Since manlets are already cursed, is it the ethical them for them limit them to dwarf women for breeding...

Since manlets are already cursed, is it the ethical them for them limit them to dwarf women for breeding? Do we really want to let those genes spread of those genes?

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>Be Dwarf
>Shorter than all the other Dwarfs because dad was a manlet
>Female dwarfs refuse to date me

> not fucking this semen demon anyway regardless of height

Kek, this looks like a literal Mini Me version of my qt coworker.

Tall women are for tall men
Short women are for tall men as well
Manlets can have themselves


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How tall do you think she is?

I would. Would you?
tfw no mini gf


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Karina Lemos. She's brazilian.

I would fuck every little inch of her pussy

I'd fuck it. She doesn't have the dwarfism face. Probably just short.

>them them
>those those

I think we should start with brainlets like you OP.

manlets are prohibited from breeding

Ayayay I'd give that dwarf seven inches of snow white if you know what I mean fellars

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Does she have a full sized vagina? Would you even be able to fully fuck her?

>the year is 3090
>solar flares have left the surface uninhabitable
>two breeds of human have evolved due to the 2070 breeding amendment
>the biggers fled the planet years ago
>the stunties disppeared underground
>tectonic plate shifts have revealed the sprawling manlet pit metropolis
>the manlets inherit the earth

I'd fuck that face

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You'd put your benis in her twice?

>Linklets this insecure
Jesus lol.

It should actually be the opposite, that way we garantee that, at least on average, the population grow taller over the generations

t. Manlet

fucking a dwarf is kinda pedo territory isn’t it?

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find yourself a nice gnome lass, they're cuter than dwarves anyway

>implying i have a full sized dick

Bananas are for tall monkey men thats all

I find womanlets hot but irl ones , they're just fucking turn offs, if you know what I mean

No, they have all adult features but compressed

Why exactly does everything devolve into this ridiculous "pedo territory" thing? It's always either this, "rape" or "necro-terrorism".

It's the go to for older women or dumb chicks who hold up maturity as some kind of standard of fuckability

is there a subreddit or some forum where male midgets post angrily about other guys stealing their women?

The funniest thing is that petty shit like that, combined with the assumption that maturity just inherently comes with age / time spent alive, indicates that those older women are just as immature as the teenagers they decry men for wanting.

I think they know - they literally can't offer anything more than the average teenage girl in terms of personality, talents, intelligence, humour, confidence, and overall maturity, because they never really grew up or tried to improve themselves over time. Instead, knowing they can't even win on their own terms - having a sexy body (which now succumbs to gravity, age, and disrepair) - they attempt to sabotage adult men, teenage boys, and teenage girls alike, in a desperate and pathetic attempt to shame men into only taking up washed-up cougars with nothing to offer who still try to live the teenage life.

The funny thing is - I'm 28. I'm not a bodybuilder, but I'm fit. Facial aesthetics 6-7/10. I have an advanced education and am starting a career as an educator. I'm confident, have a sense of humour, and have average success with relationships and stands. I have a well-fit, stylish, but not trendy fashion sense. I am actually really into cougars and older women, even bigger ones, but even considering all this, they all reject me and guys like me. All they want are literal teenage/college-age Chads so that they can feel like they've "still got it" and relive their long-gone cheerleader days when they peaked.

Malets can have eachother, that's why they're advocating that traps aren't gay

ive seen the manlet suffering with my own eyes, but i had to look down on it

>solar flares have left the surface uninhabitable
Fucking Krillin



Why do you want used up old whores?
Bang the hot young things.
They are just really hot tight future cougars.

worst samefagging in history

inb4 you post a screenshot of this post
manipulating (You)s is not hard