>how tf do I stop watching porn

I get so many urges whenever I see a tit in a movie or anywhere else and I just can't help myself right after.

I fucking hate porn and I'm really tired of it but every day I just go back and wank it another 3 times in a porn frenzy.

It affects my sex drive, how I interact with girls, my mood, and even my body physically at times.

I did no fap for about a week before realizing that it was bs. Now I just wanna have control over my masturbation habits and keep them from becoming unhealthy due to pornography addiction.

I wanna cut back on fap since doing that has been helping me a ton. Be it with my workouts and when talking to women. But porn just keeps getting in the way.

>Need to cut porn out of my life but I can't cut the internet out completely either. Need a solution or methods to stay clean

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Try spending as few time as possible alone in your room.
When you're done doing the necessary things, head out and do something with your friends, go to gym etc.
If you have the urge to fap take a piece of paper and write it down, with the date and time.
Now truly aware of it, try replacing it with something productive. Running would be my choice. But it can be anything. See also above. Just leave your room.
Write down, what you now should better be doing and why.
If you give in to fap, afterwards write down how long you did it, and how you feel about it now, and then why you want to quit it. And why it is better to do activity x next time.
Do not write something of the sort that fapping is pathetic and only losers do it, that might reduce self-confidence and lead to depression.
If you need porn to fap, delete all the porn you have, and if possible quit your private internet access and use public ones. You now will think that is impossible.
But how much really necessary and productive things do you really use the internet for?

Get a good fantasy routine for busting a healthy, porn-free, nut every other day.
The nut is all you really want. Conciously remember this and just bust to be able to move on to other things. Imagination fapping gets easier with time.

I'm active until about 7pm every day except on weekends (which I usually take for myself) and that is when the real challenge begins. Being done with the days chores. Stressed about exams and such. Shouldn't go outside at this time since its dark and I always have stuff the next day. Already ate and did my exercise so tired, full belly, and not really sleepy since its early. Only feeling horny and anything that I do I can't focus on. All I want is porn and all i want is to bust a nut

Realise that the Ju porn industry has such a control over your life and they’re laughing at you

Bad habits should be coaxed down the stairs, not thrown out the window. /gif/>/hc/>/wsg/>/s/>/imagination/

OP, it honestly depends how serious you are about kicking this degenerate habit to the curb

- replace smartphone with dumbphone. Put PC in living room.
- When the urges make their appearance, do pushups/situps. If the urges still linger, go out for a jog. Just leave your flat.
- Setup filters. Granted, filters can and always will fail to block every porn site but they work wonders.

>Last but not least
Do not return to Jow Forums until you've overcome this addiction. There are too many boards that spam porn. Blue boards aren't even safe as they get raided multiple times a day. Jow Forums should be blacklisted entirely unless you can browse this site with pictures disabled (See Clover app).

Praying for you OP.

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Using your imagination, if not an actual girlfriend, is THE most effective tool at your disposal in the fight against porn addiction.

putting your balls in cold water is the ultimate urge killer.
Also fasting worked for me to start up my nofap.
fasted for 4 days. absolutely 0 libido throughout, only rly started getting urges again after ~1 more week and by then I was used to not fapping so it was easy to restrain myself

So fap, but don’t look at porn?

Bro enjoy being sterile

fapping is completely fine. but try to do it with your eyes open and do it slowly, just enjoy the physical sensation alone. dont iron grip and jerk furiously whilst imaging a porn scene in your head

Nofap will only make you more asexual. Im 36 and still fap daily (VR porn is godtier). I also fuck my wife about 20times a month and we hunt other girls together.
Tried nofap and it did nothing for me but cumming too fast.

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Tonight we will date a copthot

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What the fuck? You are clearly 12 whose balls just dropped, fuck off.

>I did no fap for about a week before realizing that it was bs

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Fap before you get urges.
Then you'll never have desire to look at porn

cold showers raise fertility and test shitlord

You have to change your mindset. Mentally divorce yourself from the whole concept/idea. Dont think about it and if you do, immediately stop looking at any device, go outside, breathing exercises, meditate, exercise

Ive been doing this and Im on zinc/magnesium quite high doses, it works

having a gf also helps but I cant help you with that step since Ive been single for 8 months now ;_;

>- Setup filters. Granted, filters can and always will fail to block every porn site but they work wonders.

just having them active will require you to think twice about fapping.

I’m trying just putting everything I can jerk off to into my hosts file because I have no goddamn self control

To be honest, high sex drive is a sign of high test, so don't worry if you have serious urges. If you at least wank every second day you should be okay, maybe avoid movies? Read books and whatever, practice math equations, something so non-sexual that you wont be turned on. God speed brah we're all gonna make it.

that is a misbelief,
most fappers have the urge to fap because of some underlying issues
you can have peak natty-test and still never fap or have sex

Most of the urges you get to fap and especially look at porn are pure addiction resurfacing

porn addiction is very very real, Ive seen people get physically angry with me when I say I dont watch porn because its gross and addictive. I've had people literally yell at me that it's completely healthy and normal. Insane

I need this thread. I'm struggling with porn addiction. Almost lost my beautiful fiancee because of this damn addiction. Tried going to Sexaholics Anonymous for a year but it was too damn depressing. I'm barely holding on to my life.

Bit melodramatic, don't you think? I struggle with porn addiction too but it's not life ending lol.

Stop being a fucking bitch... dont fap, at all. Stop looking at porn, start being fucking healthy. First step is spend way less time on the PC/phone/tablets where you watch porn. Spend more time with people and less time alone, treat it like an alcoholic treats alc. Pro tip when they're recovering they don't hang around bars much, so dont hang around any site you're likely to see porn - here in included. Come here only to search the catalog for what you need then gtfo.

If he is really addicted it can be life threatening, in the way everything falls apart and he kills himself.