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This picture shows how beta incels really are. They feel that being told no in the same as rape.

Reminder that jimposter is an incel


He's one of the saddest cases I've come across on this site

There's literally nothing wrong with rape. It happens all the time in nature. It is only our culture that makes a big deal out of it. It's much more harmful to supress man's natural tendencies than to rape women which is why the wolf looks like that. Women contribute nothing to society besides their eggs and womb and thus should be limited to being for pleasure, breeding and rearing infants. They'll be happier for it too.

so i guess one of my shoulders is tight i cant retract the blades properly

spoonfeed me on what to stretch

Shoulders duh...

Reeeeeeeeee, forgot to take "deep breath (TM)" on my main deadlift work and wondered why my lower back hurts. Only figured that out on my last two sets of pause accessory diddies and holy fuq literally could hold that shit forever and the whole lift was comfy overall.

Lol what an incel

I don't get the picture. The only thing an incel protects is the genepool from himself. See . I know it's likely bait but there are genuinely little Elliot Rogers out there who think like this.

I sent her a request and she accepted it. See you virgins later.

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>hey guys lifting works better when I remember to brace
user you silly sausage

Just finished disposing some liquid dirreaha Norman khan

It was true Norman khannirreaha where I had to run to the bathroom as it exploaded and leaked out

you think that's silly I was lifting for 3 years without bracing

Garagebro you here? Need to ask you something

yeah me too lmao actually slipped a disc because of it

once i startwd to brace never had problems since

This guy dies alone

Trenning arms 2day

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It's hard to believe that guys like Marcel, Bryce, SSB, and Virtus used to post here.

You guys are fucking embarrassing now.

Why tf you still posting here

why did day 1 of nuckols 3xint high feel so easy lmao?

Not taking questions on here anymore, im only posting to correct other peoples shit advice

maybe you picked a max that is too low

Awesome, see you in a couple years at 500 wilks.

I picked my max i tested last week
i even had small form issues with it
still felt easy

So basically anyone who says You should instead of Should I is getting help now

You should go fuck yourself

yeah you can fuck yourself if you want

lets see what advice gbro comes up for you then

Should I go fuck myself?


God i fucking hate deadlifts. I can recover from heavy squats just fine and i literally never have any soreness in my upper / lower back, but as soon as i do a heavy deadlift session i feel like absolute garbage for days.

Can't really bend over without comfort. Should I just quit deads alltogether? Fucking reeee ee

funny discovery tbqh famlam

>Should I just quit deads alltogether

>found a weak link
>it's hard to do reeeeee

Welcome to Nu-PLG

You should all give me money

I dont want to fuck my back up. Ive tried both sumo and conventional for an extended period of time and i feel like shit after both

Quit powerlifting.

Do it until it stops feeling like shit, either from a stronger back or the bliss of snap city

im the same. the only solution i found is to amp up the volume and lower weight...

nah id rather quit deads

t r a p p y c h a nn

>quitting 1/3 of the sport
what are you doing in the powerlifting thread, man?

Good job only doing 2/3rds of an already embarrassingly unathletic hobby.

No ill give basic corrections

If you wana message me ill give you whatever advice you want

Post a video. There's nothing inherent about a deadlift compared to a squat that should wreck you more if you're moving correctly and not programming like an idiot.

What's your IG?

squat tm light day
ohp 5x3
seal row 3x15
farmers walks 3 sets
back extensions

look in the archives he wont tell you because youre new

Nobody cares about you garagebro. Ive been here for several years but i never bothered to remember your IG or name because you're an irrelevant cheater

Blog post. Why the fuck is r/fitness so scared of everything? I go into a thread and read about how difficult it is to check form in a mirror every now and again during a 2pl8 deadlift because glancing to the side is going leave you permanently fucked up.

Why do people believe this? Reddit never used to bother me but now they’re just pussies and treat everything with kid gloves.

>nobody cares about you
>irrelevant cheater

Thats true but at least i have a good life outside plg

>you're irrelevant
Nice projection

Because reddit is for bugpeople.

>MFW work let's us leave one hour earlier due to the bank holiday so I can spend an extra hour binching

Heh, sometimes I like worming for big international companies.

Gentlemen *nods respectfully*

I know that feel

But I tough you drive around all the time?

Yeah i manage my own time, im an area manager

id work like 3 hours and the rest spend at the gym.

So do you have a certain workload that you have to get done in a day let's say? And you can do it as quick or as long as you want? Is that right?

>If you wana message me ill give you whatever advice you want
that sounds so sexual

You could technically do that but youve got to visit accounts and sell to hit targets so youd lose a lot of money

Got to do 5-6 calls a day, if you can get round them quick and theyre still productive then its win win

What do you mean by "calls"? And what is it that you are managing if you don't mind me asking?

He's a pimp, calls are literal calls.

I work for a carpet manufacturer and i cover south london which has around 100 shops that sell our products

I have to visit them regularly, sell new displays, manage their orders and find potential new accounts that will be profitable for the company. The retail value of the area is around £2.5 million.

Basically i visit 5-6 places a day that have an account with us and try to grow the business we do with them

Dead hangs would probably help

Wew lad, sounds like your social skills are higher than your lifts.

Do you actually live in London yourself, or is it just managing places in there?

does your powerlifter body build influence negatively on your personal image at work?

North here. I live in a comfy pseudo suburb so everyone is either huwhite or greek around here, lots of greenery and rivers and shit as well

Feels good man

>been hammering our dips
>read here that dips increase your ohp
>no they don-
>do ohp today
>just repped my max for an easy 5


Ive been a salesman for years

Na i live in kent

Not really i wear tailored suits and custom made shirts so things arent stretched out or baggy in places, i get the odd comment about being big

I used to merchandise north london it was all jews and asiand it was awful

Fucking hell garagebro, you're the type of person that I want to be, no homo.

yeah there are a ton of jews in north london but it's the prettiest part of london imo
this pic was taken 30 seconds away from my house

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Yeah that looks nice

Idk, just from watching and interacting with you here, you seem like a guy who got his shit together and just overall a nice person.

Many anons would disagree

gbro is an autist on a high level

he just managed to adapt to his work environment

>and asiand
i bet you mean pajeets

I've met gbro; he's not autistic. It's just you're all really fucking frustrating.

Idk, me personally I like you

Maybe deads
Dunno yet, might make an omelette

the average person is frustrating, deal with it

The average person is only frustrating if you are autistic and they're getting in the way of your hand flapping.

Did squats and snatch grip today.

10 x 5 @120

Barbell Rows, Pushups, Face Pulls, Curls

Getting some grub at a greasy spoon diner.

White Zombie

Who gives a shit? Lmao.

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Whereas the average interaction with user on plg these days is something like;
>My anus prolapses every time I deadlift, should I do more kegels?
"Post a video? An error in your setup probably means your arse is falling out every rep, it's probably an easy fix if we can cue it better"
>I'm too autistic to film myself/No thanks my form is immaculate/your advice doesn't count because you're fat/gbros advice doesn't count because he's on gear/ok I'm just going to do the kegels

Ad infinitum

How do you deal with sudden changes in life routine?
Im finishing my hypertrophy phase and when most recovery I need suddently everything comes at once
>this sat Medieval LARP event that I will play as NPC
>sunday bbq with friends alcohol involved
>next weekend 3 days of animecon that I will crossplay
>the next weekend a university party with lots of alcohol and wymyn involved

I fucking hate being a walking autism, I just want to be alone and become big so I can lift even bigger weights.

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lol you dont need to go to any of those

Teach me how to squat cleanly and recover in less than a week, please.

I don't do back squats often, but my hips are fucked for a week every time I do. Small pain in the joints, and it's really tight in my lower back and hips.

It's really nasty when I try to squat with frequency, like twice per week. I'm basically immobile all the time.

Deadlifts, on the other hand, I can recover from in just a couple of days with no issue.

I dislike bench, too. Maybe I should go for strongman instead. Then again, I haven't been doing powerlifting training for like nine months now, I've been doing bodybuilding stuff.

stop humble bragging and go lift

stop coping

i been stalling on squats for a year now guess what i didnt stop squatting i started squatting more

>stalling for an entire year

How? Even with all of my problems, I continued to get stronger. I only stopped because of an injury.

I'm starting to get back into squats and deadlifts now, but the squats feel kind of funky, so I'm trying to figure that out.

Incels are subhuman trash, undeserving of the gift of life. Females or the other hand, aren't human at all. It'd be really tough to choose which one to kill first, but when I think about it, at least incels contribute to mankind's advancement, because as inadequate as they are, they're still males.
Both live because we need them to. Once alternatives arrive, they'll die out

>it happens in nature
>therefore it is good

>when most recovery I need suddently everything comes at once
>this sat Medieval LARP event
None of those things should effect recovery, you autistic nugger.

>what is drinking beer and alcohol
>what is not being able to go to gym because waking up soon
>what is staying up late

Women are fun. Lighten up, sperg.

Women don't make good friends, or politicians, or soldiers, or engineers.

But they do make good companions, mothers, and nurturers.

Women aren't men you fag, so quit thinking of them as such.

That's not what i'm saying, i'm saying not raping women is an artificial social construct that consolidates the state's monopoly on violence.

>what is drinking beer and alcohol
If you can't drink a 6pack and still do your workput, youre being a fag.

>what is not being able to go to gym because waking up soon
Wake up at 5am and lift.

>what is staying up late
Poor baby. If you don't get 10 hrs you'll lose your gains! Lol.

Women aren't human faggot, quit thinking of them as such. They've been ruining civilizations since the dawn of time and it is only logical to have an aversion to their kind, much like you'd be wary of your surroundings when walking by a ghetto, even if the negroes who live there are peaceful upstanding citizens. But it is okay, I will be waiting for you to post on r9k once your 4/10 qt girlfriend cheats on you.