Why the fuck are you lifting lmao?

why the fuck are you lifting lmao?
just eat raw organs and raw eggs

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dude is goofy as hell

he's jacked to say he literally doesn't exercise. at all.

Years of searching and endless hours in the gym for nothing.
Why is this board here?

Yes user, you too could be juicy as fuck

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I lie to people and tell them I don’t exercise too. It’s probably pretty common practice to lie about how much you workout.

Imagine if he started working out for real, he'd be a beast

Nah, sv3rige literally thinks excercising kills you

>go paleo
>still get jacked
He might be onto something.
I recently started craving steak tartare, so I eat it some of it nearly everyday, it's not bad, but that's given as it's seasoned with spices.

Yeah guys, take advice from some crazy fucker on youtube who advocates "sun gazing"

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
Sungazing is retarded, as well like flat earth, but if he really doesn't exercise, but got muscles like this, then we should check what's up.

all that creatine is going to his head

tbf, he did blood work and his creatine levels are in the upper echelons

he does workout, what are you guys talking about.


what the fuck? isn't that kids ranqe?

>we should listen to every huckster promising us results without the requisite effort

literally trump supporters

My guess is that he did some lifting in the past and his diet being very high protein makes him lose his gains very slowly. He also seems to have gyno and I'd guess he isn't very tall.

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He also literally admits to do physical exercise, just not too much.

are you kids serious? he looks about 130lbs lean moderately active body

Isn't that usually a common sign that one does regular physical exercise?
He's right in the sense that cholesterol seems to enhance an anabolic enviroment in the body, but he goes overboard.
He also for some reason has this fascination with raw eating even though humans have been cooking their food since before we were even human, and that's actually partly the reason why our digestive system has greatly diminished in its potency and relative size in comparison that of other great apes.

Based Trump supporters aren't like your typical Pajeets. They eat MEAT because they're in tune with their PRIMAL instincts.

I thought I was the only one.

>deadlift 6 plates
>ohp 2 plates
>chin-ups with 2 plates attached

>wow you look like you train a lot!

Nah, I just do some walking here and there, it’s just my genetics

yes lmao.
the power of raw meat and eggs

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>Isn't that usually a common sign that one does regular physical exercise?
its also a sign of someone in ketosis, who derives 100% of his calories from animals

Why? Are you afraid of being judged?

he's jobless and has a gf
appearently he has rich powerful parents

Not him but I lie about it because for some reason normies try to inject venomous negativity into anything you actually put a lot of effort into.

Pussy, stand up for yourself

dude's a freak.
raw eggs and offal aren't bad, tho. ever had liver 'sashimi'?

so what?
its better to inspire 1 person and be belittled by 10. by saying its just genetics, you're not helping that skinnyfat cunt that would've hit the gym. be an inspirational man

I’m not a pussy, I just don’t have time for dealing with normies and their normie attitudes/opinions. Once I realised how the normie brain functioned I realised how to start time by saying the right thing to get them to fuck off and move back on with their sheeple lifestyle

its easy to call them out on it. Simply say, "yeah, if you want to hit the gym I'll help you out"

>don’t have time to correct someone when they belittle you
>would rather lie and demean yourself than stand up for yourself

For real? Holy shit


straight from the apex predator mouth


look at that fucking gyno

>yeah I probably know more about lifting than you because I did weight training for three years in high school

>I benched 205 once in 11th grade so I could definitely still bench at least 200 once
No, you couldn't
>how do you know?
Come to the gym with me and we'll see. I bet you couldn't even bench 155
>nah man I could easily do 200

Wew lad how do people turn into /x/philes like this

Video game and internet addiction.

He's lying. It's like the old wii-fit and zumba meme

high iq

He works out, and has said so many times before.
He eats basically only protein and fat so its no surprise he looks pretty jacked

however his hairline is absolutely fucked, the nigga would look a lot better shaving it all off and going for the monk look.

looks like a bit of a manlet and he has an ugly face... relying on decent body and long hair to be unique/interesting

this, lol. the homo species who created fire was the erectus, even predating neanderthals. homo sapiens probably ate raw food only in desperate times or on the move. this nigga isn't on the paleo diet, he is on the australopithecus diet

Neanderthalis probably ate both raw and cooked meat, but you're absolutely right that by the time we became homo sapiens, especially by the time modern european and asiatic humans came into being, we were fully developed for cooked food, including meat.

sv3rige has some real autistic theories on a few things, and the whole 'raw only' thing is one of them. Cant imagine how sick this snow nigger must feel drinking 20 raw eggs a day. I'd probs kill myself within a month if that was all I could drink, especially considering he believes water dehydrates you.

Idk, cooked food always tastes miles better than raw food, not to mention its nutrients are more bioavailable since they're denatured and pre digested by the cooking process.
It's safe to assume all humans since the discovery of fire have been getting the vast majority of their daily energy from cooked food.

Reminder that this retard is a flat-earther

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Believe me he's interesting, he doesn't need the hair and body lmao

>cancer is good
>you can't die from cancer
>cholesterol stops heart attacks
>exercising kills you
>rotten meat

The guy is anything but uninteresting

You forgot
>eat butter
>eat "high meat"

>upper chest
Always the same answer.

>Wew lad how do people turn into /x/philes like this
Diet induces schizophrenia. I guess he never could heal from his vegan days and jumped into the next bullshit fad diet.

>>exercising kills you
That's true, though.
Research how people exercised in the past, it's hilariously low volume and intensity, like "stop when you start to sweat" and stuff like that. They were, however, qually hilariously strong, so strong we generally cannot compare nowadays.

Example: A 160kg - 180kg (353-396 lbs) deadlift was normal and average for the twink manlets in the late 1800s and early 1900s, according to military recruitment data. Those were untrained (not untrained in the modern sense, ie. no physical activity at all), healthy young men. And those guys were small as fuck with no visible muscle.

People further back were even stronger. It's really baffling once you research the numbers. Ancient Greek athletes would blow modern Olympic athletes out of the water easily, in spite of being shorter, lighter and having no synthetic steroids.

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Better genes, we've been degenerating, becoming drastically weaker and duumber for hundreds of years.

Maybe. Funnily enough, people have said the exact same since medieval times. Basically, the further we get away from Adam, the weaker we become was their logic back then.

So maybe there is something to it. I dunno, I only know we have become very noticeably weaker even in the last 50-100 years just going by the cold, hard numbers. Even adults in the 19080s had much more grip strength than we do today on average, even though they were shorter and lighter.

They actually had better synthetic steroids back then.

He does workout, I used to watch vids of him and he talked about hitting the gym 5x a week but he still looks like shit and is balding, he's completely insane man, but anything can work for anyone if you believe it will, placebo is all-powerful.

I think you're overrating stuff like this. Would love to see a source for the idea that scrawny NYC manlet guidos would put up 180kg straight having never lifted a barbell.

Or maybe I'm full of shit and they worked physically all the time so that's what did it. Who knows.
Maybe 180lbs...
but 180 kilos having never trained a deadlift before is bullshit.
Ancient Greek stuff is likely exaggerated. Basically e-stats but more like waxtablet-stats. They relied partly on reputation as excellent warriors, not to get invaded and pillaged all the fucking time.

He is clinging onto the faint dream that he still has hair... poor bastard.
He should just chop it all down to a 1 or 2, he would look a lot better honestly.