Redpill me on cacao

Redpill me on cacao
I eat it instead of my morning coffee

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It’s good

why not have both?

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boosts test.

I make my own toothpaste with it and baking soda. No cavities and white teeth.

Top shit it's the only dessert I allow myself because it's so damn good

Good source of argatine but if you're prone to cold sores, you'll want to stay away or supplement with lysine.
Also tastes amazing so there's that.

Take the 85%, cuz those 99% taste garbage

if you're prone to cold sore you should blast lysine nightly anyway

Or you can not be a fat pussy who only wants sugar. 99% and 100% taste damn good.

that picture is like a myth
barely can find the one before that(85 or 90?) let alone 99%

from other brands, shit contains soy lecithin and another unwanted ingredient

Fuck you nigger

it’s called the baking section you nerd

i was fucking angry today i couldn't find dark chocolate on my campus

this buy powder not bars

The one before is 95% and yes they're pretty rare. I find the 99% only in the Lindt store

>baking soda
I hope you're kidding. You are literally chipping away at your tooth enamel doing that shit, which also explains the whiteness of your teeth.

Boosts T

This is what I recently started to eat, I eat 2 pieces (22 g) after my main meal.
It's 70%, no soy, minimal sugar, tastes good, very reasonable priced and aesthetic as fuck. It's a greek one and I have no idea about availability anywhere else, try "pavlidou dark chocolate" if you want to try it.

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Actually it's the opposite

That's like 30% sugar no good

I'm prone to herpes on my dick and what's a good lysene supp?

Opinion on couverture vs regular chocolate?
Former replaces most side ingredients with cacao fat wich seems to be the cleaner choice.

Alright I’m on board. Sounds like it’s >beans>nibs>powder>bar in order of least to most processed and also in order of most to least health benefits correct? What can I do with nibs? Powder seems a little more practical to me. Talk to me chocolate bros

Everything boosts my T nowadays.


>thw you're french so you can find them anywhere
>tfw you're country is being replaced by sandniggers send by the jews

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nibs in no-sugar-added yogurt with a scoop of peanut butter every morning

>baking soda toothpaste
enjoy not having any enamel you brainlet

>tfw my mom wasn't obsessed with what she ate while I was in her womb
seriously fuck people who think having kids is something you just do, we live in a abundantly scientific world, have been for many years now, and people still don't put research into every little thing they do. You can call it autism, I call it striving for perfection, I lift with perfection, I eat with perfection, I study and socialise with perfection. Fuck this comformist as shit and complacent for no reason society, I swear now to you all I will attain the status of a God on my own behalf, regardless of the shitty chances I might've been given on birth/throughout growth. I'm gonna fucking make it

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I use NOW foods for a lot of stuff but you can't really fuck up an amino acid supplement. It's just l-lysine hydrochloride.

Nice bro got the same mindset. Success is the only option