Fat stories/hate

Fatties and their delusions edition

>And even among East Asians, is that really true? Are East Asians, on average, thinner than say, people in France or other Western European countries?

Obviously, yah fat cunt. Obesity rates for women in Nippon is 3% (three), 40% in America. What part of, yes, you are fat as fuck and a lot fatter than they are is hard to understand?

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you would think i would have more stories coming from hawaii and living around/near obese microneasians, locals and non FOBs. However none really come to mind at the moment.
Heres a plane related one; not too intense though
>book international flight; one leg is with a partner airline so i cant choose my seat
>generally i need an aisle seat because end up needing to pee multiple times per flight.
>get a middle seat, first time in a long time, its the very last row and when i look to my right its the bathroom. worstluck.jpg
>boarding seems to be done with a few stragglers here and there
>on waddles mr. beetus; ive seen insulin carrying cases before and he was taking advantage of "its muh medicine so it dosent need to fit in my suitcase"
>he squeezes in his seat, fat spilling unto my seat. If it was a window seat i could pretend to sleep against the window... but not an option today
>i endure it because if im sitting in the last row, its not like i can ask to move seats.
>Soon as the seat belt light is off, he struggles up
>someone else rushes to the toilet; im hit with the rankest ball and shit smell
>"hopefully its only this dude going to take a dump today"
>Mr. beetus stands up in aisle. "Poor circulation' he grubles
>eventually hes told to sit by flight attendants as hes not waiting for the toilet
>he sits for about half an hour and then struggles back up again. Rank ass smell hits me again. Hes huffin and puffin and holding to the back of his chair as he stands.
>endured him getting up at least 6-8 times, the smell hitting me everytime he got up and got increasingly worst as the flight went on.

user you messed up by not calling it "FPH/FPS"; i only found this by searching for /fat/

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>What is collective delusion?

i bet they are british, its only there where inbred degeneracy like this happen

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>TDEE for seditary females is around 1700 cal

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I don't right recall the last time I've read this much bullshit in a single headline.
Anyway, have a classic.

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>calls someone fucks
>at the same time calls for ending bullying
why does this generation curse so much compared to previous ones? I understand doing it around your friends but I’m hearing people curse in public MUCH more than I did 10-15 years ago. It makes their calls for ending offensive language pretty incoherent when every other word out of their mouth is fuck

I love how these toxic people send a natural signal to others to stay away with their bright neon colored hair.

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>being born black is now a lifestyle choice

To you Jow Forums racists it seems to be.

>Two Cakes
big deal one time Lex Luther stole ~40 cakes

Wow. That’s all I can say

Ending sounds unrealistic but sure, good read man

Well, to act like a nigger is one, for sure.

Cuz of the internet probably tbqh

I get the idea, you'd like to do stuff like eat treats and such without being selfconscious, like a guy who doesn't drink calls drinking "too expensive for him", that can take a bit away from the enjoyment right? But if you're already fat you shouldn't be eating fucking cake


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>i might as well marry a man while I´m at it
>she still thinks she could get one that easily if only she wanted to

This is exactly the right combination of utterly ridiculous and still harmless enough that it doesn't make you plainly sad.

While reading this, I was just imagining a group of "fierce fat women" in questionably bold clothing with the classical colorful hair and funky glasses, sitting around a table eating gigantic slices of cake and having "group therapy" about their latest cake-related traumas.

And that's terrible.

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shut up nigger

Why are they constantly eating cake

Why is it always cake and not some other food

>highly restrictive diet
If you cook your own meals and count the calories, you eat a shitload.

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>Every single page of this book contains an AHA! moment

What, because somebody has said you're free to stuff your face like a pig.

dogs know.

That first bit, where she claims to be fairly active because she plays tennis three times a week etc, it makes me wonder about how deluded fat people are about their activity levels.

Let's be fair, if you are able to play tennis properly, three times a week, you aren't going to be fat at all. What she probably does is turn up at a tennis court bounce a ball against the ground and then fall over dying of oxygen deprivation. And she probably went 3 times in one week 10 years ago, but now it's more like once a month.

Good read, thanks user


y'all bigots

>i play tennis 3 times a week

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>Moving around with a Wii
Too exhausting.
Maybe she plays mario tennis on a docked switch.

you can play it without moving
I was that kid, once

Oh wait that's rights you fucks are the_donald lite at this point

t. never been on pol

someone posted full lyrics for this in the last thread

Jesus christ that hambeast got fulminated. Fuck me that was a good read. Thanks user.


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Wouldn't say that to my face ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ cracker

Thanks for the read!

can you imagine how much it sucks to be a mother to such an ugrateful fat piece of shit

even wii tennis is till too much exercise for most fat people

it was super popular with elderly people though

How are these people not forced to have therapy ?

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Fat fucks genuinely disgust me

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I watched a YouTube video of Japanese people trying American sweets... Oreos, shit like that. The most common reaction was basically "this is so rich and sweet I literally can't even eat it."

Well at least she admits that she's fat because she's not bothered to exercise and eat human sized portions.

>40 cakes

>tfw lost 35lbs
Im not Jow Forums per say, Im right around skinnyfat with big arms. 6' 200lbs

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Based canids

>13 people found this helpful

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>1/3 of butter
>a lot of mayonnaise
>a lot of hot sauce


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>ding dongli
my sides

>I'm trying
Gets me every time, man.

Reminds me of this

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I don't even have to read it, I just see the thumbnail and laugh

>fat guy at work eats nothing but tv dinners
>every day one of his breaks consists of dipping an entire pack of cheese sticks into either a jar of mayonnaise or mustard
>drinks a minimum of 2 L of Mountain Dew every shift

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I did that to my former flat mate, called him fat for a whole year. year after we moved I was told he lost just over 7 stones.We wasn't even that fat to be honest.

>MFW I bullied someone into getting in shape.

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>Show my friend this article
>Get told to take this guys advice so I can stop being a fat fuck
>I'm 5'11 and was 198 and now 172
Two months of dieting does wonders

That's a good friend. I wish I had the heart to I this too my friend. I worry about him.

My TDEE is around 2100 and I eat around 1600 to cut, I sometimes think I overeat with this much food

>I also use low fat mayo

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They'll think your joking but will start believing it if you call him it constantly

i dont want to believe

Problem is, he's one of the sweetest guys I know. I can tell if he commited to diet and weight lifting he would have an incredible body.

Jow Forums employees

any reasonable person would have beaten the living shit out of the landwhale and had her charged with sexually assaulting a minor

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Well it's the parents fault that their kid is a fat fuck, so they shouldn't act surprised if that fat kid grows up to be a fat adult.

lmao at her trying to equate the obesity epidemic thats going to bankrupt this country to a few teen girls (rightfully) not eating as much as the average amerifat

i can barely eat one slice without feeling like a fat POS

that's not how hashtags work

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Is that thing on the right side supposed to be a cake?

#caring how people use hashtags

40 keks.jpg

I'm too pussy to even eat a date and walnut cake.
For reference, a slic is about 184kcal.

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So that's what, like drinking 2 cups of oil? 3500 kcals?

>>Work in food service part as a waiter while in school
>>fat people always order diet coke or seltzer
>>Meal is always a couple appetizers with a burger or unhealthy salad as a main
>>Bill is always at least 50-80 bucks due to the extra food they dont need
>>Out of shape people always ordering beer
>>fit guys and girls always order just water and one of our chicken sandwiches or just split a couple appetizers
>>bill is always below 40 for 2 in shape people who you can tell work out
>>always feel bad for the kids of fat parents especially when you can tell the kid is already packing on pounds at 5 years old and the parents just put an iphone is his hands to entertain him

I don't have any specific stories but the amount of food people order is insane especially when any of our appetizers can easily be a main meal

i enjoyed that , thanks user !

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Looks like they could use a few more of those days when they don't eat.

>just because something is a common misconception doesn't make it true

What the fuck

That's the author

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Ask your mom

I just watched a simply Sara video for nostalgia purposes and there was a McDonald's ad
Top fucking kek

They know.

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