Daily reminder that children are the biggest gains goblin you can have...

Daily reminder that children are the biggest gains goblin you can have. You will literally never make it if you have kids.

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At least you can still watch your diet
No, your wife buying trash is no excuse, you should be setting an example for her


Having kids is the ultimate goal. You'll never make it if you havent realized that by now.

Having a wife is second worst

True, how many ripped/happy Dads do you see?

Having kids makes no sense, the world is over populated and fucked as it is.

Its the purpose of life to go on. Being fit to have sex to get children. Get some therapy or visit nature sometimes.

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Its overpopulated by worthless pajeets and chinks. Enjoy having your bloodline cucked out of existence

Reminder that having toddlers around you significantly lowers your testosterone.

False, i got shredded for the first time when i got a kid cause i was so busy i didnt have the time to eat all the time.
So kids are actually foodgoblins

>the world is overpopulated
>western world needs to import third world subhumans because the west doesn't have enough kids

If the US wasn't overpopulated then we wouldn't have GMO corn make up 90% of our diets. Lol I'll have fun alright, I'll be fucking sluts til the day I die.

Longitudinal evidence that fatherhood decreases testosterone in human males


>not injecting 250mg test/wk
>making it

>Elon Musk has 6 children
>Bill Gates has 3 children
>Steve Jobs had 4 children
>Warren Buffett has 3 children
>Obama has 2 children
>I could go on forever
They all accomplished much more in their lifes than anyone on fit ever will. And you are seriously saying that you can't grow a couple kilograms of muscle because of children? Enjoy being sad and lonely when you are old.

Did they make it before or after they had children?

>what is export

>Sad and alone when I'm old
Lol no, people fucking love me I don't need some stupid screaming shit sacks to feel important. I'll probably be fucking the nurses that I hire to take care of me when I'm old.

These guys have the right idea

Having kids is making it. Ask any evolutionary biology professor.


My neighbour has 2 kids and is ex military. Trained with him the other day and he has the body of a spartan. He makes time by waking at 4am and training at 5.

Obama became president after he had children and I don't think Elon Musk has reached his peak yet.

Of course, children make it harder but your older years will be very sad without children. And not having children because you could lose a bit of muscle is pretty much the most retarded think I've ever heard.

I know a bunch of old people who where popular and had a lot of friends when they were young. They are all sad and lonely now. Of course, there are exception, but most people will end up like that.

Having children is reddit and soy

Spouting flavor of the year word aside with the reddit boogeyman ousts you as a retard, retard.
What? You're going to let your legacy perish while the world gets swarmed by sub 80 IQ subhumans? For what? More vidyagaems and material things?
You are weak, you lack pride, spirituality and a sense of self worth.
Ironically, you're the actual soyboy in this scenario, faggot.

No women's ever going to give you the opportunity to breed anyway so why do you keep making these threads you coping incel?

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I just don't get why someone would voluntarily give up being able to fuck whoever they want, whenever they want just to be stuck with some stupid bitch for the rest of their life. I live in LA and I can pretty much fuck a new girl every night on Tinder. I guess I see why people in flyover land would want to "settle down", there's no one there, but if you live somewhere good then there's no excuse to settle.

Fuck off schlomo

>Following your literal deepest instinct, not only the essence of human nature but of nature as a whole, is reddit and soy
Imagine being this retarded

People love you now. When you get older, they'll start having families and fulfilling themselves slowly forgetting about you.

>t. Shlomo
Should I also smoke weed all day and always vote for the left?
Do migrants and bigger taxes make my gains bigger ?

>I'm a slave to my genetic programming
Yup. Reddit and Soy.

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There's literally nothing wrong with smoking weed you fucking hill billy trumptard.

My father is 62. He made many mistakes in his life (like alcoholism) which made his sons distance a little from him. He has 5 fucking childs, and he never stopped supporting our comfortable middle-upper class life.
Nowadays he's fucking 40 year olds like crazy. And he's not good looking. But still, he has a better sex life than me or any 25 year old man I know. Shit, my mother told me once a story. When I was just 1 year old and my mother was pregnant of my little brother, we were in some kind of party and it was chilly. My dad lend his jacket to my mother. She put her hands in the jacket pockets and what she found? Condoms. Crazy motherfucker lmao
I love you dad.

Dad drive.

US is a meme country anyway, have fun eating plastic while we can still eat normal food in EU

Only if it's halal lmao

>being proud of your cheating father


Free haram pussy delivered right to my doorstep. You because you cant taste the forbidden fruir

You jelly*

Damn phone

I started getting fit because I had kids. It’s all time management, no excuses.

I don't give a fuck about it. Even if my dad cheated on my mother, he still supported her and helped her through her many psychotic outbreaks and suicide attempts.
He's known for his incredibly high sex drive and only fathered men. 4 of them. He also adopted my older sister and proposed marriage to my mother when my sister called him "father" at the age of 4 years old.
He's a doctor and basically we could be rich but most of the times he does surgery for free because insurance companies are fucking evil and he'd rather help people instead of getting them in debt just to keep being alive.
He took care of my morbid cousin when she got sick of skin cancer and stood with her treating her and emotionally supporting her until her death, because her own father couldn't bare to see his daughter slowly dying.
Once, we were eating in the terrace of a restaurant in Barcelona when suddenly a burglar entered the restaurant and threatened a waitress with a knife. He was the only one who fucking stood up and non-violently he convinced the fucking burglar to go away, because it wss not worth it. He also convinced the owner of the restaurant to not call the cops since it would slow his business that day and the owner actually made our meal free. I have that moment burnt in my mind since it happened over 15 years ago.
So yeah, I don't give a fuck about him cheating. His good qualities outweight BY FUCKING MILES his bad ones and that's what an alpha should be.

>using a contraceptive method
You didn't think this through.

The US has a birth rate of 1.84, the population is only growing because of mass immigration, do your part and have kids.

Aight man.

surprisingly powerful bait desu

Enjoy decades of loneliness

Your pops sounds like a good man.

what the fuck, your dad is nuts! have you!

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I have a wife and two kids. I'm in the best shape I've ever been in strength wise. I should do more cardio but I'm not that fussed.

It's all about time management and only starting a family with the right person at a time when you are financially stable enough to do so.

I have three kids, I lift more than you and I'm sure I look better than you too. I work 2 24 hour shifts a week so I actually have my kids more than my wife, while my oldest is in school the younger two go to the child care in the gym and I workout for 2 hours a day, after that we usually go to a park and go for a walk, kids keep you active. People that let themselves go because of children where going to anyways they just wanted an excuse, to my they are more motivation for my goals, my sons will look at me as a goal and hopefully.y daughter will look at me as what aan is supposed to be. Everyone has excuses, but at the end of the day we are our own gains goblins and that is it, you have time you just waste it.

>True, how many ripped/happy Dads do you see?

I see one every day when I look in the mirror. It's the moms who are gains goblins. Ditch the bitch and buy your kid a dirtbike instead of wasting on some spoiled cunt woman.

This but 500mg

Good to see other dad's making it, fuck this dadbod shit, I am doing my best to redefine the dadbod and I'm pretty sure I'm doing a damn good job. When you are a super fit 30 year old with kids you basically have to beat the single moms off with a baseball bat, I don't cheat on my wife, not at all I'm happy and fulfilled but it's good feels being wanted all the time

Good thing I care more about having kids than a sad attempt to be a “slayer” well into my 40s lol
>Implying you can’t keep reasonably fit by working out an hour every morning before your kids wake up

Go away

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If that's what you aspire to be like I have a few steps that could help!

> go to the store
> buy some bleach
> drink previously purchased bleach

Tell me how it goes!

Threads like this give me hope, pls don't reproduce

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>t. neanderthal

Proud of you bros, kids are fucking awesome.

Your dad is a piece of shit, you don't seem to have hit the mark yourself.
I hope your bloodline ends horrfically.

It not instinct to have kids, its instinct to have sex. At least for men, anyway

>my dad

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>legacy meme
Always makes me laugh

not really a fan of this logic its either have kids and overpopulate the earth to its limits or its exterminate all the minorities who will hold the majority of the population and have about 6 kids each.

Daily reminder that not having children makes you a degenerate and you will get the rope.

I lift so that one day I can have kids and a beautiful wife who loves me

If you're white ( actually white not American white) it's your duty to have kids.

POCs don't bother