How do I get rounder shoulders?

How do I get rounder shoulders?

I have some decent definition but they still look kinda flat to me

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You will only get hollywood shoulders if you are on roids like the hollywood actors are. Boulder shoulders are the number one indicator of roids.

not true, some people have good genes, sorry you don't

he's been outed for using gear and synthol.

no he hasn't you god damned liar
you must be a sad fatass if you think that body is on roids

Dude, this isn't facebook or youtube comments section.
We can clock gear abuse with ease.

OHP variations + isolate your rear delts a lot, meadows swings are amazing

hollywood actor=roids
its common sense and the exceptions are rare
for natties, just hit side delts a fuck ton and DONT forgot your rear delts for that 3d look

I have really good shoulders and i'm not on roids. For some reason they've always been the most developed on me.

What exercises are good for rear delts?
I have been doing OHP mainly and various raises to help with shoulders so far.


single dumb bell rows
pull ups
reverse flys

reverse pec dec/facepulls, also low weight and slow movement, dont go heavy and do it fast

here's the secret to big natty shoulders

>no need to do front delt work
if you already do pressing motions like OHP, Bench, etc.

>do lateral raises 2x-4x week
with PROPER form, don't retract scapuila too much or you're using your traps on it

>work rear delt with rear delt flys and/or facepulls(most underrated exercise imo) 2x/w at least

OHP hits all three heads, Rows hit rear delts too, a lot of exercises use your delts indirectly

this advice is for intermediate lifters, I personally do OHP, Seated DBB Press, facepulls, lateral raises as DIRECT shoulder work on my ULxPPL routine and I've noticed pretty nice gains
the key here is to develop good rear delts, even roided people have small ones and they help by giving a bigger appearance sideways and also by pushing out your middle delt more, like a bulge.

>no need to do front delt work


All you have to do is triangle pushups, legit keep your hands under your chest next to each other on a set

I meant to say no need to do direct front delt work since OHP covers it alongside bench and other pressing movements

1. Widen your ohp grip a little bit while keeping elbows straight ( i alternate between wise grip ohp and normal grip ohp)
2. Never neglect the posterior delt (face pulls are my favorite)
3. Lateral rises at Least 3 times a week

I have never seen anyone with an impressive shoulder girdle that doesn't do a fuckton of lateral raises unless they're on roids.

I'll agree with this, target rear and side delts as they lag the most if you are a typical lifter who likes bench press.

Do some fucking face pulls.

Unironic goal body right there.

gear ok, but synthol?! c'mon, where exactly? his bulge?

no Landmine Press?

>daniel craig
>synthol and roids


My shoulders are coming on ok, this is what's worked for me

Z press and overhead press for sets of about 8, with some lower reps on the standing press and some higher ones on z. DB z press are also great

Loads of volume on face pulls, and doing lots of rest pause work with them. Try doing sets of 100 with a red band, with a 202 tempo, then tell me the last time you had a pump like that.

Loads of strict chest on bench DB rows have helped rear delts.

If you're choosing volume/intensity/frequency, the answer is just yes, you need to do your heavy 5s, you also need to do lots of sets of 8-12 feeling the muscle work, and you want to be doing this 3+ times/week.

You could do your traditional pressing days twice a week, with your heavy stuff then your 8-12s, then the day after each of those, just spend 15 minutes getting a pump with bands and DBs etx