Milk is good bro

>Milk is good bro

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Every one of these map shows different

Indeed it is, why else would certain people evolve to be able to digest it?

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Not my fault your ancestors didn't suck the gains juice out of cow tiddies

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Hmm, interesting, the shittiest parts of the world are all dark blue. The objectively best countries in the world are all light blue. Looks like I'm going to keep drinking milk.

Yeah, like Japan!...

Nips, gooks and chinks objectively have the worst genetics. At least pajeets can grow facial hair.

What if white people are white because they drink milk?

>"I'll pick this one country that isn't shit"

Please kill youself weeaboo faggot

Japs are basically short elves. They're lean-figured, fair-skinned, hairless, and they have a xenophobic culture that looks as outsiders as inferior while simultaneously being incomprehensible to normal people.

Blacks are orcs.

I don't even know what Indians are, though.

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Dunno where those statistics come from but i can tell you for a fact literally every public school in japan includes milk in the school lunch.



top kek


Atlanto Mediterranid are the most beautiful women weather you consider them white or not.

Indians are goblins; smelly, strange to outsiders, and basically handicapped from birth.

based Aryan , praise kek XD

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t. lactose intolerant m*d

Indians are shorter, dark skinned, out of shape versions of whatever whites are

When they are young

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t. limp dicked wh*toid

Not the same user, but the Japanese consume a metric cum load of coffee as adults. I assure you they don't have it black either unless they're a proper 18/6 salary man.

It can't be that bad considering they'll outlive every single one of us.

i can drink 4 litres of milk with zero digestive issues, japanese can't do that

Yeah I can drink everybody in my company under the table being a 6'1" Anglo-Australian. I'll be 12 in and tipsy, they'll be 5 in and fucked to the heavens. They'll still all outlive me if they don't kill themselves first.

I stopped drinking milk and now gives me the poops.
Did i become a nigger?

lactose intolerant or not milk is just bad for you

thanks op im going to use this as bait on pol

Probably because your body lowered the production of lactase. If you keep drinking it your body should start to be able to digest it again.

Same goes for when people stop eating gluten and then start again. It's gonna give you the shits until your body can start producing the correct enzymes again.

>any sort of food
>being inherently bad

you're fucking dumb

wyatt is that u


the exception proves the rule

Indians are dunmer

If you are from outsides of the 0-20% range you are genetic waste.

you tools do realise it's about 'evolutionary' changes in diet dating back thousands of years. People dont have the bacteria to process milk in their guts if they come from a country where milk was never consumed. Dutch are big and strong because they eat fuckload of dairy since forever, and noone is intolerant also because of this.
Sayong milk is 'goo' or 'bad' whilst referring to the map is retarded.
Its like saying chili perppers are good or bad except we dont eat a lot of chili whereas SE Asia are fed red peppers from birth.
>OP is a fag.

>non-whites are people

The image is completely wrong, the majority of the world is lactose tolerant.

Arabs khajjit?

>tfw mexican
>dad can't drink milk
>mother can
>sister can't
>I can

I'm the epitome of mexican evolution.

Yes. They are the future. You will be extinct very soon. You're too cowardly to have a kid in your 20s they're having kids in their teens.

>Americans aren't whi-

Mejorar La Raza

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just switch out dairy milk and whey for almond milk and hemp protein.

>Breeding like rats is something to aspire
Even Darwin though weaker races will outbreed superior ones eventually if they aren't stopped

The majority of the world has either slightly above half, equal, or below half presence of lactose intolerance. If anything that just shows non ooga boogas handle that spicy milk better

>the niggers' analytical ability exposed
To any non-savage with a 85+ IQ that picture says whites have superior digestive systems.

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I'm not lac intolerant but milk gives me acne, am I white

>willingly lowering your t

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God, imagine being this stupid and still running your mouth as much as you do.

Cows can digest fibers that humans can't. Does that make them superior, or did they just evolve with a different source of energy available?

>born in dark blue zone
>up to 2 liters of milk a day when bulking
>no problems
>see all my friends can't even have ice cream cause intollerance

Being white is such a great feeling

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Yeah, sure is good to have a larger range of things to eat.

>highlighting half the text

>southern europe is white

LMFAO even turkey is whiter than them stay mad shitalians

Milk is the ultimate bro, easy gains for white people but they fuck up our enemies.
The niggers fear the milk.

That's not mark ripplietits in that image

Milk is good because nogs can't drink it. You know this is true.

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>falling for the dairy jew

it's like you guys don't want to be healthier with better skin