Present Physique Thread

didn't see one so CBT
How much fat do you think is on my body? either as BF% or total mass. Cut down from ~190-195 earlier this year to 167 in these photos, 5'11"
My GI is really empty but at the same time I still feel like I have rolls. Definitely at the awkward stage where I've put in the work but not gotten the true results yet, I think some (relatively) concrete metrics would be motivating.
Ask questions about routines, give opinions, don't be trash.

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OP probably around 20to25% BF.
I had a similar body when I started 2 months agon, cutted from 180lbs to 150. (mostly by fasting)

Then started heavy lifting, here's my pic.
Keep it up bro, you're going to make it.

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I’d guess 25-30 percent for you desu. How long have you been working out?
Why did you position your phone over center mass lmao

I’m about to start trying to cut 3-5 percent body fat off for summer, just need to be lean to chill on the boat w bitches and be comfy w it

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Bf estimate? Critique besides dyel?
What you see is 1.5 months of training after an 8 month hiatus.

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I’ve been lifting for a year with little to show for it. Gained 30 pounds and stayed at 18% body fat but I still just look bad. Getting very discouraged.

I eat a lot of protein but I also drink beer. I hardly run. What can I start to do to improve my situation? I feel like I wasted a year.

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dont drink beer. this dumb motherfucker

Been a runner for 2 years and picked up lifting (started mid Jan)
Squat 80kg
Bench 60kg x8
Pretty sure bf% is under 11%

I feel I'm not eating enough but I want to get shredded
Anything out of proportion?

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do you OHP my dude?
if not, do

I do them seated with dumbbells.
I'm doing shoulders tmr and ill give it a go

been lifting for 4-5 months w no diet
please estimate my bf :(

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r8 back too

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this is what women want
tall dark and handsome

BF% no idea, what's your estimate?

Trynna escape flavortown before summer then go "clean bulk"

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Are these good or bad cep insertions pls help

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Anyone interested in making $2 for no work?

I'm looking for a pic of you at day 1 and then a little while later (1 month to a year) of progress that you haven't posted to the internet before.

Anyone down?

your muscle % is lower than your bf%

what should i do then

Seems sketch as fuck

peak is weak, sorry bro

158 lbs

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Cant you target that via exercises?

5'11 180lbs

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stop drinking beer and do some fucking cardio moron. you already know the answer.

So this is the power of manletism. Routine , lifts, experience ?

I am afraid they are just gonna keep growing the way they are. You can't change the shape of your muscle via training.



Fuck my shit up

5’11 170

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Weird, Ive seen exercises that claim to target it

I'd lick my cum up from between your abs . What are your lift stats?

no homo btw

Full homo

Bench 180 3x5
Squat 215 3x5
OHP 135 3x5
Dead 260 1x5

>I also drink beer. I hardly run.
Why did you even ask for advice when you already knew what you were doing wrong?

>I also drink beer
at least switch to hard liquor or wine if you have to drink

What a difference 10lbs makes


>tfw same fucking height weight
>better lifts(60x5/100x5/140x5/170x5(in kg))
>look worse
5 11 175lbs
goes to show how much genetics are worth

Forgot pic

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Just started lifting. Been doing SL 5x5 + isolation for about 2-3 weeks. Any chance I make it in time for summer?
6’0 180

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I fucking wish kgs
All those stats are lbs

I’m still a skele imo. I need to eat more.

Do a cut, cuck

Currently 165, cutting down to probably 155 or 150

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pulled 550 on a trap bar today

209 lbs Cutting on 1800 calories

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ahahahahahaa, 4'10?


what are your lifts, chum?

cut like never before if you want to look good for summer 2018
200g protein min
1800 calories max
keep lifting

Wait is beer really that bad? I drink a beer everyday, and during weekends i drink probably 5 liters of beer.

But i do a lot a cardio everyday (biking), so should i stop or what? Im not as bad as the guy in the pic btw

I'm 5'6
Fuck off
215 bench, 105 OHP, 315 Deads, 155 squats. Just started working legs but I prefer lower weight, higher rep for deadlifts and squats since I have better form and control
Another pic of me for proof that it is in fact me

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Weak af lifts but you’ve got a great frame mate, those legs will blow up big time if you drive that squat up

220 a few months ago to 200 earlier this week. Bodyfat% estimate?
225x5 binch
135x8 press
285x5 squat
365x5 diddly

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stop lifting and do some fucking cardio you fat fuck

It's too bad you can only do one of those two things

keep lifting keep cutting youre onna do it

Can I get a bf% estimate please lads???

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Lifts are
OHP: 70kg
Squat: 170kg
Deadlift: 210kg
Bench: 115kg

My shoulders are weak af and are always in pain, any tips?

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landmine press instead of ohp - easier on the shoulders
rotator cuff exercises

see a physio. what triggers the pain?

Rate/redpill me pls

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Thanks mate, I'm down 12 pounds since the start of March and I'm shooting for 193 currently then I'm gonna reassess.

>landmine press
Thanks, I'll try these
Bench press and OHP
I've tried working on my bench form lots and have had help from PTs but still get the pain. I've got very long arms which I don't think helps

if you're sure you've got the form right for the bench try using a football bar instead - or switch to DBs if you don't have access to one. it's definitely worked for me - it can be a bit awkward though.

3 months of lifting

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What should I focus on?

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you look good my man, traps could use a little work but all in all good stuff. After you cut you will look great

as for the OHP the form matters just as much. keep your grip an inch outside of shoulder width. i tried both too narrow and too wide - too narrow gave me impingement issues and too wide felt like my shoulders were going to pop out. it was also extremely weak. look up some guides on the form too

alternatively, switch to DBs for a while and see how that goes. imo it is easier to find the right path and the width is naturally right

Awesome pic. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

How does one measure bf% by eye? It's like that chart only applies to dudes with some muscle in them.

140 lbs
Can I get a bf estimate?

Also, I would like to cut some more to get rid of sitting down tummy. Finally broke out of skinny fat, and I think it takes a shorter time to cut than to bulk. Would it be anorexic of me to fast some more?

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181cm, 95kg, currently cutting cause I'm too damn heavy.

OHP 80kg
Bench 140kg
Squat 180kg
Deadlift 220kg

Trying to bring my OHP tro 100kg for dat dere 2/3/4/5

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Been browsing Jow Forums for a few years now, first time posting in a CBT. I've been working out on and off the past couple years but only started lifting seriously about five months ago. Lost about 20 lbs slowly and now I'm cutting seriously, down to 159 lbs.

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