Did anyone else lift because of him

I honestly don't understand why new lurkers don't like him, he was an inspiration for millions of loser wow obsessed kid's, he inspired my brother and me to start lifting weights in our early teens, my brother turned into uber chad by the time we were in HS, a staright up legend, from being a wimpy nerdy skinny kid from being idolized by a bunch of his school mates, people literally asked me about him non stop like he was god or some shit, I had major game with girls at the time, but definitely not as much, I unfortunately cared more about video game's and jacking off to reach his level of dedication, it's now only now that I'm older that I understand how much I fucked up In life.
I don't know how to describe it really, he's part of a different era of the internet, trance/electro was the shit and the internet was a wild wild west, the late 2000s were a weird time to be a teenager man, looking back it's hard not to see how influential he was, he really was the first if not one of the first internet personalities, he was the first Aussie shit poster and he was genuinely a good dude, I can't just help but miss that time in my life were everything was possible, the internet felt fucking massive and there was no rules and moderation.
I don't know if any of you remember tectonic, it was a dance people used to do at the time, it look's fucking stupid and zyzz used to do it all the time.
This is what I mean
Shit was embarrassing

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Also yes, Zyzz inspired me in a way as well.

Take your meds gramp you're sperging out again

More of that gay shit incoming
And the best Zyzz playlist

Fuck man! I knew someone would understand that feel, a lot of are still going strong, we're still here bb

Your aren't taking me back to the home Billy, fuck I'm 22, I'm not that old bro.

It gives me SO many nostalgic feels, dammit

>I honestly don't understand why new lurkers don't like him
Probably for the same reason old users don’t like him; he was a drug riddled sand nigger with no legs and he didn’t do anything special or new.

Literally millions of people in the world went from wimpy nerd to muscle bound douche before him. If he was your inspiration it just shows you don’t get out much and you don’t know much about the world.

Sorry, but thems be the facts.

I miss the Scene/emo girls man, I've yet to seen a subculture turn me on more, I remember just how easy they were to fugg too.

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I was and still am an autistic fuck. I've fallen for countless memes over the years. About a year ago I decided to make a proper change. I started lurking Jow Forums and leaned about a few people that I didn't know before. One of them was zyzz. I managed to drop 30kg with proper nutrition and working out using only resistance bands. When I started all this my ex decided to dump me. Me being depressed for years and a desensitized fuck I haven't shed a tear for fucking years. A few months ago when shit was about to hit the fan and was about to give up it happened. I saw zyzz in my sleep where he said "you're gonna make it bruh, we're ALL gonna make it". I woke up and started crying like a bitch. I never got to see anything from this dude while he was alive, yet a few videos of him along with the sentiment that zyzz actually inspired so many people led to this helped me make a change and start being a proper human being. So, thanks Jow Forums

Fuck man, I never had one..feels incredibly bad

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Same. I shamefully have to admit I even still listen to their music occasionally.

You don't really get it, you already had your fair share of zyzz's like internet copy cats, you wouldn't understand if you weren't there and by the way you wrote your post I can already see you weren't actually there man.

I hope to god it comes back, I don't know why it suddenly just disappeared man, I remember being a teenager and thinking it was just another subculture that wouldn't go away, shit I was wrong.

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Zyzz inspired me to lift back in high school, people who hate him need to fuck off back to plebbit.

>because of him

Nigger everyone who pretends to dislike zyzz is either misinformed delusional or gay

This used to be the right of passage before 2014 or so, he was an important part of the board, a mascot and a man to remember, rip zyzz we love you bro.

This, then somehow MOST of the major ones just fucking disappear. You don't even see actual punks/metalheads anywhere anymore.

Forever mirin, Zyzz was a good guy. Helped get me into lifting in HS and I got on the rugby team and got a qt gf.

Lurk more newfriend

They all turned into different things man, a lot of the emo/scene people turned into hipsters, it almost feels like it's all going away though, hipsters was way to broad of a term, I don't even know if kid's have subcultures anymore, I've heard people called "tumblr" as a term but that's it.

Not posting the pinnacle of tecktonik

I can't believe I actually saw stuff like this back in 07 and thought it wasn't atleast a little embarrassing, I genuinely still like the song though, the guy in pink is an eyesore though

I miss him bros

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I always thought it was retarded but never hated it. It's still better than what we got today.
goth/punks all disappeared, the only thing I still see is metalheads and even electro doesn't really come with a specific style anymore.
All those subcultures weren't really good but they added diversity.

The guy on the left used to do kid show to learn the dance on french tv, search "kidtonik canal j" on yt if you want good cringe.

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I can't even comprehend the amount of Jow Forums losers that got their shit together because of him, the dude is a legend.

Metalhead with thicc goth gf here.
Goth is pretty small but you see a lot of metalheads everywhere.
At least in central and Northern Europe.

There's metalheads in western Europe too, at least in France. It's just more rare to see extreme ones.

goth > emo

too bad that metalheads are mostly men with long hair. If you have a "hot female metalhead" she is a goth 90% of the time. Most female metalheads are almost like tomboys, or dress very masculine at least. Or they are ~50 y/o milfs who listen to AC/DC and wear skin tight leatherpants, matching the rest of their wrinkled skin

We need more metalgirls like that.

Zyzz didn't get me into lifting but he fucking raised my confidence so much. Wouldn't be half the man I am today without him. Anyone can be a sick cunt, anyone can be Zyzz. We're all zyzz

>tfw you stayed faithful to your old shit
>tfw you feel lonely as hell

I didn't like him much in the past but since his death I learned more and more of him. He was pretty cool guy to be around, a little awkward maybe but don't forget that he once was a little wow playing hungry skeleton. I respect his taste in music and his dance moves, although I'm more a hardcore guy myself. Mirin his style though. Will go this summer to the festival's shirtless and with gay shorts, see what people will say fuaaaark

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OG Punks > everything

we all do

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Zyzz inspired a lot of us to start lifting, he seemed like a genuinely nice guy and kinda combined both worlds and showed us what we can achieve if we really want to

OG punks died in 80, everything after is trash.

he had the perfect Chad aesthetics

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You can't even imagine how much I relate bro, I kind of realized I need to stop looking in the past, there's plenty of good stuff going on now right? I'm way to young to be living in the past, I need to go out more and live my life.

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Depends on the country, we had it our own way and had it up to mid-00s. Too bad shit's gone.

I'm still staying strong with some of the elements of the style. When the time comes for me to make it, I'll have at least something peculiar about my looks.

The most recognizable thing about emos is the haircut, if you keep this you will always be seen as one.


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Why only girls ? You had emo/goth men.


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>becoming the first non-twink scene guy ever
men can dream

gamer guys would count to. But im more into girls

You really can't say it replaced goth/emo.

How did he die, again ?

he had a cardiac arrest in a massage parlour in Thailand. He had a family history of heart problems.

roiding and skipping cardio didn't help either
still mirin tho

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