How do girls react to your muscles?

How do girls react to your muscles?

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Im in Korea for school and I get my arms and shoulders groped a lot. Feels good man.

They don't!

they think I'm weird for being shirtless in the supermarket

I'm not even that big but girls I sit next to mire a lot just because the majority of males that aren't Jow Forums are soyboy DYELs

*at my college

A lot of college dudes are skinnyfat or dadbod

The college dudes who slay are usually

1.) in a fraternity
2.) decent to good facial aesthetics
3.) tall (6 foot above)
4.) optional but a Jow Forums physique


I dress very normie because idgaf and utilitarian, but girls are very surprised when there is physical contact.

"Whoa you're strong"
"Dang you're pretty sturdy"

Feels good man

Not even that fit yet, but one girl was very surprised I could lift her up ezpz, and I've noticed another does a 180 in her reactions when I take off my shirt.

Would love to be extra alpha Chad and let my stache out like this guy.
>tfw ottermode

did u lift her off the ground at chest level or like OHP her? because former is easy

Not sure only time ppl see me shirtless is after gym in the locker room so thats just boys and they compliment me, ask me for tips etc i didn't even think i was that big i guess compared to them i am though + this is the college gym that i use so its mainly like 17-18 year olds and im 21

i was fucking a girl a few weeks ago and afterwards she kept squeezing my chest/arms talking about how i have bigger tits than her. felt really weird. not sure if i enjoyed.

otherwise my ex always grabbed my ass and THAT i was not a fan of.

you must not lift many american "women"

They mire, but as a climber I get waaaay more compliments for just being very strong. I'm naturally shy but have always recieved compliments from others, be it on my complexion, looks, hair etc. I just can't learn to take them well. I though I would have figured it out by now but I always become autistic and deflect, which I can even feel in the moment is very unattractive.

What do you guys respond when people give you compliments?

I'm the same way as far as being shy goes, but what works for me when I get called cute or handsome, I just smile and say "yeah I know", or even just a sincere-ish sounding thank you is good enough.

It's better to act a little full of yourself than look like a stuttering autist


I guess that's true, and I will try to do that. I think deflecting is such a bad habit, my own internal voice just screams to just take the fucking compliment.

You have issues

My ex girlfriend used to start dripping if i ever exposed my delts. She was short too, and liked to grab and kiss them.

I think my shoulders got more action than i did when all was said and done.

I'm 5'5 so they dont tbqh

just say thanks

I miss China

I used to be told that I looked nice that day so I would just say yeah today but yesterday and tomorrow terrible.

You can always make a joke. Tell them they only say that because they want x y or z from you. Tell them yeah I'm wearing my lucky underwear today or something. Or thanks I have been hitting those yoga classes lately or something. Not that hard. You could literally say oh yeah? And smile and it would be better than being an autistic weirdo

u gay bro

Wow, you're ripped as fuck for a nerd ;)))