Sorry Mr. Insurance Customer, but braces are purely cosmetic and aren't covered by your insurance

>Sorry Mr. Insurance Customer, but braces are purely cosmetic and aren't covered by your insurance

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i have clustered bottom teeth and an overbite, but the NHS will only cover 'train tracks' metal braces and not the invisible ones (would set me back a few grand). what should i do?

Get the train tracks? How is this even a question

can you afford a few grand? if not, get the train tracks. it's worth it in the long run.

But if you goy want to cut off your pee pee and become la creatura go on it's 100/100 free. You can even got a handicaped statut and got free money without working so you got more time to spread degeneracy

>Jow Forums - Fitness

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You must be new.

I've had this forever and no dentist ever tried to fix it, despite going through 2 braces on the top row

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That's because its not cosmetic and 1000% beneficial to the health of the recipient

Are you saying circumcision has more health benefits than braces? Top fucking laugh. You're the reason why this board is in this poor state. Almost as bad as the Indian child giving advice on cycles

A few thousand is nothing.
I spent almost 20k on mine

What did he mean by this

Get your braces in Asia and get them adjusted in your city. It will be so much cheaper

Get metal braces. They work better anyway. Invisalign is a meme.

It sucks, but you have to accept that.

stop being poor, retard

lol, link to Indian child thread?

If I could teleport to asia this might work, but It'd cost me 4-5 grand to fly there, spend a week, and come back.

>1.5 grand at most for plane tickets if you book not like a retard
>100-200 for a week at a hostel
>100 for taxi
>100 for food

>had braces
>teeth are perfect
>paid for by my continental socialist gov
Bismarck dindu nuttin he a gud boi

I have the most fucked up teeth but because im over 18 its gonna cost me £3000. I cant afford that, and pay my mortgage and eat food.

It makes me incredible said. I have misshappen, jagged teeth, a broken bulbous nose, black eyes with eyebags and greying hair. And severe cystic acne with ice pick and box scars. And schtizo affective disorder.

My life is a lonely one. All i can do is make what little money i can, then die alone.

Anglo I assume (b/c of pounds)
I will be honest. You have the worst case. England is completely fucked. Your situation doesnt sound good either. But it shows one thing. Mental strength. And that's worth something. And you're not lonely, we'll always be here for you.
As a great englishman once said: "Do not despair". (watch this btw
We all gonna make it

explain to mr. insurace how orthodontic imperfections increase your risk or caries, parodontal disease and joint problems
>purely cosmetic lmao

Your orthodontist is garbage, he should've fixed that alignment on the upper and bottom as well. That's seriously fucked up that you dropped 3+G's and he didn't do his job

>living in Murrica

Argentinian masterrace reporting in. Fuck bro, even the shittiest health plans here have braces covered.

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how fucking expensive are dentists in the 1rst world?

I live in hueland and i fixed my fucked up teeth with 3k Banana bucks for 3 years of treatment plus the braces. Jesus christ guys, do you not go to the dentist every 6 months too?

your top teeth are crooked too wth

3-10k USD for braces. Orthodontia isn't covered by most dental plans. Amercian's are the most cucked when it comes to general health coverage.

Only retards show their bottom teeth while talking anyway. Get the metal braces and save yourself the few grand.

>have 2 crooked bottom teeth
>through some miracle insurance accepts paying for braces
>end up with perfect teeth
>stop wearing retainer because I was a 15 year old
>bottom teeth go from straight to crooked again

god, giving an adolescent that much power/influence over their life is fucking retarded. Literally could have saved thousands of dollars, fuck people who think teenagers can make actual decisions

Get the metal braces.

You need /ourguy/ he seems to be expensive tho

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>being proud about living in Argentina

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thtupith thentithts, i hate them

t. Mutt

>Top fucking laugh

Is it going to be super embarrassing for a 24 year old to get braces? How long would I need to keep them on?

It isn't even that uncommon. You will most likely need them on for 18-24 months. You can also get ceramic braces which aren't very noticeable. It sounds like a long time, but it will fly by. If you have $, options like veneers and braces behind your teeth become available, depending on your situation.

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I had braces in the last 2 years of college. I hated it so much and was embarrassed everyday I went to class. But I'm so glad I did it though. I used to barely smile because of how self conscious I was about my teeth. Only regret with braces was not getting them sooner in life and not being vocal about the wire that sometimes poked me in the back.

>2018 still falling for the braces jew
Braces stunt jaw growth by moving tooth inwards and thus collapsing in your palate and jaws, and not giving your tongue room to rest in its indented position.
Nobody who kept their tongue sucked up against their palate and ate tough, unprocessed foods has ever had crooked teeth.
>yfw every single discovered body of a person before the agricultural revolution has perfect teeth.

Fuck man why is circumcision still legal. That's wrong on so many levels. There is no reason to do it. You can clean it easily enough and the pleasure is amazing from it. Also gave veins that run to the edge of the skin so I wouldn't even know how it would look if I was cut.

>>yfw every single discovered body of a person before the agricultural revolution has perfect teeth.
>yfw that's about as true as wrestling is real

How the fuck you go actually examine skeletons you larping faggot.

Look at the width of their jaws. Look at tribes in the modern times that are isolated from civilization.
Are you pretending to be a fucking idiot?

have braces somewhere cheap, i come from bosnia, just 1500e and beautiful teeth reporting

ey, narigón!

$5000 is average for braces