How hard is it to achieve and maintain Brad Pitts physique from fight club?
I'm 23yo, 6ft tall, 87kg, skinny-fat body type with a shitty diet, but I've recently started going to the gym again
I can do 250lb deadlights x3 at least, 110lb benchpress 4x10 almost and not sure about squats, at least 150lb

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it's practically a DYEL mode though

>250lb deadlights


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130kg(286lb) x2 was my limit three/four year sago when i stopped
i really like doing deadlifts, more than anything else in the gym

very easy with 2-3 of lifting

i'm okay with that, i'm just wondering about the routine and how tough would it be to achieve such form

Cut to 12-15%. Lean bulk to ottermode, or a bit before ottermode. Then shred to 6-8%.

>not unscrewing and re-screwing in your lights while standing on a scale that reads 250lbs with your back straight
>not deadlighting in 2018

What the fuck does any of this mean

read the fucking sticky

Christmas is when I deadlight for the mad gainz, good luck keeping up

Swimming will probably get you a body like this no problem

swimming is an option, yes, but i've never really learned how to properly breathe while swimming, you think i should integrate swimming in my weekly gym routine? two times a week or something like that

I looked like brad pitt when I was only 16 years old.
wish I never bulked up!

I want to fuck you

Swimming wont give you those arms, shoulders maybe but youll need some curls and tricep extensions

how do I know you're not a swimmer?

Jesus... I remember when I used to think this physique was impressive kek.

He is not 6-8%. Not a chance. 11% would easily satisfy this physique.

If you think your 87kg skinny fat with those lifts, I've got some bad news for you buddy. Drop to maybe 72-75kg, then put on muscle (or bulk first if you don't mind getting fatter, will probably be faster)

>Jesus... I remember when I used to think this physique was impressive kek.

Let me blow your mind even further, user.

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drop to 9% bf. put 8-10lbs of solid gains on your frame. maintain for life

a large part of the brad pitt "look" is because he has some awesome (and some quite unique, like his abs) insertions. plus he's brad pitt

Is that the most posted photo on Jow Forums

Brad Pitt has god tier genetics, he is literally one of the most attractive men in the world. He probably did some shitty dumbbell 3x12 routine to get this body, and it won't work for you because he has the kind of body where even a little bit of muscle looks great.

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Eat below TDEE until 12-15% bodyfat, then eat above TDEE until you get the ammount of muscle Pitt has, then eat below TDEE until you get low on bodyfat. For the routine, go with a meme split to train upper body for hypertrophy.

i mean i have skinny arms, almost flat chest(40-50kg bench press is embarrassing to me, i used to be able to do 80kg x2) and my squat has always been pathetic(mostly because i didn't have a squat cage so i was afraid, but that's not a problem anymore), and I have a solid sized belly
think that's the definition of skinny fat? pathetic lifts with my current weight