brain. I will give humanity a gift while I'm alive and when I finally die.

Would at least be good for motivation

chad is a hollywood meme /fitizens latched onto to further embody their insecurities

>Tfw you think your dad is just ok
I still love him tho

Wow, this roasts me

this hurt my feelings. please remove this post

a chad is just one of those genetically gifted people who is smart, funny, good-looking, strong, tall etc.

in the context of the internet, they are also probably white and rich.

this desu; went down this path. Was tired of mediocrity in life. Normies are content with complancency, not me. Got ripped, read a lot, made money, dress well; it puts off a lot of people but even more orbit around me.
But just remember user, the strive to perfection isn't without peril, and one cannot do it alone and you will be humbled by others deeper on the path than you.
The most humbling exprience is to compare yourself to our Lord Jesus Christ; no one compares to him.
While the Kingdom of God is inside us; God also helps those who help themselves. God will not be mocked; for whatever a man sows, he reaps.
This protestant work ethic led to the greatest civilization we ever had; we are still ridiing the coattails of it, and the further we stray from God's light, the more and more degenerate society becomes.
Be born again

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no shit

Are you an anime character?

Unironically based

Not fair!!! You just picked obvious qualities we all share

Man's hubris knows no bounds.
Pride before the fall.

>this will never be you

no, I'm white(white)
Thanks but it seems that post will only go down in history as pasta, since it's already being posted everywhere. Whatever, I can laugh at myself too.
might be, but at least I'll make the best of what I was given

Chad has never even heard of Jow Forums and has never posted a comment of any kind except for mainstream social media.

Someone born with very good genetics


well said

t. chad wannabe

Great post, user. I’ve genuinely trying to work on adjusting my cynical, negative outlook on things. It doesn’t do me any favors.

I want to be a Clint, a man among men. Chad's are fine but too emasculated for me, I want to be the one that people call when something needs fixing or lifting.

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Unironically...I say fuck chad. No I dont mean literally, you faggots. I mean stop worshipping a graven image of someone you strive to be as. Become the best man you can be and everything will fall into place.

Guts...no arm...no sword...no backup...just raw anger and courage. He lost everything and just kept on fighting.


>Remember that Chad is a nice guy. Autists like to say that Chad is an asshole, but in reality he’s a really nice guy which is part of why people like him so much
This 100%.
I had a friend once who was born a Chad.
He had rich parents too, so his life was super easy for him since day one. He was just naturally better than me in everything. Like, I introduced him to Counter-Strike once, and he was better than me even though I played it for years.
He introduced me to lifting, helped me take my first steps in programming...
I lost virginity to a gf I met through his hot gf friends (never told anyone she wascmy first).
Sigh... Good times.

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Chad is a projection if insecurity manifested from self hatred

can someone explain to me what this "tongue on roof of mouth" meme is

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>Implying that the self improver doesn't have 10x the character and willpower and won't be a better person for longer.

Without struggle there is no strength.

>90+ replies
You people need to leave

Wrong. Things like money, looks, big cock etc give you the confidence which then creates the positive energy that women are attracted to.

This is why sluts always talk about "Good vibes". They themselves can't create these vibes, but they feed off of it. That ugly dude in the pic probably has a huge cock and that alone gives him enough confidence to go after the hottest women.

You can't produce an inner chad, if you don't have a quality that can produce confidence in yourself.

dentist made a program for face gains when Pressing tongue to the roof is part of it. Idea is to strenghten the muscles to fix the bone position being fucked. Works only for kids though since early growth is where it still moves. Think was gotta be before age 6. So it's probably viable but irrelevant to everyone here.

False, Brad is under 6' 1" though still has Chad attributes.

what does this have to do with fitness

Keeping men with low self esteem, low self esteem.
This is a way to keep them buying shit they don't need and doing stuff that is ultimately self destructive.

It's a form of control. But most of these threads end up filled with creepy larping bitches and transmen talking too each other about how much of a bad ass stud they are.
Kind of how most of the posters on /s/ are mostly just larping creepy gay bitches and transwomen.

Chad archetype is as close to genetic/moral perfection as possible. Your post just hits the point about how anyone can still be a great/confident man regardless of their genetics, which is a great thing to be but still not a Chad.

It's just for fun, you mongs.