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Hey Jow Forums, /v/ poster here and i'm getting tired of my fat and I want to lose it fast without all of the calorie counting bullshit. I'm 18 and I'm 5'10 and 151 pounds. As for current exersize I work 5 to 9 mon - fri constantly walking, going up and down stairs, and carrying heavy trash bags. I also do this thing where i do as many push ups before bed and i get to like 16. I can't blame obese people's argument for this shit not being easy enough. Make it easy for a dumbass like me please. I will provide pictures if needed.

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Get outta here, OP.

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I also used to curl this barbell I had in my room everyday slowly increasing the weight overtine but I kinda stopped on that as my lower back started to hurt.


>I wanna lose weight
>151 lbs

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I honestly don't know if that's good or bad. I got stomach fat and tits and i dont like them.

browse the fasting general

it's exactly what you're asking for
if you cant do that then you are 100% fucked because it's the easiest way


Ther's nothing easy about improving yourself. You either do it or don't. Now shut the fuck up.

Now i wont just because you told me to, cunt.

ok, there is this weight loss technique that has been studied and shows that over time it doesn't reduce metabolism rate but results in fat loss, it is called ADF (alternate day fasting), the basic premise is you eat exactly as you do now (not more) and just skip eating every other day, it will save you time and money you would otherwise spend on food/eating, it will result in fat loss over time, its easy to keep up after a while and if there is anything wrong you can stop for a while and resume later, there's no excercise needed, no calorie counting, no real physical effort, just the willpower to not eat

tldr; eat every other day until you achieve results

Just cause hawking died doesn't mean physics died. If you want to lose weight it's calories out >calories in.

There is no quick fix

Thank you for a straight forward easy solution. What if I wanted to go all the way and fast everyday like the dudes in the fast general?

Good tip if he wants to become thinspo for other anorexic girls like this dude in the op
The answer is lift. It's always lift

read the info in the fasting general op
how lazy are you
being spoon fed information is not a good idea anyway
do your own research

Google body fat percentage

>If you fast you can't lift

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>Thank you for a straight forward easy solution

Man, you're a fucking parody of your typical fitness beginner type.

>Guyz I look like sheeet pls halp

Start lifting. There's some pretty good info on the sticky.

>Buht ther's too much info and I dont know how to read

Well then stay small.

>U fucking cunt. Whadya say to me you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda...

Keep wasting your time with videogames and other mindless entertainment.

There's no straight forward and easy solutions. If you want the knowledge you're gonna have to sit down and do the research, and then apply it to yourself. It's easier if you know people with experience, but everyone is different. What worked for them might not work for you. And that's only one of many other factors.

My only advice is to start doing something on your own. If you rely on us to break it down for you as if it were a simple tutorial then you're definetly never gonna make it.

We're harsh on you because we've all been in your place. Desperate and clueless on how to start. How long is it going to take? What do I do I don't wanna look like an idiot. What do I eat? How do I gain? How do I lose?

Fitness is a lifestyle, like gaming. You can't just walk in and become an expert in a few days or months. You gotta go through the grinder, learning curves, and failures until you figure out how you react to this and that and what works and what doesn't.

Just get your ass on the gym and start lifting.

>Fasting at 151 pounds with no muscle mass
>Lifting in that condition

Good trolling, guys.

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please post pics

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Cut out soda and sweets and you’ll shave off so much weight. that weight looks like just pure fat from shit diet, which is fixable

Watch what you eat, theres meal plans i haven’t read that you can follow, all you need to do is lift. don’t think a cut is completely necessary

Yeah clean up your diet like said. You're not overweight for your height so your diet must just be shit, you look like all your weight is fat. Cut eating junk food, sugar especially, to maximum once a week (if even) and eat better at dinner, lunch, breakfast.
The sticky is actually there for people with questions like this so stop being a faggot and actually read it

Lmao, you'll never make it brah.

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Check out /fast/ and stop eating.

His goal is to lose body fat. Lifting baby weight and fasting will do that.

Exercise doesn't burn fat. The only thing that does is eating less/calorie counting.