Let's be real guys. Memes aside please

Let's be real guys. Memes aside please.

I did 107.5 kg 3x5 of deadlifts yesterday and everyone was miring.

I have never met anyone in my life lifting 3 plates for reps.

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Most people haven't ever seen seen someone lifting 3 plates for reps. So imagine the mires you'll get if you're their first.

I did light weight conventional deadlifts with 170kg by 3x10 yesterday

You don’t see me because I’m at home lifting in my home gym, because that’s what people who are serious about lifting so.

The only lifting you probably do is lifting that 2 liter bottle of dew to your face

Itt you mad.

Funny how low your standards are when all you have to compare yourself to a idiotic gym rats who have been training for 10 years and are still dyels

I did 3 pl8 for reps yesterday only to get mogged by a dude doing 5 pl8 immediately after.

There's at least 8 other people at the gym who lift at the same time as me that are 1/2/3/4.

Are you accidentally at a curves?

I rep +-150kg ez pz in muh home gym
tfw the floor hurting

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Fuck the floor. I use a set of bumpers so the iron plates are raised a few millimeters off the ground, so the damage isn’t that bad.

most people who are serious about lifting know Jow Forums

you get 5-10 per different country on average, which is nothing compared to the actual populations out there.

107.5 kg isnt 3 plates you cuck

Plates means 20kg or 45lbs

3 plates on each side + weight of the bar would be 140kg

100 is nothing Ive seen girls at my gym do that

3 plates = 3*20 = 60 kg

I have seen girls bicep curl those weights in my gym.

Yeah so 3 on each side is 120kg + 20kg bar, whats your point?

that's 6 plates then

Youre a fucking moron, how the fuck are you supposed to deadlift 3 plates then with that logic? Shove one down your asscrack?

1.5 plates on left side and 1.5 on right side

I used the bar with 4 plates as a roller for abs, everyone was clapping.

Ontopic: good job friend

you are supposed to put it in the middle of the bar

But just balance-laid on top, not actually using the hole.

2x20 and 2x10

So you DYELS really thought that 1pl8 ohp, 2pl8 bench, 3pl8 squat and 4pl8 deadlift meant plates in total instead of on each side? Top kek

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wait, it means something different?

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God fucking dman it, man, we need this info on the fucking sticky because Jow Forums cant even agree that 1pl8 means 45 lb on each sides

>everybody who is serious about lifting is here
>Doesn't know what a plate means

It means plates on both sides, otherwise OHP would only be 40kg anybody can reach that goal

100kg is 2 pl8 you dumb fuck not 3

>I have never met anyone in my life lifting 3 plates for reps.

Did you confuse planet fitness for a gym? I go to a normal ass commercial gym and there's at least 3 people there who bench 315+ for reps.

If you're the strongest guy at your gym it's time to find a new gym.

Why find a new gym?
Because you are so antisocial that you don't care about the people who lift with you?


I deadlifted 110kgs when I was 15, to make you feel better.

>in today's episode of things that never happened

>mfw I hit 210kg for 2 today
>I can mog this entire thread
>tfw 7 months of serious lifting


>t piss poor genetics

Lmao nigger how low are your standards? I hit 165kg for reps at 16 years of age,
is completely within bounds for a decent lifter.


Keep being weak then, (you) stupid faggot.

>Lying on the internet
>Your mother will be sad.
No tendies for you today

Fucking count them. There is 6l8s

Good job user, proud of you.

Also for setting the record straight
>1pl8 = 135lbs
>2pl8 = 225lbs
>3pl8 = 315lbs
>4pl8 = 405lbs

>your progress
Deep, sincere congrats user.

>haven't seen anyone IRL pull 3pl8s for reps
What the living fuck? Is Texas just that strong? There's dudes pulling >3 plates for reps at every single gym I go to

I giggled

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Nigga I was deadlift in your mommas knickers trying to put them fuckers back on her when I was 14. No way I was fucking that fat bitch

>107 kg
>3 plate

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Finally hit 10plate yesterday boys.

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Yeah in like a month.

Sumo, mixed grip and five plates, 1/10 b8

Bruhh, what gym? In my uni gym there's always some fucker dumping so much weight on the ground I feel like sooner or later he's gonna cause an earthquake and my military press PR will fall on my head

this, my dumbfuck newfag dyels
fuck I come back to Jow Forums after 2 year (yeah, yeah I know ...) and see this thread

also, this should've long been stickied imo

Show me yours

I've literally never seen anyone else deadlift in my gym. Everyone does either RDL or some fucked up touch n go DL that's just a RDL with bad form

Is sumo DL bad? Normal DLs are uncomfortable as fuck and i hate them, but sumo DLs i find somewhat fun and OK. My legs are abnormally long so that may play a role in this, idk.

I hate DLs so much that i ended up absolutely omitting them. I recently started doing sumos and i hope i'll be able to substitute them. Is this in any shape or form bad?

Looks fucking delishes, man.

Dafuq is wrong with mixed grip? You're holding the bar without equipment and you are doing all the force to lift it.

u look bad too.


where the fuck you working out, m8 ?
I wanna get dem mires.

Naw they are fine, don’t get memed by manlets into doing conventional and hurting yourself.

I wasted 2 month because battletoad told me “I’m not a special snowflake” and can do conventional.

Well at 6’4” I’m in the 99th precentile of height with short arms. I physically cannot reach the bar without rounding my back and hurting myself.

>Rippetoe Is 5’8”
>Rippetoe Is 5’8”
>Rippetoe Is 5’8”

do what feels better to you, just ignore him.

you shouldnt use mix grip all the time, but its ok for when overhand grip starts failing. on your last set of overhand deadlifts, always hold the bar as long as you possibly can to strengthen your grip further.

lmao3plaet!1 is 140KG

Good job anyway, my deadlift is 80kgx8 and my bench is 130kgx6, I'm close to lvl 23 curlbro. We're all gonna make it