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Are there any good exercises for building up back muscles or something? What am I doing wrong I keep getting back pain after lifting.

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My right shoulder feels weird, ive had it for a long time since i was around 14, im 22 now and it still feels loose or weak sometimes, idk what to do, is there any exercises for my shoulder to feel as normal as my left shoulder?

There's already one up with only 184 posts you fucking retards

I train chest and shoulders on the same day 2x a week. Should i change which muscle to train first each week or every 2nd day? Like first hit chest on monday them shoulder, then on thursday hit shoulders then chest

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>ppl saying I lost weight
>ppl saying I look way better
>I do notice a difference in body and face
>still weigh the same


>feeling constantly nauseous now
>only eating fucktons of food will ease the pain
What have you done to me Jow Forums?

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Why do I crave sugar and sweets after working out, and how do I stop it?

The weight that was fat is now muscle

My penis has shrunk, been like this for 2 months already, is now more tiny and pencil than normal, why is this? maybe because i have been eating 1500 kcal a day for my cut ? i eat very well, veggies, proteins, fruits etc but it dont get full erect and is very tiny now, i dont know why, for example 6 months ago i remember i had strong erection and it was bigger than now

Also im not on steroids or anything, i lift and cardio several times a week, imvery fit , 13% bf aprox

loose tendons. I have that shit too on my left shoulder, really annoying.

look up ligamentous laxity shoulder

you are in a deficit, having sex is the last thing on your body's mind when you need more food.
dw it returns back to full strength when you start eating normally again

been 6 months like this and i have to continue for 2 months more to go to 10%, damm this is hell, thanks for reply

Thoughts on modifying this beginners routine, where instead of squats/diddly/squats I alternate both on day 1 and 3, and instead do dips on day 2?

I'm coming down from a lot of weight so my legs are already big and my upper body can use more work

of course I forget the file

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Im just starting out at the gym and when i train my upper body my head feels like a balloon from the build up of pressure. What causes this?

are you taking a deep breath between reps and slowly exhaling during the rep

My right tricep always seems to give out faster than my left when benching, sometimes feels sorta tingly. Is this an imbalance or something else? What should I do to fix this?

hmm idk, maybe its my breathing i have to get right next time

I unironically want to have this build. Do I need to adjust my routine, or do I just need to keep at it and keep slimming down?

This. I maintained 170-175lbs for about a month, but slimmed down significantly.

The dominant arm is naturally stronger than the non dominant. I'd keep bulking up and then when you get in the general shape you want, then focus on building up your weak points

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What's the typical high bar : low bar : deadlift ratio?

might help if I posted my arm day regimine

Bicep curls, hammer curls, military presses, butterflies, front raises, side raises, push ups, planks

Can i squat if i have one leg slightly higher than the other and duck foot?

How fast should I progress with squats after a layoff?

As a complete newb, how much equipment do I need to buy to begin strong lifts 5x5?


It's what Oly lifters do.

My right is my dominant though

Does multivitamins work? I can't eat well because of work and college.

Looks like bicep and delt day. Drop the shoulder work and add tricep work.

Do I keep living with my abusive gains goblin parents but with the ability to save money or do I find a roommate and choose for my mental as well as my physical health?

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Your legs aren't big enough, you're just fat. Stick with the program.
t. chubanon

ps keep up the good work :)

Which and how many plates (0.5kg, 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg are options) should I get for my 50mm dumbbells at home? Currently only have a bench, will get a barbell when I buy a bigger place. Haven't lifted in 3 years and a gym is not an option anymore.

Thinking of skipping the 1.25kg plates and just buy some 0.5kg, 2.5kg and 5kg plates.

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Is there anything wrong with doing c25k 6 days a week instead of 3?

Good question, try it out and see if you keep progressing and let us know the results. If you feel like it's too easy ar first a better thing to do might be to start at week 3 or something.

blood glucose drops

eat big proton heavy meal instead
i have absolutely ravenous hunger after lifting, especially if its squats or diddlys
And i do have sweet tooth too.

You can try eating something with low glycemic index throughout the day to keep blood sugar more stable.
Also its not entirely bad thing, for example stan efferding says simple carbs immediately post workout can help drive nutritients to cells or some shit

do heavy pull ups

the lower the body fat the lower your libido when yo uare natty

Damn, and here I thought I had a well rounded routine. I'm basically just trying to fake it til I make it. I don't know very many specifics

That's very odd. Don't know what to tell you besides keep at it and work on it later

Gave blood last week, fucked up my arm and I had hella bruising. It's very almost gone now, been 10 days. Lifts aren't down, still increasing in fact but my forearm is aching for about an hour fairly badly after my gym sessions.

If this anything to worry about or just taking a while to heal?

is eating more vegetables always good? Like if im happy with the size/calories of a meal should I still be throwing extra greens in just to say im eating them

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You need to join a gym, cost way to much to buy a decent set up

running out of breath when im not even 200m into my run

what do?

longest distance i can go before completely dying is 3.2 miles

How do you know if you're overtraining?

OPH standing or sitting?

Are a couple of rubber floor mats enough to protect a tiled floor from deadlifts?
I'm making a shoppinglist for a home gym.

I'm getting a home gym for 1050 euro (buying some shit second hand). Maybe go buy a gym membership first though because it would be embarassing to buy all that stuff and not using it after 3 months.

Standing. Learn to brace your core by breathing in and flexing your abs and lower back.

90% chance you're not overtraining, what are you doing?

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Sadly my area is too remote for that to be feasible. I've got a couple of shitty dumbells and I'm starting a full body workout, but I don't think it will be enough.

should you lock your joints when deadlifting, squatting, ohp, bench, etc?

Check secondhand websites.

What does "x pl8" mean? I'm guessing it's the amount of plates used on a barbell but what size plates? Are they all the same weight or do they vary?

Each plate is supposed to be 20 kg, or 45 lbs. Xpl8 means the bar plus X plates on each side.

hypers and reverse hypers
sldl aka jefferson curls

not a bad idea

it's already just a ripoff of ss why not fuck it up more?

typical deadlift to low bar is between 1.1:1 and 1.2:1 based on ipf classic records and worlds competition results
idk if there's a good source for high bar to low bar though

if it's a long layoff, run a beginner style linear progression for a month or so then go back to your old programming

don't listen to this asshole bar and plates or bumpers, power rack, utility bench, some cheap floor padding, all in a 10x10 (3m^2) area and you're set
well under $1000 US if you bargain shop and you can do pretty much every serious strength program in the world and most bodybuilding programs
pays for itself in gym membership cost in less than 1-2 years

you can actually do without the rack and bench if you have to
floor press, clean and front squats or clean and lunges, steinborn squats, lots of olympic style lifts, clean and press, rows and pullovers for your lats, etc

a barbell, plates, and an imagination are all you need to work your whole body

they are cheap insurance against a bad diet

>it's already just a ripoff of ss why not fuck it up more?
I started with SS but this makes progression easier and has a little more volume with not so much emphasis on legs

I want to accurately gauge my grip strength, what's the best way to do it. I have one of those variable grippers with many spring points but there isnt a chance it's an accurate poundage on the chart that comes with it especially after the springs wear a bit

When I deadlift I get that kinda "almost passing out" sensation. Is it normal?

Also how many sets should I do? I see most routines recommending 1x5 when other lifts seem to be at 5x5? What's up with that?

>typical deadlift to low bar is between 1.1:1 and 1.2:1

more like 1.43:1 for me

long ass limbs

Ah ok, thanks


Your other question is literally in the sticky

how do i fix bad form?

Posting for 4th time sicne nobody answered sorry for spam but.

can i switch to PHUL now looking for size since GSLP didnt offer any to me

STATS 5'9 161lb (cut down from 170lb)

BENCH - 160lb
OHP - 100lb
SQUAT - 185lb

keep in mind i deloaded a few of these lifts because i didnt feel my muscles being worked but i feel like doing PHUL would really benefit for gains (PS i know my squat and deadlift suck but my legs are bigger than upper body and i want to aim for more upper body devlopment which my upperbody lifts are intermediate for most part)%23

Does anyone have a picture of latbro?

>tfw really fucking sore
Are you suppose to work out anyway when sore? I heard it does nothing if you don't take rest days.

I have a lump on the side of my dick. It's not from sex and it's not going away. Help

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go see a physio, the earlier you address it the better. if the second user's diagnosis is correct (might as well not be), i can give you my two cents because i had this. I had surgery to tighten the joint and the recovery was a fucking nightmare and it took ages. if you get to that point make sure to get a physio who knows what the fuck they're doing otherwise you might go my way

Thanks bro
Also I couldn't find it on the sticky. There's a guide to deadlift but it doesn't mention set composition and the YouTube link is dead.

brehs, what kind of routine can i do with only dumbbells and a pull up bar?

biggest problem is i think is too little weight to dumbbell bench press, i am an armlet so its fine for the rest of my upper body

legs are fine since i play volleyball

Some advice on OHP needed. Just hit a one rep max of 80 kg on OHP today after just over a year of lifting. Is that decent progress? How long till I hit 100?

Also, I'm not sure if I can improve my form further - the wisdom goes that you have to be tight throughout during the lift but I find it hard to finish it with my arse completely contracted, it feels really awkward. Any good in-depth vids on form? I mean more in depth than Omar Isuf's.

Lower back? Pretty sure it's a form issue with one lift or another, squads and DLs are among the worst offenders. Spend time working on it, watch some guides, record your lifts and/or have them assessed. Don't push it if it hurts, something is clearly off and must be fixed

damm really?


look it up
when you get really shredded, test drops.
Optimal "male" performance is around 15% bodyfat.

For females, for example, once they go below certain body fat level, they can even lose menstruation and fertility, because it fucks up hormones this bad, body thinks youre starving.

Im this now, what is my bf? I really wanted to shrered more, i know i dont need but i really want it,

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12% give or take.

IMO the low sex drive thing only is only a problem when you are completely shredded. 10% isn't low enough.

I have gotten down to 9, and was still horny as a three-dicked billy goat.

So I am almost done with the c25k app.

I have a runtracker app but I am a brainlet and appreciated how the c25k app set reachable goals so I dont have to worry about it and can just go out and run.

Are there any good apps for progression after c25k?

you just lack mass i think, on chest

do lean bulk and work your core more
as far as libido goes, look inf yo uare getting vitamin d/ sunlight, zinc and shit, that might be whats.

Unironically try eating raw garlic and onions
im not even memeing

Run more.

Surgery dumbass

nice ill go to 10 then and bulk

i just lose weight for 6 months, i didnt even lift, ill starting lifting now and builking when i get to 10%, yeah i do all those memes a lot, sun, raws, garlic, veggies, cardio etc

thanks for replies

How do i deal with the agony and fear of lossing me gains and definition? i cant even enjoy a cheat meal because of it and felt really fucking bad after doing it

What is the worst that can happen buying cheap weights?


Bro you gotta cut and lift at the same time

was lifting but got an injury, now im back at it

I’m doing some kind of neck raise/plank of doing a flat neck in 3 sets of 30 seconds for the neckpill

Question is, should I do it daily or just 3x per week?

I can deadlift and squat 2 plates for reps. I can ohp 95lb for reps, but my fucking bench is abismally behind at 120 for ORM.

Is the solution to just bench more and lay off the other lifts until my upper body catches up?

I am /fat/ as fuck, and i just started calorie counting as well as going to the gym 3 times a week. I'm doing a strength training program with a gym buddy, and I can't find anywhere a reasonable way to calculate how much calories I burned from my workout.

Anyone have any good sources for me to check out? Some quick "rule of thumb" tips for a rough estimation or anything?

For reference, 300 lbs, 120 min work out, did squats today (2nd today overall)

Squat - 225lb x 1x3, 135lbs x 4x8
Romanian DL - 95lb, 3x10
Lunges, 2x10 each leg (third set was too unbalanced, stopped after 4 each leg)
Reverse Hyperextensions, 130lb x 3x10
Leg Extensions, 100lb x 3x10

Ok, so im a total DYEL and joining my uni gym soon, Im reading and planning to do SS but was wondering if I should do some cardio after each session? Like 40 minutes on treadmill or something.

Also what weight should I be starting on? Do you start on just bar or what? This is the main thing im worried about as the way you progress on SS im worried Ill hit snap/injury city early because I have no spotter.

the solution is to stop being a bitch. your lifts are novice tier, keep pushing. if you definitely feel you've plateaued, consider dropping OHP for a while and focusing on bench instead

Assume you burned zero.

What supplements are recommended for beginners besides whey protein?
>tfw can't use creatine because of thinning hair

If yuo're already balding can you just go buckwild on creatine? Also is whey protein really needed? I thought a gram of protein per lbs of body is all you needed.

Ok, follow up stupid question. Why?

Is it because it's too insignificant, or too hard to accurately count, or what?

Well, I doubt I reach my protein intake Usually I consume 40-50 grams of protein a day without whey

cardio is for hoes. man the fuck up. get with the program. insert degrading/inspiring cliche here

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IIRC, the book says something like"start with the empty bar, add weight until the bar slows down, remove some weight, and you have your starting point".
Or you could start with the empty bar. Worst case scenario you'll catch up in a couple of weeks when you stall first.

You should do some cardio, especially if you're overweight. Not too much though.

Having no spotter isn't that bad, if you can bench in a power cage. If there's no power cage available, until you know how many more reps can you do at the current weight/movement, i'd say it's not a good idea, but at lower weight a roll of shame isn't that terrible - i did it with almost 200 pound the other day and only my pride got hurt.

Thanks for the help my man.

When is the best time to do cardio - before or after lifting?

Can high sodium fuck your gains/gain retention on a cut?

Just went from 194 lbs to 184 lbs and feel and look like shit. Realised I was eating over 4k mg of sodium a day.

This is fucking stupid, but how do I get over being self-conscious at the gym?

I like doing hip thrusts and glute bridges, but fuck doing them in a weight room full of guys. You guys don't give a shit, right?

this is probably going to mean nothing from a DYEL but like whats the worst they can say? 'look at this fag training his glutes looool'

How the fuck can i get into the habit of eating a lot? I am lazy so i only cook when i'm VERY hungry and i'm poor so i don't wanna order or eat out.