Red flag sports for Women

What sports do the most neurotic bitches compete in?

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anything horse related

this 100%

CrossFit, or any other trendy workouts.

Actual sports build real women, the only thing you have to watch out for is lesbians. Rugby and golf are a no, gymnastics and Olympic lifting, yes.

Came here to say this

Oppression Olympics

Triathlon. Pretty must most triathletes in general are cunts. Im a competitive swimmer and i used to train in a public pool and our club would hire out lanes. Occasionally a 8 year old kid or someone would swim across our lane to get out rather than climbing out the other side. No biggie we would just tell them to not do it and swim on whatever.

the triathletes would go ballistic if you cut them up even though they are swimming like 3k without stopping so they arent even aiming for turnaround times. Making them stop for 1 second made their world implode.

I was a lifeguard at our pool, and the the non professional triathletes would come with way more advanced gear, than they ever needed and would often act like they own the pool. I guess it would be similar to cycling where you get the weekend riders who are dentists riding $10,000 bikes where the actual guys who compete are riding $5000 bikes.

Cycling also attracts mega cunts too.


Rugby, soccer, any team sports really. It means they are lesbos

And that's a good thing

if a girl likes some (male) rugby team on social media, does that mean she's a lesbian? This one thot i know has feminist shit + rugby teams as likes on social media, is she lesbo?

Fuck cyclists

+ tennis, figure skating

100% true. Most horse women are spoiled little brats. Goes very well in combination with "daddy's little princess" and "I get everything I want"

that hip.. those shoulders.. I'd kms

anything that doesnt involve a team

my girlfriend does pole dancing and she genuinely enjoys it.

Your girlfriend cheats on you.

Tennis chicks ate usually smoking hot though

Older women who run very often are narcissistic cunts from what I’ve noticed. They cheat on their husbands and even cheat on the guy that they leave their husbands for.

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agree. Either crazy either spoilt.

lol no, they have the best bodies too

Disagree, i knew a couple girls in a rugby team. Built like braphog, chill af.

your wheyfu a shit

Yeeep. Came to say this.
Horse chicks fuck the best though.

Anything with horses

Is an horse a athlete?

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>not wanting a thicc tomboy gf

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I like imagining what goes on between them and the horse tho

triathletes, either sex. just avoid them, period.

Fuck you too

ice and roller skating

cycling is only good if you get a sub 1k steel frame roadie. fuck all that overpriced bullshit.

cycling is fun and giz good leg gains plus is cardio

is an bobsled a athlete?


Waterpolo. One of the only sports where they make you cut toenails because the psychos would grow them out to cut the other players

Roller derby...

underage b&

>finally get courage to ask out soccer athlete coworker girl who I’ve been miring for months
>she likes girls

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Why does team sports = lesbo vs solo sports like cross country?

I love rugby and I'm an heterosexual tomboy.

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in my experience its mainly rugby and football which are like 40% lesbian.

Lacrosse and hockey in my college are full of fitties and maybe 1 lesbo

I've started cycling to work because I can knock out 40 mins of cardio a day without having to fit it into my life elsewhere
Still fairly nervous on the road so I'm surprised at how many cyclists will just blow past me when I'm giving way.
Like breh, I get that you wanna save time but if a car was going past you'd be pancaked.
I'm trying my best not to become a turbocunt. I don't wear my helmet in the office or do nothing but talk about my morning cycle all day

how can i avoid them if they are capable of pursuing me on land and sea?

Anything involving a horse.

maybe combat sports ?


>5000$ bike
The fhck? This exists?

>tfw no rugby playing moosefix gf

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what are you implying? answer my question

that's a starting price for an acceptable road bike.

not even memeing

Wanna know how I know you're a female?

You're acting really bitchy, user. You on the rag?

Because I'm 6'5" 225 ripped?
Answer my question laddo, I'm not sure if this one girl I know is a lesbo, would be a damn shame

Holy shit user...I re-read your post. You meant that, didnt you?

I thought you were a roastie, but it turns out I'm the aspie. My bad bro, carry on.

no worries,
all about gauging interest, it's either she's into people with my build (would be great as everyone else in uni is built like a soyboy) or she's a lesbian


I'm a college runner who has done triathlon for fun in the past and can confirm many triathletes are cocks who aren't very good yet own $10k S-Works Shivs.

$5000 will get you an entry-level triathlon bike or medium range road racing bike.

$8000+ will get you electronic shifting, carbon, state of the art everything.

Lamborghini Cervelo P5X runs $20K lol

Hardcore/dedicated triathlete women are strong and sexy as fuck. Phenomenal libido that's nearly endless.

Casual/weekend "triathlete" women who tell everyone they're training for an ironman but compete on a fucking cruiser bike are cunts. Boring, fat cunts.


horse riding is basically kegel workout, it give the woman muscle pussy and it feel good.
if i have to choose between the bitch and the horse, i choose the female horse.

This, fucked up my life for three years in college with this. Since that ended I have seen some normies and some horse girls (henceforth referred to as gorls). The girls I dated were a lot of fun and I learned a lot from them. The gorls were also fun but a massive pain in the ass. See my original gorl in college was a damaged fucking nutcase but she was poor and from a broken home, severely limiting her. A gorl I got done with a few months ago has just not stopped. We were dating for like two months and she bought me a fucking 800 dollar bow (I shoot) no shit. She doesn’t do jack shit, so she used her parents money which made me super uncomfortable. We ended up breaking up because she felt like we were ‘drifting’ and was real melodramatic about it and got upset that I didn’t care as much (histrionic as hell).

Anyway, she texted me last months talking about getting back together, not at all dancing around it. I was already seeing another girl at that point so turned her down. She got real raunchy and told me we could fuck just like we used to and that I was always her favorite ‘stallion’. Tempting as that was, I’m not like that and really like the girl I’m with now. Girl and Gorl went to high school together btw. She stalks the shit out of our social media and has confronted us in public saying all sorts of nasty shit. When I and girl were on a double date with a couple of her friends, one of them posted a picture of us online and gorl was there in 20 minutes and had to be escorted out of the restaurant.

Fuck gorls at your own peril.

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lost me at stallion hahahaha

This just seems like a typial case of most any typical modern ruralthot user. Pleanty like that who don't have shit to do with horses. But it's still sound advice ITT, your post included.

Idk but the best looking ones are always cross country.

ballet and figure skating if you count them. Constantly competing for incredibly small number of roles for shit pay and eternally plagued with body issues while running their bodies into the ground trying to stay relevant

the fuck you are

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came to post this

>broad shoulders
>small tits and ass
lol fag. every girl on the swim team at my hs looked like this. they were almost all batshit too

In finland hockey players are like 50% lesbians at the least. And somewhere between 2/3 to 3/4 are semi fatties/weirdos anyway

Wanting a big ass on a woman is 3rd world tier.

>protecting from bullies
>stopping because rain

Are you some kind of fucking child?

newfag lurk more

Wanting broad shoulders on a woman is literal faggot tier.

I agree.


not having hardworking crippled girl fetish
normie leave

this deserves dubs

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any woman competing in a sport is damaged goods, period

any woman that is into horses is crazy, so obviously if they combine that into sport then they're very nuts, but i'd have to say that there's probably a scale where things like barrel racing are probably closer to normal and things like equestrian are probably more batshit insane

if the sport makes them manly, like owl or pl, then they're about as wacky as the equestrians, only in a different direction. enjoy your hepatitis.
they like getting "the shocker" form the team doctor

probably the most normal women of any in the sports mentioned so far

she probably doesn't consider herself to be his "girlfriend"

mental gymnastics

Fencing, not memeing.

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of my 3 girlfriends in high school, 2 were volleyball players and the other was a basketball player. they were actually pretty normal.

after about 25 nobody seems to play sports anymore except guys, though

The rugby teams means shes used goods, the feminist pages means she knows it

there are like 3 gils in every nation who are fencing

she can be gentle to me dick

triathletes are the gabarge of all athletes, its mostly failed swimmer or failed runners


t. broke ass 3rd worlder (europe)

>if i have to choose between the bitch and the horse, i choose the female horse.
This, but desu I would say that about pretty much any woman.

Any sport where performance is improved by spending money on equipment automatically attracts cunts. Cycling, anything horse or motorsport related, sailing, golf etc. All cunts. Running and lifting are pure sport. You can't buy a result.

Yeah I dated a girl that competed in Hunter jumper which is horses
She was insane but her dad was rich and she was hot and the sex was next level
I used to go to her shows and there were whole stables filled with 10/10's in spandex riding pants

>in spandex riding pants ...and covered in horse shit

fixed that for ya, my anonymous brother.

On their boots maybe
The horses were all $100-500k and were kept ridiculously clean

Random Google pic for reference

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