When your girlfriend tells you that you aren't big enough and you aren't a real man

>when your girlfriend tells you that you aren't big enough and you aren't a real man
>when your girlfriend tells you that her ex was bigger and manlier than you

Help me Jow Forums, how do I become bigger and manlier? My girlfriend literally crushed my soul when she said that.

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Read sticky, cuck.

go kill her ex and tell her he’s the biggest man in the dirt then kill her for being a cunt

or you could just leave her if she’s so stuck on her ex

Stop dating shallow cunts.

I literally feel like a castrated faggot after she said that to me. Is gear the only solution?


Dump her ass QUICK. Stay away from bitches like her, and keep lifting. Not even fake natty bros will encourage to start roiding for a girl.

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1. Dump her
2. Start lifting

Dump her. Its obvious she can't get over her ex. You can use this as motivation to get big but don't lift for her. She's a shallow cunt

Nobody with half a mind says something like that to his current partner, especially when comparing you to her ex. I would try to talk to her to find out why she said that, and then most likely dump her.

Life is too short to waste it on annoying women.

Kill her ex with your bare hands and then ass rape your gf

If she is that disrespectful of your feelings just break up.
.t guy who had a gf that said stuff like that often but who thought it would still work out cause she promised to change and we also had a lot of good moments.
In the end it's not worth it senpai, just fine someone who is good for you from the start.

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Fuck other women raw and give her a nice surprise

Dump her

>fuck random whores and get stds
>infect your cunt of a girlfriend with at least 3 different tipes of herpes

Mmm... keep going.

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>newfags fall for this shit bait

fuck of roastie

Holy fuck bro, she emasculated you really bad

Drop her, this will only get worse

Stop being a faggot and let her cuck you with her ex like she wants. You're just her wallet.

>implying she isn't riding her ex behind OP's back

Dump her like a man

If I dump her it would literally prove that she was right and that I am not man enough to have her. How do I prove to her that I am manly enough to deserve her?

She's just trying to get under your skin OP. I don't think i could date someone that spiteful. Probably should find new girlfriend.

By dumping her ass and proving you don't need a bitch

You're a fucking moron. Just dump her and tell her she is beneath you and that you can do much better.

You don't deserve her.
You deserve better than her. She is trash. Fucking dump her.
Want to make it a badass breakup? Ask her who broke up with who, then give her a little condescending reply woshing her luck with getting him back based on what she says
Nothing is more beta than sitting and taking shit being thrown in your face. Fucking stand up for yourself.

Just fucking dump her.
Why would you keep on being with someone who says something like that to you?
Are you a cuck or what?

>Dump the bitch.
>Hit the gym.
>Get big.
>Get a gf that appreciates you.

You’re in a relationship with a miserable person. Stay the fuck away from people that want to control you with shame and read some Nathaniel Brandon books on self-esteem.

I have already done an LGD cycle, pic related are the results.

I'm gonna jump on real gear now to prove her that I am a real man.

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Good bait posting, now kill yourself