Should I do 3 day fasts/one day eat or should I do 1200 a day...

Should I do 3 day fasts/one day eat or should I do 1200 a day? I think fasting sounds like magic but not eating seems impossible :(
I want to be slim and cute though so I can wear stuff like pic related

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Are you a girl (male) user?

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No. I'm actually female.

Oh. Just do what tumblr and /fa/ do. Eating around 1200 followed by exercise to keep your metabolism from dropping too significantly, preventing you from losing weight.

also read sticky

If your metabolism is too low, you wont lose weight***
Exercising keeps it at rate to keep you losing weight***

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You'll get a good body if you cut minor deficits in your calories and work out, lift and/or run. Calories cut by working out are much better than calories cut by diet

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fasting is harder on females due to hormones (real females, not mentally ill males who dress like women).

Just eat less and excercise, also why would you want to look like a skeleton and not have curves?

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Fasting is gonna suck and you're not always going to do it right. In order to have actual results, you'll have to do it regularly which fucks up your metabolism and cardiovascular health. I suggest cutting down to 800-1,000 calories per day with light cardio. Eat healthy foods only. Don't drink your calories. By doing this, I've lost 35 pounds since January. It gets easier to restrict as long as you don't allow yourself a cheat. Once you cheat- its all over and your body will want more. Eat brown rice. Chicken. Fish. Veggies. Granola. Do not eat beef or pork. Do not eat excessive bread or pasta. Do not drink milk- almond or soy is fine. If you can't have self control you're never gonna make it. self control levels must be over 9,000 in order for this to work

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What about soylent?

Eating at extreme calorie defecit is worse for your metabolism than fasting.

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Fasting strengthens metabolism

1200 calories isnt an extreme defecit for women unless op is a hamplanet


>Just do what tumblr does
Claim that maintaining a healthy weight is a tool of the patriarchy and that 200 pounds is perfectly normal?